Healthcare Marketing Report is a proud to sponsor of the Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards.
It was thirty-one year’s ago that this national competition began its efforts to recognize the field of healthcare marketing and advertising. Today, the industry has matured into a sophisticated and competitive field, meeting the needs of knowledgeable consumers.

33rd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Winners List 2016

Abbott Medical OpticsCASILVERMAGAZINE SERIES2e CreativeStart with ME
Abbott Medical OpticsCAMERITBROCHURE2e CreativeStart with ME Product Brochures
Abington Jefferson HealthPASILVERMAGAZINE SERIESab+c Creative IntelligenceThis is the Moment
Academy of General DentistryILMERITDIRECT MAILSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyGet More. Get PACE
ACM Medical LaboratoryNYGOLDDIRECT MAILThe Verdi GroupJust Whistle
Acorda TherapeuticsNYMERITWEBSITEKlick HealthAMPYRA Moment of Truth Digital Campaign
Advanced Neuroscience Network/Tenet HealthcareFLMERITONLINE ADSBG, Inc.Every 40 Seconds. Some One Has A Stroke
Adventist HealthORSILVERWEBSITEJenningsNorthwest Regional Heart Valve Website
Adventist HealthORSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVCoates KokesAspire Orthopedic Institute
Adventist HealthORMERITWEBSITEJenningsAspire Website
Adventist Health Southern California RegionCAMERITSPECIAL EVENTCMBell Company, Inc.Strategy Retreat
Adventist Health/Walla Walla General HospitalWAGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALGuildhouse GroupStrategic Plan: Vision 2020
Adventist Health/Walla Walla General HospitalWAGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKGuildhouse GroupPeace of Mind: Discharge Information
Adventist Health/Walla Walla General HospitalWASILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLECoates KokesBecause Your Heart Doesn't Just Belong to You
Adventist Health/Walla Walla General HospitalWAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEGuildhouse GroupBeen There? Go Here
Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical CenterMDSILVERBROCHURECMBell Company, Inc.OB Prep for Arrival Booklet
Advocate HealthcareILGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOHYC HealthStories of the Girls
Advocate HealthcareILGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEHYC HealthStories of the Girls
Advocate HealthcareILBRONZEOUTDOORHYC HealthStories of the Girls
Advocate HealthcareILBRONZESPECIAL EVENTHYC HealthStories of the Girls Bra Installation
Advocate HealthcareILMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVHYC HealthStories of the Girls
Agnesian HealthCareWIGOLDCALENDAR2016 Community Calendar
Agnesian HealthCareWISILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALLiving in Good Health Fall 2015
Agnesian HealthCareWIMERITOUTDOORTransportation Vehicle Wraps
Akron Children's HospitalOHGOLDCALENDARMarcus Thomas, LLCAkron Children's Hospital Mahoning Valley Calendar
Akron Children's HospitalOHGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOKnox Marketing, Inc.ExtraOrdinary Stories & One New Beginning
Akron Children's HospitalOHGOLDOTHERKnox Marketing, Inc.Extraordinary Stories + One New Beginning
Akron Children's HospitalOHSILVERRADIO SINGLEMarcus Thomas, LLCCodey-Miss the Hospital
Akron Children's HospitalOHSILVERANNUAL REPORTMarcus Thomas, LLCAkron Children's Hospital Digital Annual Report
Akron Children's HospitalOHBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOMarcus Thomas, LLCCodey's Rules Digital Video
Akron Children's HospitalOHBRONZETELEVISION SERIESMarcus Thomas, LLCJohn Jr. Running, Cool Tools, Codey's Rules
Alcon Pharma/Alcon LaboratoriesTXGOLDOTHER2e CreativeMuck Magazine for Alcon Pharma
Alcon Pharma/Alcon LaboratoriesTXMERITPOSTER2e CreativeYour Ally
All Children's Hospital FoundationFLMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALTrue North CustomFor the Kids, Fall/Winter 2015
Allegan General HospitalMIGOLDDIRECT MAILPublicom, Inc.Behind the Mask
Allegan General HospitalMIBRONZEPATIENT HANDBOOKSpirit Health GroupHeart Caring Journal
Allegan General HospitalMIMERITPOSTERSpirit Health GroupWanted Poster
Allegiance HealthMISILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESChristiansen CreativeCancer At Every Stage
Allegiance HealthMIMERITANNUAL REPORT2015 Allegiance Health Report to the Community
Allegiance HealthMIMERITTELEVISION SERIESChristiansen CreativeCancer At Every Stage
Allegiance HealthMIMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVChristiansen CreativeCancer At Every Stage
American Academy of PediatricsILBRONZEDIRECT MAILZeller Marketing & DesignAAP Journal New Acquisition Brochure
American Association of OrthodontistsMOMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNAthorn Clark & PartnersAAO Integrated Marketing Campaign
American Health ImagingGAMERITTELEVISION SINGLEFrederick Swanston
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALASDS Referring Physician Ad
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILMERITPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMASDS Member Recruitment Program
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILMERITANNUAL REPORTFluence, the 2015 ASDS/ASDSA Annual Report
American Society of Clinical OncologyVAGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMThe Merz GroupMembership Booth Design
American Society of Clinical OncologyVASILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Merz GroupQopi/QCP Combo Ad
American Society of Clinical OncologyVAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEThe Merz GroupVirtual Meeting
American Society of Clinical OncologyVAMERITSPECIAL EVENTThe Merz GroupAnnual Meeting 2015 Branding
American Specialty HealthCAGOLDSOCIAL MEDIAHealthyroads Linkedin
American Specialty HealthCAGOLDDIRECT MAILHealthyroads Awareness Postcards
American Specialty HealthCAGOLDBROCHUREHealthyroads Brochure
American Specialty HealthCASILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADHealthStar! Logo
American Specialty HealthCASILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMSilver&Fit Shoe Campaign
American Specialty HealthCASILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNHealthyroads Top Prospects Campaign
American Specialty HealthCABRONZESPECIAL EVENTNational Business Group on Health (NBGH) Convention
American Specialty HealthCABRONZEEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMEmployee Communications
American Specialty HealthCAMERITWEBSITESilver&Fit Website
AmerihealthNJMERITDIRECT MAILDMW DirectSmell of Success Self Mailer
AngelEye Camera SystemMERITSOCIAL MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.Social Media Content
Angelopulos DentalMERITTELEVISION SINGLEGolden Proportions MarketingAngelopulos Dental Live in Color TV Ad
AnMed HealthSCGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESNeathawk Dubuque & PackettAnMed Orthopedic-Limits
AnMed HealthSCMERITMAGAZINE SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettAnMed Othopedic-Tennis
AnMed HealthSCMERITMAGAZINE SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettAnMed Othhopedic-Runner
AnMed HealthSCMERITMAGAZINE SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettAnMed Orthopedic-Cycling
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDGOLDNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaLiving Healthier Together, Late Fall 2015
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDGOLDNEW MEDIAPrairie Dog/TCGBiggest Baby Book Ever
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDBRONZENEW MEDIAGLC Custom MediaLiving Healthier Together, Late Fall 2015
Antelope Valley HospitalCAGOLDWEBSITEKevin/Ross Public Relations
Apollo Sugar Clinics, Ltd.SILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMCrayons Advertising ,Ltd.The Unseatable
Ardent Health ServicesGOLDPOSTERLovell Communications, Inc.Poster 2
Ardent Health ServicesBRONZEPOSTERLovell Communications, Inc.Poster 1
Ardent Health ServicesMERITWEBSITELovell Communications, Inc.Website: Ardent
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEBOHAN AdvertisingHannah
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBOHAN AdvertisingAPH Total Campaign
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLMERITTELEVISION SINGLEBOHAN AdvertisingClaire
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEBOHAN AdvertisingClaire
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESBOHAN AdvertisingAPH Newspaper Series
Arthritis Center of NebraskaNEBRONZEDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMIdeaBank MarketingInMotion Program and Site Rebuild
Asprie Health PlanCAMERITWEBSITEThe Summit GroupMedicare Advantage Website Redesign
Associated Audiologists, Inc.KSSILVERNEWSLETTEROsburn Public RelationsHearing Your Best
Athens Regional Health SystemGAMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVProlifikShare Your Story
Athens Regional Health SystemGAMERITTELEVISION SINGLEProlifikAthens Regional Cardiology Care
Atlantic General HospitalMDMERITTELEVISION SINGLEMullin Ashley Associates2020 Vision-5 Year Strategic Plan
Atlantic Health SystemsNJSILVERBROCHUREWax Custom CommunicationsOverlook Medical Center-New Vitality
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsGoryeb Children's Hospital-Well Aware Kids
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Chilton
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZENEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsMorristown Medical Center Well Aware
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsNewton Medical Center Well Aware
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZENEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsNewton Medical Center Well Aware
Atlantic Health SystemsNJBRONZENEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsGoryeb Children's Hospital Well Aware Kids
Atlantic Health SystemsNJMERITBROCHUREWax Custom CommunicationsNewton Medical Center-New Vitality
Atlantic Health SystemsNJMERITNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Chilton
Atlantic Health SystemsNJMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsMorristown Medical Center-Well Aware
AtlantiCareNJGOLDPOSTERab+c Creative IntelligenceLung Screening
AtlantiCareNJSILVERDIRECT MAILab+c Creative IntelligenceCape May County
AtlantiCareNJMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEab+c Creative IntelligenceUrgent Care Center
AtlantiCareNJMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVab+c Creative IntelligenceLife Center
Augusta UniversityGAGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALNeuroscience Outlook
Augusta UniversityGABRONZEOUTDOORChildren's Hospital of Georgia
Aultman HospitalOHGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESInnis MaggioreAultman Healthy Attitude
Aultman HospitalOHSILVEROUTDOORInnis MaggioreAultman Healthy Attitude
Aultman HospitalOHMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVInnis MaggioreAultman Healthy Attitude
Aultman HospitalOHMERITTELEVISION SERIESInnis MaggioreAultman Healthy Attitude
AvMedFLGOLDRADIO SINGLEBeber Silverstein GroupLocal
AvMedFLGOLDSPECIAL EVENTBeber Silverstein GroupSenior Celebration
AvMedFLSILVERNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Aspire-Winter 2016
AvMedFLBRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Aspire-Special Issue 2015
AvMedFLBRONZEOUTDOORBeber Silverstein GroupBetter
AvMedFLMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Aspire-Winter 2015
AvMedFLMERITRADIO SINGLEBeber Silverstein GroupListening Radio
AvMedFLMERITNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Aspire-Summer 2015
AvMedFLMERITOTHERBeber Silverstein GroupStation Domination at Government Center
Bancroft Campus at Mt. LaurelNJSILVEROTHEROxford CommunicationsVideo Brochure
Baptist HealthKYGOLDSOCIAL MEDIACurrent360Mason Jar Blog Shareable
Baptist HealthKYGOLDRADIO SINGLEPrairie Dog/TCGUrgent Care
Baptist HealthARMERITSPECIAL VIDEOCommunity Outreach-Thank You
Baptist HealthKYMERITPOSTERCurrent360Almond vs Pistachio
Baptist HealthKYMERITDIRECT MAILPrairie Dog/TCGUrgent Care
Baptist Health SystemMIGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSunny MediaBHealthy Baby by Baptist Health System App
Barnabas HealthNJSILVEROTHERCommunity and Economic Benefit Report
Barnes-Jewish HospitalMOGOLDMOBILE MEDIASwanson RussellBarnes-Jewish Campaign
Bates County Memorial HospitalMOMERITNEWSLETTEROsburn Public RelationsVital Signs
Bay Area Regional Medical CenterTXMERITWEBSITECoffey
Bayhealth Medical CenterDEMERITNEWSLETTERJ&P Stecca LLCEmployee Newsletter, Views
Baylor Scott & White Design Refresh
Baylor Scott & White HealthTXBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVU.S. News Campaign
Baylor Scott & White HealthTXMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVRenamed. Renewed. Renowned
Baylor Scott & White HealthTXMERITTELEVISION SERIESPatient Testimonials
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXGOLDNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Spring 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXGOLDNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Winter 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXSILVERNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Spring 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXSILVERNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Fall 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXSILVERNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Winter 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXBRONZENEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Summer 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXBRONZENEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Fall 2015
Baylor University Medical Center at DallasTXBRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations-Summer 2015
BD (Becton Dickinson & Compnay)MERITBROCHURECI-GroupBD IV Therapy Brochure
BD (Becton, Dickinson & Compnay)MERITOTHERCI-GroupBD Simplist Pyxsis Conversion Sales Tool
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMASILVERONLINE ADSBennett GroupPush A Button
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-PlymouthMASILVERRADIO SERIESBennett GroupWomen's Health
Billings ClinicMTGOLDTELEVISION SERIESPrairie Dog/TCGSaving Ashley
Black River Memorial HospitalWISILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADLegato Healthcare MarketingLogo Design
Blake Medical Center (HCA West Florida Div)FLGOLDSOCIAL MEDIABrown Parker & DeMarinis AdvertisingReal Men Wear Mitts
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLAGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVTogether Strong Campaign
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLAGOLDTELEVISION SERIESTogether Strong TV
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLAGOLDRADIO SERIESTogether Strong Radio
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLASILVERCALENDARHeart Throbs Calendar
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLASILVERRADIO SINGLEAlways Radio
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLASILVERSPECIAL VIDEOTogether Strong Music Video
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LouisianaLAMERITBROCHUREAngel Award Brochure
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCGOLDWEBSITECapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCGOLDRICH MEDIACapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCGOLDONLINE ADSCapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCSILVERSOCIAL MEDIACapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCBRONZEDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMCapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCMERITOUTDOORCapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVCapstratLet's Talk Cost
Blue Cross Blue ShieldGOLDOUTDOORHYC HealthOutdoor Movie Poster
Blue Cross Blue ShieldGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESHYC HealthYou Know What to Bring
Blue Cross Blue ShieldSILVERRADIO SERIESHYC HealthYou Know 2
Blue Cross Blue ShieldBRONZERADIO SERIESHYC HealthYou Know
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South CarolinaSCSILVERWEBSITEDMW DirectACA Website & Digital Campaign
BlueCare Network of MichiganMISILVERNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCYour Health Advantage
BlueCross BlueShield Blue Care NetworkMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCGood Health
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNMERITTELEVISION SINGLEBOHAN AdvertisingUmbrella
Boehringer IngelheimMERITPOSTERArtcraft HealthDynagito-Living with COPD
Bon Secours Virgina Health SystemVABRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESFree Agents MarketingHarbour View
Bon Secours Virgina Health SystemVAMERITDIRECT MAILFree Agents MarketingHampton Roads Cancer Awareness Campaign
Bon Secours Virgina Health SystemVAMERITWEBSITEFree Agents MarketingRVA Heart Website
Bon Secours Virgina Health SystemVAMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVFree Agents MarketingFastCare Campaign
Boys Town National Research HospitalNESILVERDIGITAL VIDEO3T MRI
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVNewborn Care Tips Campaign
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMEmployee Giving Campaign Banners
Bozeman HealthMTSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVHolmes & Company AdvertisingBig Sky Medical Center-Centered on You
Brigham and Women's HospitalMASILVERONLINE ADSSPM Marketing & CommunicationsLife. Giving. Breakthroughs. Web Banner
Brigham and Women's
Brigham and Women's HospitalMAMERITNEW MEDIAHealth E-Newsletter
Brigham and Women's HospitalMAMERITNEW MEDIANeurology and Neurosurgery Advances
Brigham and Women's HospitalMASILVERMOBILE
Camargo Pharmaceutical ServicesOHBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOSCORR MarketingCamargo Animation
Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaILGOLDRICH MEDIAStudioNorthCancer Fighters Interactive Survivor Tree
Captify HealthKSMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADPrairie Dog/TCGIn Motion
Cardiovascular ConsultantsMOBRONZENEWSLETTEROsburn Public RelationsFor the Heart
CarePlus Healthplans, Inc.MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsProvider Connection-Fall 2015
Carestream HealthNYGOLDDIRECT MAILThe Verdi GroupCarestream Touch Prime Ultrasound System
Carestream HealthNYGOLDNEW MEDIAThe Verdi GroupMedical Apps Watch Development Use & Potential
Carestream HealthNYGOLDRICH MEDIAThe Verdi GroupCIO eBook
Carestream HealthNYMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThe Verdi GroupThe Stream Customer Loyalty Program
Carolinas Healthcare SystemNCGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMLaineGabrielYour Health & Retirement
Carolinas Healthcare SystemNCGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOLaineGabrielPRIDE
Carolinas Poison CenterNCSILVERTELEVISION SERIESBurke CommunicationsPoison Experts On Call
Carrier ClinicNJSILVERWEBSITEFirst Looks AdvertisingCarrier Clinic Fund Development Site
Carrier ClinicNJMERITNEW MEDIAFirst Looks AdvertisingCarrier Clinic-Email Series
Carrier ClinicNJMERITBROCHUREFirst Looks AdvertisingCarrier Clinic Brochure
Carrier ClinicNJMERITDIGITAL VIDEOFirst Looks AdvertisingTake The Tour
Carteret Health CareNCBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLELewis Advertising, Inc.Compassion Runs Deep Magazine Ad
Carteret Health CareNCMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVLewis Advertising, Inc.Brand Introduction Campaign
Catholic HealthNYGOLDWEBSITE15 FingersLittle Victories Microsite
Catholic HealthNYSILVERRADIO SERIES15 FingersMind, Body, Heart and Soul
Catholic HealthNYSILVERANNUAL REPORT15 FingersAnnual Report, 2014-2015
Catholic HealthNYMERITTELEVISION SERIES15 FingersMind, Body, Heart and Soul
Catholic HealthNYMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TV15 FingersLittle Victories Campaign
Catholic HealthNYMERITOUTDOOR15 FingersMind, Body, Heart and Soul
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYBRONZEONLINE ADSFocus MediaBreast Cancer Screening Ads-Facebook Carousel
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEFocus MediaFighting Cancer Together
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVFocus MediaCommitted to A Healthier Community
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYMERITOUTDOORFocus MediaCommitted to A Healthier Community
Catskill Regional Medical GroupNYBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNFocus MediaWe Got The Memo
Central Florida Health AllianceFLBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESPrairie Dog/TCGInspired
Central Vermont Medical CenterVTBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVLewis CommunicationsCancer Campaign/CVMC
Champlain Valley Physicians HospitalNYGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALSmith & JonesColon Screening Campaign
Champlain Valley Physicians HospitalNYSILVERRADIO SINGLESmith & JonesColon Screening Campaign
Champlain Valley Physicians HospitalNYSILVERPOSTERSmith & JonesOrthopedic Campaign
Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC)WVSILVERDIRECT MAILWomen's Urology
Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC)WVBRONZEEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMCerner Revolution Employee Communication
CHI St. Joseph's HealthNDMERITTELEVISION SINGLEResults UnlimitedSurgery
Children's Harbor at Benjamin Russell HospitalALSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Beacon
Children's Hospital of IllinoisILMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCChildren First
Children's Hospital of MichiganMIBRONZEWEBSITESunny MediaFoundation Website
Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCUVAGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVNeathawk Dubuque & PackettMarker Campaign
Children's National Health SystemMDMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVSwanson RussellRetail Campaign
Chiltern InternationalTNSILVERWEBSITESCORR MarketingChiltern Website
Christian Health Care CenterNJMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCenter Life
Christian Health Care CenterNJMERITANNUAL REPORTBuilding On A Legacy
Christiana Care Health SystemDEGOLDOTHERAB+CPatient Portal Campaign
Christiana Care Health SystemDEMERITSPECIAL EVENTD.A. Perzel CreativeCelebration of Hope
CHRISTUS Health-Children's Hospital of San AntonioTXGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALTrue North CustomForever First, Winter 2015
Christus Southeast Texas Health SystemTXSILVEROUTDOORThe Atkins GroupLive Well
Christus Southeast Texas Health SystemTXSILVERRADIO SINGLEThe Atkins GroupLive Well
Christus Southeast Texas Health SystemTXMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESThe Atkins GroupLive Well
CHRISTUS Spohn Health SystemTXGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALTrue North CustomLive Well, Fall 2015
CignaCTMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMCigna Pharmacy Management Vision Rollout
CignaCTMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADTalbot's Fit For Life Wellness Brand
Clark Memorial HospitalINGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLECurrent360I Chose Clark-Bariatric
Cleveland Clinic FloridaFLGOLDNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationseHealthlines
Cleveland Clinic FloridaFLGOLDNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationseHealthlines
Cleveland Clinic FloridaFLMERITNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationseHealthlines
Coffee Regional Medical CenterGAMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESFrederick SwanstonCRMC OB Campaign
Coffey CommunicationsWASILVERNEW MEDIACoffey Communications7 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Use
Coffey CommunicationsWABRONZERICH MEDIACoffey CommunicationsBlood Donation Assessment
Coffey CommunicationsWAMERITRICH MEDIACoffey CommunicationsZika Virus Quiz
Coffey CommunicationsWAMERITRICH MEDIACoffey CommunicationsPortion Sizes
Coffey CommunicationsWAMERITRICH MEDIACoffey CommunicationsHeartburn Triggers
COLAMDGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSThe Merz GroupLab Testing Matters T-Shirt Design
COLAMDMERITNEW MEDIAThe Merz GroupLab Testing Matters
Columbus Regional HospitalGOLDNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCHealthy Tomorrow
ComForCareMISILVERDIGITAL VIDEOBrogan & PartnersDefying Expectations
Community Hospice of Northeast FloridaFLGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOruckus. advertising + public relationsPet Peace of Mind Video
Community Hospice of Northeast FloridaFLGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVruckus. advertising + public relationsWe Choose Campaign
Community Hospice of Northeast FloridaFLSILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKruckus. advertising + public relationsCompassionate Guide
Community Hospice of Northeast FloridaFLMERITTELEVISION SINGLEruckus. advertising + public relationsHarmonica TV Ad
Community Hospice of Northeast FloridaFLMERITSPECIAL VIDEOruckus. advertising + public relationsOverview Video
Compassus Hospice & Pallative CareBRONZESOCIAL MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.Compassus Facebook Page
Cone HealthNCGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKCone Health Patient Guide
Cone HealthNCGOLDRICH MEDIAQuixote GroupExceptional Care
Cone HealthNCBRONZECALENDAR2016 Employee Health & Wellness Calendar
Cone HealthNCMERITOTHERJoints in Motion Guide
Cone HealthNCMERITMAGAZINE SERIESQuixote GroupExceptional Care
Cone HealthNCMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNQuixote GroupExceptional Care
Cone HealthNCMERITTELEVISION SERIESQuixote GroupExceptional Care
Constellation Brands, Inc.MERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMCalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.For Your Benefit.
Conway Regional Health SystemARSILVERMAGAZINE SINGLESells AgencyAfter Hours-Saturday
Conway Regional Health SystemARMERITMAGAZINE SERIESSells AgencyAfter Hours Campaign
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMBalcom AgencyWe're With You Every Inch
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEBalcom AgencyWe're With You Every Inch-Fever
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBalcom AgencySay Ahhh
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEBalcom AgencyWe're With You Every Inch-Sprained Ankle
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEBalcom AgencyWe're With You Every Inch-Lima Beans
Cooper University Health CareNJMERITTELEVISION SINGLEab+c Creative IntelligenceBreast Cancer TV
COREPAGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEElias/Savion AdvertisingCore Say "Yes" TV Spot
COREPASILVERTELEVISION SINGLEElias/Savion AdvertisingCore Say "Yes" TV Spot
Cottage HealthCAGOLDRADIO SINGLEPrairie Dog/TCGTalking Knee
Covenant HealthCareMIGOLDRADIO SINGLEBrogan & PartnersOW OW Radio
Covenant HealthCareMISILVERDIGITAL VIDEOBrogan & PartnersOW OW Digital Video
CRIMDGOLDONLINE ADSThe Merz GroupAdvance October Leaderboard Ad
Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic CenterOHMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESKnox Marketing, Inc.Spine Care
Crystal Run HealthcareNYBRONZECALENDARPCICrystal Run Calendar
Crystal Run HealthcareNYMERITDIGITAL VIDEOPCIHealth Minutes
Crystal Run HealthcareNYMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESPCIOn This We Can Agree
Cumberland PharmaceuticalsMERITANNUAL REPORTLovell Communications, Inc.Annual Report
Custom PharmaceuticalsESMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADSCORR MarketingCustom Phama Logo
Cystic Fibrosis FoundationOHSILVERSPECIAL EVENTNorthlichThe Meat Ball Gala Materials
Dameron HospitalCAGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESOrange Label Art + AdvertisingCardiology Series
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMAGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSPM Marketing and CommunicationsDiscover. Care. Believe. Campaign
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMAGOLDWEBSITESPM Marketing and
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMAGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESSPM Marketing and CommunicationsDiscover. Care. Believe
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMASILVERTELEVISION SINGLESPM Marketing and CommunicationsDiscover. Care. Believe
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMABRONZEONLINE ADSSPM Marketing and CommunicationsDiscover. Care. Believe. Display Campaign
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMAMERITSOCIAL MEDIASPM Marketing and CommunicationsDiscover. Care. Believe. Social Hub
Dean Health PlanWIMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCNotables
Dearborn County HospitalINSILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTen AdamsHealth Made Better Together
Dearborn County HospitalINSILVEROUTDOORTen AdamsHealth Made Better Together
Dearborn County HospitalINBRONZEEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMTen AdamsHealth Made Better Together
DeKalb Medical CenterGASILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALGLC Custom MediaPushing Beyond, Winter 2015
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDEGOLDRADIO SERIESab+c Creative IntelligenceObesity
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDEBRONZEWEBSITEab+c Creative
Diatherix LaboratoriesMERITSOCIAL MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.ABX Crossroads
Diatherix LaboratoriesMERITNEW MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.ABX Crossroads E-Invitation
Dickson Medical AssociatesMERITBROCHURELovell Communications, Inc.DMA Folder and Brochures
Dignity Health St. Rose DominicanNVSILVERWEBSITECoffey
Dignity Health/Mercy & Memorial HospitalsCAMERITNEWSLETTERDMI AgencyHouseCalls Nov/Dec 2015
Dimensions Healthcare SystemMDMERITOUTDOORSPM Marketing & CommunicationsCardiac Transit Campaign
Donor AllianceCOGOLDTELEVISION SERIEST Collier Prod/The Fletcher Group/Wet Paint CommunMy Hero Said Yes
Donor AllianceCOSILVERRADIO SERIEST Collier Prod/The Fletcher Group/Wet Paint CommunMy Hero Said Yes
Duke Regional HospitalNCSILVERSPECIAL EVENT2015 All DRH Event
Duke University HospitalNCGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOContrast Creative, Inc.Wonder Woman Walking
East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare SystTXSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALSKARPhysician Practice-Gene Testing
East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare SystTXMERITRADIO SINGLESKARLinda Williams
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESILVERRADIO SERIESSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAlways Remarkable Radio Series
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESILVERNEW MEDIASPM Marketing & CommunicationsPrimary Care Pandora Ad
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESILVERONLINE ADSSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAlways Remarkable Display Campaign
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESILVEROUTDOORSPM Marketing & CommunicationsPrimary Care Sidewalk Minders
Edward-Elmhust HealthILGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsHealthy Aware
eHealth TechnologiesNYSILVERDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMThe Verdi GroupRecord Speed
Ellis MedicineNYMERITTELEVISION SINGLESmith & JonesBariatric Campaign TV Spot
ElsevierGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRed House Healthcare MarketingElsevier Patient Engagement Lead Generation
Emerus Holdings, Inc.TXMERITTELEVISION SINGLEBaylor 30-Second Spot
Emory HealthcareGAGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEMunn RabotPatients in clinical trials. Bari is one
Emory HealthcareGASILVERDIGITAL VIDEOMunn RabotPatients in clinical trials. Bari is one
Emory HealthcareGASILVERSOCIAL MEDIAVeterans Program social media ads
Emory HealthcareGABRONZEBROCHUREVeterans Program 2015 Consumer Brochure
Emory HealthcareGAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOChaselightBrain Health Center introductory video
EndoGastric SolutionsCABRONZEBROCHUREMedical Consulting GroupTIF Procedure Brochure
Enloe Medical CenterCAMERITNEW MEDIABluespire MarketingEnloe Medical Center Stethoscope
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYGOLDPOSTERTruform Media GroupServices Poster
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALTruform Media GroupENT and Allergy Magazine
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYSILVERPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMTruform Media GroupENT and Allergy Physician Referral/Recruitment
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYMERITSOCIAL MEDIATruform Media GroupENT and Allergy Associates Social Media Content
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYMERITCALENDARTruform Media GroupENT and Allergy 2016 Calendar
ENT and Allergy AssociatesNYMERITRADIO SINGLETruform Media GroupENT and Allergy Associates Radio Spot
Erie County Medical Center CorporationNYBRONZETELEVISION SINGLEThe Martin GroupECMC "Today" TV Spot
Erlanger Health SystemTNGOLDPOSTERThe Johnson GroupAccident Proof-Pylons
Erlanger Health SystemTNGOLDSPECIAL EVENTThe Johnson GroupBelieve Reveal Event
Erlanger Health SystemTNGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOThe Johnson GroupChildren's Emergency Department "Top 10"
Erlanger Health SystemTNGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Johnson GroupWorld Class
Erlanger Health SystemTNSILVERNEW MEDIAThe Johnson
Erlanger Health SystemTNSILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEThe Johnson GroupOveractive Bladder
Erlanger Health SystemTNSILVERPOSTERThe Johnson GroupAccident Proof-Pillows
Erlanger Health SystemTNSILVEROUTDOORThe Johnson GroupAccident Proof-Pillows
Erlanger Health SystemTNSILVEROUTDOORThe Johnson GroupDocs of the Mocs
Erlanger Health SystemTNBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Johnson GroupDocs of the Mocs
Erlanger Health SystemTNBRONZEPOSTERThe Johnson GroupBubble Wrap
Erlanger Health SystemTNMERITANNUAL REPORTThe Johnson Group2014 Annual Report
Erlanger Health SystemTNMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Johnson GroupStroke
Essentia HealthMNGOLDANNUAL REPORTHTK Marketing CommunicationsThis is Why I'm Here
Essentia HealthMNBRONZEOTHERHTK Marketing CommunicationsTimeless Vision-The Duluth Clinic 100 Year Book
Essentia HealthMNMERITTELEVISION SERIESHTK Marketing CommunicationsWest Region Just One Thing TV
Evangelical Community HospitalPASILVERANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report 2015 "In Focus"
Evangelical Community HospitalPAMERITNEWSPAPER SERIES2015 Pediatrics Campaign
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYGOLDNEW MEDIAEarly Elective Deliveries Infographic
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYGOLDCALENDARWellness Calendar 2016
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYBRONZERADIO SINGLERoberts CommunicationsTAD Superhero
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYMERITSPECIAL EVENTRoberts CommunicationsSuperheroes Special Event
Exeter HospitalNHGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBennett GroupWhat Moves You
Exeter HospitalNJGOLDPOSTERBennett GroupWhat Moves You
Exeter HospitalNHGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEBennett GroupWhat Moves You
Exeter HospitalNHSILVERNEW MEDIABennett GroupWhat Moves You
Exeter HospitalNHMERITONLINE ADSBennett GroupWhat Moves You
Exeter HospitalNHMERITMAGAZINE SERIESBennett GroupWhat Moves You
Fireland Regional Medical CenterOHMERITSPECIAL EVENTMark AdvertisingFifty Shades of Pink
Fireland Regional Medical CenterOHMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMMark AdvertisingHealth Awareness Window Clings
Fireland Regional Medical CenterOHMERITANNUAL REPORTMark Advertising2014 Annual Report & Report on Philanthropy
Firelands Regional Medical CenterOHMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALEdgewater GraphicsFeel Better with Firelands
Firelands Regional Medical CenterOHMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVEdgewater GraphicsIrreplaceable-Cancer Campaign
Firelands Regional Medical CenterOHMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEEdgewater GraphicsHealing Our Community
First UrologyKYBRONZERADIO SINGLECurrent360Prostate
Florida HospitalFLMERITTELEVISION SERIESBrown Parker Demarinis AdvertisingLife Is Amazing
Florida Hospital TampaFLSILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNChappellRobertsDoc 1st 2.0 Campaign
Florida Hospital West Florida RegionFLBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNChappellRobertsInspired Health Campaign
Florida Hospital West Florida RegionFLMERITOUTDOORChappellRobertsBucs Sponsorship Outdoor
Florida Medical CenterFLBRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESBG, Inc.We're Open
Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health ServicesINBRONZETELEVISION SINGLETen AdamsHealth Happens Here
Fort Walton Beach Medical CenterFLSILVERTELEVISION SERIESTrickey JennusBranding TV
Fort Walton Beach Medical CenterFLBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVTrickey JennusBranding
Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and HematologyINMERITWEBSITENichols CompanyWebsite
Fortis Healthcare, MohaloSILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLECrayons Advertising ,Ltd.Sperm
Fox Chase Cancer CenterPASILVERSOCIAL MEDIAFox Chase Cancer Center Twitter
Fox Chase Cancer CenterPABRONZESOCIAL MEDIAFox Chase Cancer Center Facebook Page
Fox Chase Cancer CenterPAMERITWEBSITEFox Chase Cancer Center Website
Fox Chase Cancer CenterPAMERITNEW MEDIAFox Chase Cancer Center Cancer Conversation Blog
Franciscan AllianceINGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEFire & RainOmni Open House Tab Advertisement
Franciscan AllianceINSILVERTELEVISION SINGLEBrogan & PartnersPerfectly Human
Franciscan AllianceINSILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALRegional Rounds Physician Publication
Franciscan AllianceINSILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMSpirit Health GroupDay of Dance Women's Event
Franciscan AllianceINMERITCALENDARMoran Design Corporation2015 Regional Calendar
Franciscan AllianceINMERITSPECIAL EVENT2015 Annual Gala
Franciscan AllianceINMERITSOCIAL MEDIAI'm a Hero For...
Franciscan AllianceINMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALFranciscan Focus Magazine
Froedtert & the Medical College of WisconsinWIGOLDOUTDOORSPM Marketing & CommunicationsHealth & Wellness Interactive Mall Panel
Frontier HealthTNMERITANNUAL REPORTBuilding Partnership
G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KGGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtGeloMyrtol forte
G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KGBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtGeloMyrtol forte
G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KGMERITTELEVISION SINGLEWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtGeloMyrtol forte
Gastrointestinal Associates, S.C.WIMERITTELEVISION SINGLELegato Healthcare MarketingChronic Disease Commercial
Gates Vascular Institute-Buffalo General Med CntrNYGOLDRADIO SINGLEThe Martin GroupHearts in the Right Place
Gates Vascular Institute-Buffalo General Med CntrNYBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEThe Martin GroupHearts in the Right Place
Gates Vascular Institute-Buffalo General Med CntrNYMERITOUTDOORThe Martin GroupHearts in the Right Place
Gates Vascular Institute-Buffalo General Med CntrNYMERITTELEVISION SINGLEThe Martin GroupHearts in the Right Place
Gates Vascular Institute-Buffalo General Med CntrNYMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Martin GroupHearts in the Right Place
Gaylord HealthCTGOLDWEBSITENeathawk Dubuque &
Genesis Cancer Care CenterOHMERITSPECIAL VIDEOKnox Marketing, Inc.WrapAround Care-Video
Genesis Healthcare SystemOHGOLDRADIO SERIESKnox Marketing, Inc.Traveled the Country
Genesis Healthcare SystemOHSILVERTELEVISION SINGLEKnox Marketing, Inc.We Put Our Heart
Genesis Healthcare SystemOHBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVKnox Marketing, Inc.Traveled the Country
Genesis Healthcare SystemOHMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESKnox Marketing, Inc.Traveled the Country
Georgia Regents HealthGAMERITNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaCardiac Health On Time, Summer 2015
Glendale Adventist Medical CenterCASILVERSPECIAL VIDEOCMBell Company110-year Anniversary Video
Glendale Adventist Medical CenterCAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOCMBell CompanyAdventist Health Urgent Care-Montrose Motion Graphic
Gold Coast Health PlanCABRONZEANNUAL REPORTCoffey CommunicationsA Year of Growth and Opportunity
Good Neighbor PharmacyPAGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEHanlon CreativeBag of Life
Good Neighbor PharmacyPASILVERSPECIAL VIDEOHanlon CreativeBradford in Vegas
Good Samaritan HospiceVAGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettGood Samaritan-Heavy Topic
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical CenterNYMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Cancer Center at Good Samaritan Hospital
Good Samaritan Medical CenterFLGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOBG, Inc.It Could Feel Like Any Normal Day
Good Samaritan Medical CenterFLGOLDONLINE ADSBG, Inc.She Had Wanted to Skip Her Mammogram
Good Samaritan Medical CenterFLGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEBG, Inc.Her Biopsy Was Positive
Great Plains HealthNEMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBariatric Surgery Campaign
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIAGOLDOTHERWe Are GRMC-Elevator Skins
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIAMERITWEBSITEAre We There Yet?
GuideWell Emergency DoctorsFLSILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGuideWell ConnectGuideWell Emergency Dr's Awareness Campaign
Guthrie ClinicPASILVERDIRECT MAILLeaky Pipes-Urology Physician Recruitment
Guthrie ClinicPABRONZEPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMWanna Fight-Hematology/Oncology Physician Recruitment
HackensackUMC at Pascack ValleyNJGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM24K CreativeGoMo Health Concierge Care Inpatient Satisfaction Solution
Halifax Regional Medical CenterNCSILVERNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaHealthy Halifax, Summer 2015
Harbin ClinicGAMERITMAGAZINE SERIESWe Care Completely from A to Z
Harbin ClinicGAMERITOTHERHarbin Clinic History
Harvard Pilgrim HealthcareMAMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCYour Health
Harvest Plains HealthWABRONZEBROCHUREDecision Making Guide
Hazelden Betty Ford FoundationMNGOLDBROCHUREModern ClimateNational System Brochure
Hazelden Betty Ford FoundationMNSILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALTogether Magazine
HC2 StrategiesCASILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADIgnite Design & AdvertisingHC2 Strategies Logo Design
HCA Far West DivisionMERITDIRECT MAILHealthgradesBet You Didn't Know
HCA Far West DivisionMERITDIRECT MAILHealthgradesBet You Didn't Know
HCA North FloridaFLMERITDIRECT MAILHealthgradesOrthopedic Surgery
HCA North Texas DivisionTXSILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBrown Parker Demarinis AdvertisingWe Deliver Dreams
HCA West FloridaFLMERITANNUAL REPORTMathew Piltz Graphic Design2015 Community Report
HCEA Trident HealthSILVERDIRECT MAILHealthgradesHCEA Trident: Statistic
Health Alliance PlanMISILVERBROCHUREHAP Labor Brochure
Health Alliance PlanMISILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLEHAP Medicare T65 Workshop Ad
Health Alliance PlanMISILVEROTHERMedia LogicHAP New Member Welcome Kit
Health Choice NetworkGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSWax Custom CommunicationsJournal Spiral
Health Choice NetworkSILVEROTHERWax Custom CommunicationsCamillus House Gala Book Ad
Health Choice NetworkBRONZENEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsEducational Conference Registration Eblast
Health Choice NetworkMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMWax Custom CommunicationsEmployee Handbook
Health Choice NetworkMERITNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsSave the Date Eblast
Health Choice NetworkMERITSPECIAL EVENTWax Custom Communications2015 HR Assist Desk
Health Choice NetworkMERITSPECIAL EVENTWax Custom CommunicationsFriday Night Reception
Health Choice NetworkMERITNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsEblast Dental-Krueger
Health Partners PlansPAMERITDIRECT MAILGood Health is Here
Health Plan NevadaNVSILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKLet's Get Started Member Guide
Health Resources & Services AdministrationMDGOLDSOCIAL MEDIACrosby MarketingMade Possible Mondays
Health Resources & Services AdministrationMDBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCrosby MarketingMade Possible
Health Resources & Services AdministrationMDBRONZETELEVISION SINGLECrosby MarketingMade Possible: Teen Carlee's Heart
Heartland Plains HealthWAMERITWEBSITEMedicare Academy
Henry County Medical CenterTNGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMSpirit Health GroupSpirit Monthly Health Promotion
Henry County Medical CenterTNBRONZEPHYSICIAN REFERRALVestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
Henry County Medical CenterTNMERITSOCIAL MEDIAMcKeel Production#Tunein Tuesday Social Media Program
Henry County Medical CenterTNMERITOUTDOORMove!
Henry County Medical CenterTNMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMTis the Season for Peace, Love & Hope-Pink Out
Henry County Medical CenterTNMERITDIRECT MAILNewClients Promotional Marketing10 Things to Do with Kids this Summer
Henry Ford Macomb HospitalMIBRONZENEWSLETTERStayWell LLCLive Well
High Point RegionalNCBRONZETELEVISION SERIESKnox Marketing, Inc.Be There
Highland HospitalNYMERITOTHERDocs & Divas Promo Card
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAGOLDANNUAL REPORTDriving Change-A Hub For Healthcare
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCABRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALTrue North CustomHill Health, Summer 2015
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCABRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALHill Health
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALTrue North CustomHill Health, Fall 2015
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRBG AdvertisingHill Physicians
Hollingshead Eye CenterIDBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOMedical Consulting GroupMarcus Eaton's Vision Story
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyIt's My Surgery
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDBRONZERADIO SERIESSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyI Chose Holy Cross Germantown Hospital
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDMERITTELEVISION SERIESSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyIt's My Surgery
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyIt's My Surgery
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDMERITRADIO SINGLESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyIt's My Surgery
Holy Cross HealthMDSILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyBuilt On It
Holzer Health SystemOHMERITNEWSLETTERHolzer Community Connection
Holzer Health SystemOHMERITBROCHUREHolzer Center for Cancer Care
HopeHealthMAMERITRADIO SERIESBennett GroupReferral Radio
Hopkins Family DentalMERITONLINE ADSGolden Proportions MarketingHopkins Family Dental Display Ads
Houston Methodist HospitalTXGOLDANNUAL REPORTRichards/CarlbergHouston Methodist Hospital-Annual Report
Houston Methodist Sugar Land HospitalTXGOLDBROCHUREOncology Services Brochure
Houston Methodist Sugar Land HospitalTXBRONZEBROCHUREBirthing Center Brochure
Houston Methodist Sugar Land HospitalTXMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEHeart & Vascular Center
Howard Memorial HospitalARMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELegato Healthcare MarketingCardiac Pulmonary Campaign
Howard Memorial HospitalARMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALLegato Healthcare MarketingEngage Publication
Hudson Building for the Benefit of Hospice BuffaloNYMERITPOSTERThe Martin GroupStay Beautiful Poster
HumanaGOLDNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsAO Digest Summer 2015
HumanaGOLDOTHERWax Custom CommunicationsBold Moves
HumanaGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADWax Custom CommunicationsSenior Skip Day Logo
HumanaSILVERNEW MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsGuidance Center Overview eblast
HumanaSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsAO Magazine Premiere Issue 2015
HumanaBRONZEOTHERWax Custom CommunicationsSenior Skip Day Flyers
HumanaBRONZEPOSTERWax Custom CommunicationsADA Poster
HumanaBRONZECALENDARWax Custom CommunicationsGuidance Center January 2016 Calendar
Hunterdon HealthcareNJMERITMAGAZINE SERIESOxford Communications3D Mammography Campaign
Huron Valley-Sinai HospitalMISILVERDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSunny MediaCommunity Guide For Women With Cancer App
Illinois Health and Hospital AssociationILGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyThe New IHA
Illinois Health and Hospital AssociationILBRONZEANNUAL REPORTSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyTrusted Resource
Illinois Hospital AssociationILSILVERBROCHURESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyAct Fast
Indiana University School of MedicineINBRONZEOTHERKevin/Ross Public RelationsGRACE Team Care Infographics
Indira Infertility Clinic & Test Tube Baby CentreGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLECrayons Advertising ,Ltd.Hope
Inland Empire Health PlanCAGOLDPOSTERJohns Hopkins Poster
Inland Empire Health PlanCASILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSWater Only Drinking Cup
Inland Empire Health PlanCASILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVDestination Health
Inland Empire Health PlanCAMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADCore Logo
Inland Empire Health PlanCAMERITOUTDOORDestination Health
Inova HealthVAGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALGLC Custom MediaInova, Fall 2015
Inspira Health NetworkNJBRONZEPOSTERSpirit Health GroupPower to Boogie
Intermountain HealthcareUTGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEFaktory/R&R PartnersLive Well-The Future
Intermountain HealthcareUTSILVERRADIO SERIESFaktory/R&R PartnersMcKay-Dee " Ballad"
Intermountain HealthcareUTSILVERRADIO SINGLEFaktory/R&R PartnersMcKay-Dee "Golf Clubs Ballad"
Intermountain HealthcareUTBRONZERADIO SERIESFaktory/R&R PartnersPrimary Children's Hospital-Side Effects
Intermountain HealthcareUTMERITRADIO SINGLEFaktory/R&R PartnersMcKay-Dee "Ski Ballad"
Intermountain HealthcareUTMERITRADIO SINGLEFaktory/R&R PartnersPrimary Children's Hospital-Side Effects 1
Iowa Heart FoundationIAGOLDDIRECT MAILjulsdesign, inc.Cardiovascular Today
Jackson Health SystemFLGOLDOTHERThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Pedi Pals Passport
Jackson Health SystemFLGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Prostate Cancer. It's Personal
Jackson Health SystemFLGOLDBROCHUREThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Maternity Transplant Institute Brochure
Jackson Health SystemFLSILVERONLINE ADSThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Luxury Delivered Maternity Online Ads
Jackson Health SystemFLSILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.LGBT Print Ad
Jackson Health SystemFLSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Bariatrics-I'm Ready Now Campaign
Jackson Health SystemFLSILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Public Schools Newsletter
Jackson Health SystemFLBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Little Miracles Suites Video Tour
Jackson Health SystemFLBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Bariatrics: Obesity Print Ad
Jackson Health SystemFLBRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Holtz Ruler
Jackson Health SystemFLBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Playbill Broadway Series Ads
Jackson Health SystemFLMERITBROCHUREThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Little Miracles Look Book
Jackson Health SystemFLMERITANNUAL REPORTThe Weinbach Group, Inc.2015 Report to the Community
Jackson Health SystemFLMERITBROCHUREThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Maternity Classes Brochure
Jackson Health SystemFLMERITOUTDOORThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Luxury Delivered Maternity Billboard
Jackson Health SystemFLMERITBROCHUREThe Weinbach Group, Inc.TopLine MD Mini-Brochure:Distinction Among the Distinguished
Jackson HospitalALMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCoffey CommunicationsPartners, Fall 2015
Jefferson RadiologyCTMERITANNUAL REPORTUniquely Positioned for the Future of Healthcare
Jefferson RadiologyCTMERITOUTDOOROpen MRI
Jefferson RadiologyCTMERITNEW MEDIAYou Have a Choice Ad
Jefferson RadiologyCTMERITDIRECT MAIL40th Birthday Campaign
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical CenterMDGOLDCALENDAR18-Month Cancer Awareness Calendar
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical CenterMDMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCalled to Care-A Program for Family Caregivers
Johns Hopkins Health CareMDBRONZEDIRECT MAILDMW DirectBig News
Johns Hopkins Health CareMDMERITBROCHUREDMW DirectDiscover Your Advantage
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-AtlanticMDGOLDBROCHURECrosby MarketingKaiser Permanente Corporate Brochure
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-AtlanticMDGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMCrosby MarketingKaiser Permanente Flu Campaign
Kaiser PermanenteDCGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOCrosby MarketingKaiser Permanente Center for Total Health
Kaleida HealthNYGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEThe Martin GroupProspectus Ad 2016
Kaleida HealthNYBRONZERADIO SERIESThe Martin GroupCare Better Radio Spots
Kaleida HealthNYMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Martin GroupCare Better Campaign
Kaleida HealthNYMERITMAGAZINE SERIESThe Martin GroupCare Better Print Ads
Kaleida Health Family PlanningNYGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEThe Martin GroupNegative Attitude TV Spot
Kay Yow Cancer FundNCBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOContrast Creative, Inc.Play4Kay
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALKaleidoscope
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXGOLDCALENDAR2016 Wellness Heroes Calendar
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXSILVEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAM2016 Wellness Heroes Calendar
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXSILVERNEW MEDIADoc Talk blog
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXBRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESThe Lee GroupExceptional Cancer Care Just Got Even Better
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXBRONZERADIO SERIESMedical Minute
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEThe Lee GroupThe Woodlands "ReviewIt"
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDBRONZESPECIAL EVENTRun For Their Lives
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDMERITANNUAL REPORTFinding the Keys
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDMERITMAGAZINE SERIESInternational Center for Spinal Cord Injury
Kettering Health NetworkOHGOLDRICH MEDIAKettering:60
Kettering Health NetworkOHGOLDTELEVISION SERIESThis is why I chose Kettering Health Network
Kettering Health NetworkOHGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALPhysician Quarterly Publication
Kettering Health NetworkOHGOLDDIRECT MAILSouth Dayton Ad Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADInspire Logo
Kettering Health NetworkOHSILVERBROCHURE"Our Calling to Care" Patient Stores Booklet
Kettering Health NetworkOHSILVERCALENDAR"Called to Care" Calendar
Kettering Health NetworkOHBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEORodney Davis Web Video
Kettering Health NetworkOHBRONZEHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMBaby Fair Campaign - Blocks
Kettering Health NetworkOHBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVKettering College Brand
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALHealth Connection Magazine
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITOTHERBecause of You-Foundation Fundraising Folder
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITANNUAL REPORTKettering Health Network 2014 Annual Report
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITOUTDOORKettering Sports Med Van
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITSPECIAL EVENTHeart to Heart Invitation
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITDIGITAL VIDEODr. Paul Web Video
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVTrailblazing NeuroScience
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMOpen Enrollment Employee Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN"You Are Needed" Breast Cancer Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCoffey CommunicationsFor Better Living
Kowa PharmaceuticalsALGOLDWEBSITESentient InteractiveLivalo Consumer Website
Krewel MeuselbachGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtMallebrin "Old but good"
Krewel MeuselbachSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtMallebrin
Krewel MeuselbachMERITDIRECT MAILWEFRA Werbeagentur FrankfurtMallebrin
L.A. Care Health PlanCAGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUniquely L.A.
L.A. Care Health PlanCABRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUniquely L.A.
LabConnectWAMERITDIRECT MAILSCORR MarketingLabConnect Ice Cream
LaFerriere Vitality CentreMOMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADMedical Consulting GroupLaFerriere Vitality Centre Stationery Package
Lake HealthOHGOLDDIRECT MAILKnox Marketing, Inc.Witness A Quantum Leap
Lake HealthOHBRONZESPECIAL EVENTKnox Marketing, Inc.Relax and Renew: Ladies Night Out
Lake HealthOHBRONZEANNUAL REPORTLake Health Foundation Annual Report
Lake HealthOHBRONZESOCIAL MEDIALake Health Google + Page
Lakeview Medical CenterWIGOLDTELEVISION SERIESSPM Marketing and CommunicationsBetter Care. Every Day
Lakeview Medical CenterWIBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSPM Marketing and CommunicationsBetter Care. Every Day
Lancaster General HealthPASILVERMOBILE MEDIASwanson RussellLancaster Trivia Game
Lancaster General HealthPAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSwanson RussellWomen's Specialty Clinic Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMAGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsDr. Seth Bilazarian-Physician Video
Lawrence General HospitalMAGOLDRADIO SERIESJenningsToday Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMAGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVJenningsToday Brand Elevation Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMASILVEROTHERJenningsHospital Table Tents
Lawrence General HospitalMABRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOJenningsBariatric Physician Video
Lawrence General HospitalMABRONZEDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMJenningsToday Digital Marketing Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEJenningsTechnologies Magazine Ad
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMJenningsBariatric Program Digital Marketing
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITMAGAZINE SERIESJenningsToday Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMDMERITNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaMy Health Today, Fall 2015
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsDr. Lilia Giveraa-Physician Video
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEJenningsWomen's Health Ad
Lawrence General HospitalMAMERITPOSTERJenningsToday Campaign
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAGOLDNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCBetter Medicine
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPASILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESSPM Marketing & CommunicationsOrtho in Action Print Series
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPABRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSPM Marketing & CommunicationsOrtho in Action Campaign
LewisGale Regional Health SystemVAMERITDIGITAL VIDEONucleus Medical Media, Inc.The HIPEC Procedure with Sanjoy Saha, M.D.
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVIrmo Campaign
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMNurse Recruitment Campaign
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDSPECIAL EVENTHeart and Sole
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKDiabetes Binder
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDCALENDAR2015 Calendar/Mousepad
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALStethescoop
Lexington Medical CenterSCGOLDTELEVISION SINGLE2015 I Am A Heart Attack
Lexington Medical CenterSCSILVERPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMLexington Orthopaedics Recruitment Binder
Lexington Medical CenterSCSILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADWorkforce Health
Lexington Medical CenterSCSILVERDIGITAL VIDEOUEF Lean on Me
Lexington Medical CenterSCBRONZEPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMNurse Recruitment Campaign
Lexington Medical CenterSCBRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSColon Cancer Challenge Jersey
Lexington Medical CenterSCBRONZEWEBSITELPS Website
Lexington Medical CenterSCBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADVisiting Hearts
Lexington Medical CenterSCBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESOrthopaedics Ads
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADJust Say Know Logo
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITANNUAL REPORTOncology Annual Report
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADHealth U
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITDIRECT MAILLMC Lexington Urgent Care
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITSPECIAL EVENTWomen's Night Out
Lexington Medical CenterSCMERITONLINE ADSWIS TV Online Site Wraps
LHC GroupLABRONZEANNUAL REPORTCelebrating 20 Years of Purpose
Liberty HospitalMOGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSTeaming Up Against A Common Enemy
Liberty HospitalMOSILVERSPECIAL EVENTTrunk or Treat
Liberty HospitalMOSILVERBROCHUREHope is Good. A Plan is Better
Liberty HospitalMOSILVERSPECIAL VIDEORed Crow MarketingConnected to You
Liberty HospitalMOSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVRed Crow MarketingBe Hip Again
Liberty HospitalMOMERITDIRECT MAILUrgent Care
Liberty HospitalMOMERITSPECIAL EVENTBig Bunny Bash
Liberty HospitalMOMERITMAGAZINE SERIESStronger.Faster.Better.Sports Medicine
LifeCare HospitalsGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALLovell Communications, Inc.New Admissions Criteria Campaign
LifeCare HospitalsSILVERCALENDARLovell Communications, Inc.LifeCare Hospitals 2016 Calendar
LifeCare HospitalsBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOLovell Communications, Inc.Fort Worth Video
LifeGiftTXGOLDCALENDARBalcom AgencyLifeGift 2016 Calendar
LifePoint HealthTNBRONZEOUTDOORClark Clinic Campaign
LifePoint HealthTNBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOMy Duke LifePoint Video
LifePoint HealthTNMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADWatertown Regional Logo
Lifetime Healthcare CompaniesNYGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALLifetimes
Loma Linda Children's HospitalCAGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKStayWell LLCThe ABC's of Your Child's Stay
Loma Linda UniversityCABRONZENEWSLETTERStayWell LLCLeaps And Bounds
Long Beach MemorialCABRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEZambooGive Hope
Long Beach MemorialCAMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEZambooLess Pain, Perfect Precision
Los Alamitos Medical CenterCAGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESFiftyXWe Practice Medicine and Kindness
Los Alamitos Medical CenterCAMERITPOSTERFiftyXWe Practice Medicine and Kindness
Lowell General HospitalMAGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSJenningsOur Circle of Moms
Lowell General HospitalMASILVEROTHERJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Lowell General HospitalMAMERITNEW MEDIAJenningsOur Circle of Moms Blog
Loyola University Health SystemILMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVNorthlichLoyola Burr Ridge Women's Services Campaign
Lung Biotechnology, Inc.BRONZENEWSLETTERArtcraft HealthThe BEOH Clinical Trial
Maimonides Medical CenterNYBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsBranding Campaign
March Family DentistryGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKGolden Proportions MarketingMarch Family Dentistry New Patient Package
Marietta Health SystemOHMERITOTHERCooper Signage & GraphicsPowerful Visuals for Uncharted Waters
Mary WashingtonVAGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVMartin Communications, Inc.Vision Campaign
Maury Regional Medical CenterTNMERITOUTDOORGet Your Game Back
Maury Regional Medical CenterTNMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVGet Your Game Back
McKessonMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRed House Healthcare MarketingMcKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing Lead Generation
McLaren FlintMIBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEPublicom, Inc.More to McLaren-Batra
McLaren Greater LansingMIMERITNEWSLETTERPublicom, Inc.Greater Life
McLaren Health CareMIGOLDANNUAL REPORTOlmsted Associates, Inc.2014 Annual Report
McLaren Lapeer RegionMIGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEPublicom, Inc.Know the Limit
McLaren Lapeer RegionMIGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNPublicom, Inc.Know the Limit Campaign
McLaren Lapeer RegionMIBRONZEWEBSITEPublicom, Inc.Know the Limit Microsite
McLaren MacombMIBRONZEOTHERPublicom, Inc.Operating with Intelligence Collateral
Meadows Regional Medical CenterGAMERITONLINE ADSThe Adams GroupWomen's Health
Meadows Regional Medical CenterGAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThe Adams GroupCardiology Digital Campaign
Meadows Regional Medical CenterGAMERITDIRECT MAILThe Adams GroupWomen's Health
Medical University of South CarolinaSCSILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADLewis CommunicationsMUSC Children's Logo
Medical University of South CarolinaSCSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVLewis CommunicationsMUSC Children's Brand Identity
Medical University of South CarolinaSCSILVERTELEVISION SINGLELewis CommunicationsIMagine
MedStar St. Mary's HospitalMDBRONZESPECIAL EVENTSt. Mary's Hospital Foundation Gala-Diamonds Are Forever
MedStar St. Mary's HospitalMDMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALHealthy Living
MedStar St. Mary's HospitalMDMERITSOCIAL MEDIAHospice of St. Mary's Celebrates Home Care & Hospice
Memorial Health SystemOHBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADFood Service Location Branding-Belpre Bistro
Memorial Health SystemOHMERITOTHERMemorial Health Foundation Annual Appeal Letter
Memorial Health SystemOHMERITMAGAZINE SERIESBrown Parker and DeMarinis AdvertisingAdvanced Surgery Physician Ad Series
Memorial Medical Center/Hayward Area Mem HospitalWIGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADHTK Marketing CommunicationsLogo/Identity
Memorial Medical Center/Hayward Area Mem HospitalWIMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVHTK Marketing CommunicationsThe Right People. Right Here Campaign
Memorial Medical Center/Hayward Area Mem HospitalWIMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVHTK Marketing CommunicationsRight Here in the Place We Love Campaign
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNYSILVERNEWSLETTERThe Merz GroupClinical Update-Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Dept of SurgeryNYSILVERDIRECT MAILThe Merz GroupMobile App Promotion Postcard
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Dept of SurgeryNYSILVERSPECIAL EVENTThe Merz GroupMSKCC Centennial Conference Promotion
MemorialCare Health SystemCAMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADZambooGoodLife
Mercy HealthOHGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSLaineGabrielMercy Health Be Well Within Walk the System
Mercy HealthOHGOLDPUBLIC RELATION PROGRAMLaineGabrielMercy Health Heart of West Toledo
Mercy HealthOHGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMLaineGabrielMercy Health Human Resources Annual Enrollment
Mercy HealthOHSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVLaineGabrielMercy Health Robotics
Mercy HealthOHBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOLaineGabrielMercy Health This Is What We Were Meant To Do
Mercy HealthOHMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMLaineGabrielMercy Health Be Well Within Pre-Launch
Mercy Medical Center-Des MoinesIAGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALHealth Matters (April/May 2015)
Mercy Medical Center-Des MoinesIASILVERSOCIAL MEDIAOrthopedic Trauma Infographics
Mercy Medical Center-Des MoinesIAMERITANNUAL REPORT2015 Annual Report to the Community
Meridian HealthNJGOLDTELEVISION SINGLESPM Marketing & CommunicationsAccess TV Ad
Meridian HealthNJMERITDIGITAL VIDEOSPM Marketing & CommunicationsUrgent Care Pre-Roll
Meridian HealthNJMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCKid Views
Meridian HealthNJMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAccess Campaign
Meridian HealthNJMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCMeridian HealthViews
Methodist Health SystemNEBRONZERADIO SINGLEAnderson Partners AdvertisingFamily Reveal
Methodist Health SystemNEMERITMAGAZINE SERIESAnderson Partners AdvertisingFamily Reveal Magazine Ad Series
Methodist Health SystemNEMERITTELEVISION SERIESAnderson Partners AdvertisingFamily Reveal Television Series
Methodist Health SystemNEMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESAnderson Partners AdvertisingFamily Reveal: OWH Strip Ad Series
Methodist Health SystemNEMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALAnderson Partners AdvertisingThe Meaning of Care Magazine
Methodist Richardson Medical CenterTXGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALCoffey CommunicationsShine, Winter 2015-2016
Metroplex Health SystemTXMERITWEBSITETen AdamsCreating Better Health
Metroplex Health SystemTXMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMTen AdamsCreating Better Health
Michigan Orthopedic CenterMISILVERBROCHUREPublicom, Inc.MOC Practice Capabilities Brochure
MidHudson Regional HospitalNYBRONZETELEVISION SERIESBennett GroupI Choose
MidHudson Regional HospitalNYMERITRADIO SERIESBennett GroupI Choose
MidMichigan HealthMISILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNNeathawk Dubuque & PackettMore Life More Health
MidMichigan HealthMIMERITRADIO SERIESNeathawk Dubuque & PackettMore Life More Health
MidMichigan HealthMIMERITTELEVISION SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettDr. Internet TV Spot
MidMichigan HealthMIMERITSPECIAL VIDEOClearRiverGormans Bariatric Surgery Testimonial Video
Midtown DentalSILVERBROCHUREGolden Proportions MarketingMidtown Dental Brochure
Midwest Orthopedic Specialty HospitalWIBRONZEOUTDOORJigsaw, LLCBrand Outdoor Series
Midwest Orthopedic Specialty HospitalWIMERITTELEVISION SERIESJigsaw, LLCPifel/Perlewitz/Evanich
Midwest Orthopedic Specialty HospitalWIMERITOTHERJigsaw, LLCBrand On-site Signage Series
Miller Children's Hospital Long BeachCAGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALZambooTricycle Whiz
Miller Children's Hospital Long BeachCASILVERNEW MEDIAZambooSnow Much Fun
Miller Children's Hospital Long BeachCABRONZEONLINE ADSZambooTricycle Whiz
Miller-Dwan FoundationMNGOLDANNUAL REPORTHTK Marketing CommunicationsThe Things That Make Us-2014 Annual Report
Minnesota Neonatal Physician'sMNSILVERCALENDARThelen2016 Stories of Hope Calendar
Mississippi Health PartnersMSGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEHuffman & RejebianUnique Network
Mississippi Health PartnersMSGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEHuffman & RejebianUnique Network
Mobius TherapeuticsMOMERITOTHERMedical Consulting GroupMitosol Folder & Inserts
Moffitt Cancer CenterFLGOLDSOCIAL MEDIABVKCourage Social Media
Moffitt Cancer CenterFLGOLDTELEVISION SERIESBVKBandana/Teardrop/One of Our Own
Moffitt Cancer CenterFLBRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESBVKSwimmer/Young Mom/Paddleboarder
Moffitt Cancer CenterFLMERITONLINE ADSBVKCourage Online Display
Mohawk Valley Health SystemNYGOLDOTHERBranding Campaign
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CAGOLDPUBLIC RELATION PROGRAMEmergency Preparedness Education and Kit Giveaway
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CASILVERSPECIAL EVENTFarm Fresh Freebies
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CASILVERDIGITAL VIDEOMolina True Stories
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CABRONZESOCIAL MEDIAMolina Community Champions Facebook Challenge
Monarch HealthCareCAMERITDIRECT MAILTriad GroupNew Mover Mailer
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNGOLDOUTDOORLewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNSILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESLewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNSILVERMAGAZINE SINGLELewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNMERITMAGAZINE SINGLELewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNMERITOUTDOORLewis Communications/Nashville"You'll Do Anything for Your Child"
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThe Adams GroupConvenient Care Opening Campaign
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Adams GroupBack to Living Campaign
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThe Adams GroupImmo Location Opening Campaign
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMERITTELEVISION SERIESThe Adams GroupBack to Living TV Campaign
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMERITBROCHUREThe Adams GroupM90FIT Brochure
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMERITMAGAZINE SERIESThe Adams GroupBack to Living Print Campaign
Morgan Memorial HospitalSILVERSOCIAL MEDIALovell CommunicationsNew Hospital Facebook Campaign
Mortenson Family DentalSILVERTELEVISION SINGLEScoppechioKid's Dentistree
Mount CarmelOHGOLDRADIO SERIESBVKAnthem/Heart/Physician
Mount CarmelOHGOLDTELEVISION SERIESBVKAnthem/Heart/Physician
Mount CarmelOHBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESBVKBrain & Spine/Neurology
Mount Carmel College of NursingOHGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALCooney DesignThe Lamp
Mount Carmel College of NursingOHSILVERPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMCooney DesignRecruitment Materials
Mount Sinai Medical CenterSILVERANNUAL REPORTWax Custom CommunicationsMount Sinai Book
Mount Sinai Medical CenterBRONZEBROCHUREWax Custom CommunicationsMount Sinai Book
MU Health CareMOMERITWEBSITEPrairie Dog/TCGYES Microsite
Muscular Dystrophy AssociationAZMERITNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaQuest, Summer 2015
Nash Health CareNCGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVLewis Advertising, Inc.My Independence Day Campaign
Navicent HealthGABRONZETELEVISION SINGLESeed Factory Marketing
Nebraska Medical AssociationNEGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSwanson RussellDigital Campaign
Nebraska MedicineNEGOLDRADIO SERIESWriting The RangeWe are Nebraska Medicine
Nebraska MedicineNESILVERDIRECT MAILState of the Art Nursing Conference
Nebraska MedicineNEMERITTELEVISION SERIESWriting The RangeWe are Nebraska Medicine
Nestle GerberGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKArtcraft HealthGerber Journey Book
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMMERITNEW MEDIABluespire MarketingEnrollment Email
New York Methodist HospitalNYBRONZEANNUAL REPORTReport to the Community
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center FoundationNYGOLDPOSTERThe Martin GroupThe Premier 2015 Poster
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center FoundationNYMERITOTHERThe Martin GroupThe Premier 2015 Event Invitation
Nicholson ClinicMERITTELEVISION SINGLEGlass House StrategyTake Over
North American Partners in AnesthesiaNYGOLDANNUAL REPORTSkyrush Marketing2014 Year in Review
North American Partners in AnesthesiaNYSILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADJill Design StudioNAPA Logo Family
North American Partners in AnesthesiaNYBRONZEOTHERJill Design StudioSales Slick Series
North American Partners in AnesthesiaNYMERITPOSTERJill Design StudioWANTED: Ideas and Nominations
North American Partners in AnesthesiaNYMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEJill Design StudioNAPA Branding Advertisement
North Country HospitalVTMERITANNUAL REPORTPauline Mazzotta Graphic DesignAchieve-2015 Annual Report
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyWhat Connected Feels Like
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSBRONZEWEBSITESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyWhat Connected Feels Like
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSBRONZEONLINE ADSSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyWhat Connected Feels Like
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyWhat Connected Feels Like
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSMERITMAGAZINE SINGLESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyWhat Connected Feels Like
North Shore LIJNYGOLDNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCCommunity Health Line
North Shore University Health SystemMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCConnections
Northeastern Vermont Regional HospitalVTGOLDANNUAL REPORTFLEK, Inc.2015 Annual Report
Northern Arizona OrthopaedicAZGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESPilkington Advertising DesignNAO Love Notes
Northside HospitalGAGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADPerimeter North Family Medicine
Northside HospitalGAGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKJoint Book
Northside HospitalGAGOLDSOCIAL MEDIATech Tuesday
Northside HospitalGAGOLDSPECIAL EVENTAvalon
Northside HospitalGASILVERPOSTERImplementation of Staff Led Education Council
Northside HospitalGASILVERMAGAZINE SERIESA Precious Gift
Northside HospitalGABRONZESOCIAL MEDIAThrowback Thursday
Northside HospitalGABRONZESPECIAL VIDEOMan on the Street
Northside HospitalGABRONZEDIRECT MAILPerinatal Loss Mailer
Northside HospitalGAMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADFoot and Ankle
Northside HospitalGAMERITSOCIAL MEDIAHealth Tips
Northside HospitalGAMERITOUTDOORDelivering Ortho Services
Northside HospitalGAMERITSOCIAL MEDIAEmployee Spotlight
Northside HospitalGAMERITPOSTERImpact of Community-Based Heart Failure Management
Northwestern MedicineILGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVLaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Northwestern MedicineILGOLDWEBSITELaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Northwestern MedicineILGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESLaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Northwestern MedicineILSILVERRADIO SERIESLaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Northwestern MedicineILMERITONLINE ADSLaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Northwestern MedicineILMERITNEW MEDIALaughlin ConstableImpact EveryDay
Norton HealthcareKYGOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALPatient Experience Magazine
Norton HealthcareKYGOLDCALENDARN Good Health Calendar
Norton HealthcareKYSILVEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMValue-Based Purchasing Employee Flier
Norton HealthcareKYSILVEROTHERA Place of Hope & Healing Kosair Children's Hospital
Norton HealthcareKYBRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSRemark-A-Bar Chocolate Bar Wrapper
Norton HealthcareKYBRONZEHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMNorton Sports Health Get the Plays Campaign
Norton HealthcareKYMERITSPECIAL EVENTKosiar Children's Hospital NICU & 3N Graduates Reunion
Norton HealthcareKYMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCart Wheels 10th Anniversary Issue
Norton HealthcareKYMERITANNUAL REPORT2014 Report to Our Community
Norton HealthcareKYMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMBe a Zero Hero Employee Pocket Guide
NYS Department of Civil Service, Employee BenefitsNYGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMUpside CollectiveOn the Roads 2015
NYS Department of Civil Service, Employee BenefitsNYSILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKUpside CollectiveParticipating Provider Directory Covers 2015
NYS Department of Civil Service, Employee BenefitsNYMERITPOSTERUpside CollectiveChoices 2016 NY & PE Posters
NYS Department of Civil Service, Employee BenefitsNYMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMUpside CollectiveMedicare & NYSHIP NY/PE & PA 2015
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYGOLDOTHERYear in Review Report Series
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVOrthopedics Ad Campaign
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYGOLDRADIO SINGLEConcussion
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEHuntington Medical Group Ad
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYBRONZEPATIENT HANDBOOKPatient Guide To Heart Surgery
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYMERITANNUAL REPORTNotes On A Remarkable Year
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYMERITOTHERUrology Associates Book
NYU LutheranNYGOLDSPECIAL EVENT132nd Annual Dinner Dance Invite & Save the Date
NYU LutheranNYSILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSED Med-Medicare Education Campaign
Oceans HealthcareGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMLovell Communications, Inc.Employee Survey Communications Program
Oceans HealthcareGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADLovell Communications, Inc.Oceans Healthcare Logo and Letterhead
Oceans HealthcareBRONZENEW MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.Oceans Behavioral Hospital San Marcos Grand Opening
Oceans HealthcareMERITOTHERLovell Communications, Inc.Oceans Healthcare Collateral
Oceans HealthcareMERITSOCIAL MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.Oceans Healthcare Social Media Content
Oceans HealthcareMERITBROCHURELovell Communications, Inc.Oceans Healthcare Brochure with Inserts
Ochsner Health SystemLASILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLESPM Marketing + CommunicationsWorld Print Ad
Ochsner Health SystemLAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSPM Marketing + CommunicationsWorld Brand Campaign
Optim SpineGAMERITWEBSITEAgency PureOptim Healthcare Spine Website
OptumMNBRONZEEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMFusion HillDelta Health Direct Consumer Engagement
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYGOLDRADIO SINGLEFocus MediaOrthopedic Spot
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYSILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALFocus MediaConnections-May
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYSILVERANNUAL REPORTFocus MediaNursing Annual Report
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYBRONZEOUTDOORFocus MediaLife Keeps Moving, So Should You-Soccer
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYBRONZEBROCHUREFocus MediaCardiology Center of Excellence
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNFocus MediaLife Keeps Moving, So Should You
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESFocus MediaLife Keeps Moving, So Should You
Orange Regional Medical GroupNYGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMFocus MediaHospitalist Recruitment Program
Orange Regional Medical GroupNYMERITRADIO SINGLEFocus MediaStronger Together
Orange Regional Medical GroupNYMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEFocus MediaStronger Together
Orlando HealthFLSILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKBluespire MarketingJoint Replacement Guide
Orlando HealthFLMERITWEBSITEBluespire MarketingOrthopedics Microsite
Orlando HealthFLMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMBluespire MarketingCardiovascular Journey
Ortho Clinical DiagnosticsNJGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOBalcom AgencyGlobal Clinic Laboratories Menu Workshop
OrthoIndyINBRONZETELEVISION SERIESBayonet MediaOrthoIndy Urgent Care
OSF St. Anthony Medical CenterILSILVERNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCRegarding Women
Otsego Memorial HospitalMIBRONZENEW MEDIABluespire MarketingHealth & Wellness
Our Lady of the LakeLAGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOBVKWhy Doctor Schmeekle
Our Lady of the LakeLASILVERTELEVISION SERIESBVKDr. Schmeekle/Dr. Civello/Dr. Gemillion
Our Lady of the LakeLAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOBVKWhy Doctor Funes
Overlook Medical CenterNJGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALDavidHenry Marketing & MediaOverlook View - July
Overlook Medical CenterNJSILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALDavidHenry Marketing & MediaOverlook View - 2015 Directory of Physicians
Pacific BiosciencesCAMERITWEBSITE2e CreativeWebsite Redesign
Parkview HealthINGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMBoyden & YoungbluttParkview Go Make A Difference Campaign
Parkview HealthINGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALBoyden & YoungbluttPPG "More Than A Doctor" Campaign
Parkview HealthINGOLDOUTDOORBoyden & YoungbluttGo Laugh
Parkview HealthINSILVERSPECIAL EVENTBoyden & YoungbluttCenter For Healthy Living-Good To The Bone
Parkview HealthINBRONZEOTHERBoyden & YoungbluttParkview's Adventures At The Zoo Insert
Parkview HealthINMERITTELEVISION SINGLEBoyden & YoungbluttGo Make a Difference
Parkview HealthINMERITANNUAL REPORTBoyden & YoungbluttParkview Trauma Report
Pat Dyer Memorial FundINMERITSPECIAL EVENTNichols CompanyTicket to Ride Event
Pediatric Eye SpecialistsTXMERITOUTDOORBalcom AgencyFuzzy Animals
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPASILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSKids' Hero Capes
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPASILVERSPECIAL EVENTDrive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPABRONZESOCIAL MEDIATwitter
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMiNews intranet site
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOChildren's Hospital U.S. News Video
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAMERITSOCIAL MEDIAFacebook
Peoples HealthLASILVERDIRECT MAILTriad GroupPeoples Health Cares About People
Physician Group of UtahUTGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMService Excellence Program
Physician Group of UtahUTSILVERSPECIAL EVENTOctobOOfest-Community Event
Physician Group of UtahUTBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESMagazine Article/Ad Series
Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc.GOLDNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsHealth & Wellness Newsletter-Fall 2015
Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc.GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALWax Custom CommunicationsHealth & Wellness Newsletter-Fall 2015
PinnacleHealthPAGOLDOUTDOORMartin Communications, Inc.CardioVascular Institute Surgery
PinnacleHealthPASILVEROTHERMartin Communications, Inc.CARES Corporate Ambassador
Premier HealthOHGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOLewis CommunicationsLive Life Well Video
Presbyterian Health PlanNMSILVERMAGAZINE SINGLE3 AdvertisingLobo Blood Bag
Presbyterian Health PlanNMSILVEROUTDOOR3 AdvertisingFree Gym Memberships
Presbyterian Health PlanNMSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TV3 AdvertisingEasy/Easier Medicare Campaign
Presbyterian Health PlanNMBRONZETELEVISION SERIES3 AdvertisingWorld, Time Cinema Spots
Presbyterian Health PlanNMMERITDIGITAL VIDEO3 AdvertisingWorld, Time Cinema Spots
Presbyterian Health ServicesNMGOLDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAM3 AdvertisingCooper Center Office Graphics
Presbyterian Health ServicesNMSILVERTELEVISION SERIES3 AdvertisingLARP, Captain Pres
Presbyterian Health ServicesNMBRONZEOTHER3 AdvertisingBalloon Fiesta Signage
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-AmericaKSGOLDCALENDAR2016 Art is Ageless Calendar
Presbyterian MD Anderson Radiation Treatment CenteNMGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIES3 AdvertisingTougher Together
Presbyterian MD Anderson Radiation Treatment CenteNMMERITTELEVISION SERIES3 AdvertisingLove, Job
Presence Center for Advanced CareILBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEBVKAll Coordinated At One Coordinate
Presence Center for Advanced CareILBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVBVKAll Coordinated At One Coordinate
Presence Medical GroupILGOLDONLINE ADSBVKSore Throat
Presence Medical GroupILSILVERRADIO SERIESBVKGrandma/Guy/Mom
Prevea HealthWIGOLDOTHERLeadWell Corporate Health & Wellness Sales Kit
Prevea HealthWISILVERDIGITAL VIDEOWelcome to Prevea
Prevea HealthWISILVERTELEVISION SERIESHealthy. It's a great place to be
Prevea HealthWISILVERRADIO SINGLEWhat's it mean?
Prevea HealthWISILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVHealthy. It's a great place to be
Prevea HealthWIBRONZEOUTDOORImaginasiumMoments Away
Primary Health Medical GroupIDGOLDTELEVISION SERIESMitchell+PalmerI'm Going To
Primary Health Medical GroupIDGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMitchell+PalmerI'm Going To
Princeton Healthcare SystemNJSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALNautilus PublishingPrinceton Health
Princeton RadiologyNJMERITCALENDARtrg Marketing Works2016 Calendar
Princeton RadiologyNJMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNtrg Marketing WorksLow-Dose CT Launch Campaign
ProMedicaOHGOLDDIRECT MAILPediatric Lapsed Patient Postcard
ProMedicaOHGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADMarket on the Green
ProMedicaOHSILVERNEW MEDIAHooked on Heroin Series
ProMedicaOHMERITWEBSITEHanson, "Well Connected"
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCASILVERSPECIAL VIDEOIt's All About Our Care
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCASILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEBaby-Friendly Hospitals
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEExperience Freedom from Knee Pain
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAMERITOUTDOORMaternity Services
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEBaby-Friendly Hospitals
Providence St. Patrick HospitalMTBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESFamily Maternity Center
Pullman Regional Hospital and FoundationWAMERITANNUAL REPORTCoffey CommunicationsPathways to a Healthy Future
QualChoice AdvantageWAMERITOUTDOORQualChoice Advantage Transit Ads
Radiology Associates ImagingFLSILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALtrg Marketing WorksPhysician Referral Marketing Initiatives
Raleigh Capitol ENTNCSILVERRICH MEDIAProclaim InteractiveVirtual Tour
Raleigh Capitol ENTNCMERITSOCIAL MEDIAProclaim InteractiveFacebook Page for Raleigh Capitol ENT
Raleigh Medical GroupNCMERITPOSTERProclaim InteractiveDietitian Announcement
Reading Health SystemPABRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTrajectory"101 Reasons Why"
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCSILVERDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMJenningsReply Digital Campaign
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCSILVERSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsDr. John Thorp Physician Video
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCSILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESJenningsReply Clinic
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCSILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLEJenningsGirl in the Field
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADJenningsReply Ob/Gyn & Fertility
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCMERITWEBSITEJenningsReply Ob/Gyn & Fertility Website
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCMERITSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsReply Welcome Video
Reply Ob/Gyn & FertilityNCMERITDIGITAL VIDEOJenningsDr. Rachel Urrutia Physician Video
Rice Memorial HospitalMNBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOCanine Care for the Journey
Richmond University Medical CenterBRONZEANNUAL REPORTDavidHenry Marketing & Media
RiverLink HealthWAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRiverLink Health Connected Campaign
Riverside Physician NetworkCABRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVHyatt Ward Advertising, Inc.Medicare Open Enrollment Campaign
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALCardiovascular Connection
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJBRONZEDIRECT MAILCommunity Events Calendar Mailer
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJBRONZEBROCHUREA New Path Forward: Recovery Starts Today
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJMERITOTHERMy Healthy Transition Toolkit
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJMERITANNUAL REPORTGaining Momentum
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital RahwayNJSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVOxford CommunicationsEmergency Department Campaign
Roche DiagnosticsINGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESHYC HealthLC-1536 Ad Series
Roche DiagnosticsINSILVERANNUAL REPORTHYC HealthMSA Annual Report
Roche DiagnosticsINBRONZESPECIAL EVENTHYC HealthRoche for Her
Roche DiagnosticsINBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADHYC HealthCustomer Experience Logos
Roche DiagnosticsINMERITBROCHUREHYC HealthRoche For Her
Roche DiagnosticsINMERITNEWSLETTERHYC HealthSmart Lab, L2 + Connections
Roche DiagnosticsINMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEHYC HealthCoaguChek INRange Patient Ad
Rochester Regional HealthNYGOLDBROCHURERochester Regional Health Brochure
Rochester Regional HealthNYSILVERTELEVISION SERIESRochester Regional Health TV Campaign
Rochester Regional HealthNYSILVERPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMCalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.Passionate Work. Great Rewards.
Rochester Regional HealthNYMERITSPECIAL VIDEORochester Regional Employee Video
Rochester Regional HealthNYMERITOTHERCalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.You Refer. We Reward
Rochester Regional HealthNYMERITNEWSLETTERCalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.Introducing the Consumer-Driven Health Plan
Rush University Medical CenterILMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCoffey CommunicationsDiscover Rush, Summer 2015
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New JerseyNJGOLDONLINE ADSOxford CommunicationsDigital Display Banners
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New JerseyNJSILVERMAGAZINE SERIESOxford CommunicationsWinning is Everything
Sacred Heart HospitalWIBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOHTK Marketing CommunicationsMusic Video
Sacred Heart HospitalWIMERITSPECIAL VIDEOHTK Marketing CommunicationsBoard Dinner Video
Sacred Heart HospitalWIMERITOUTDOORHTK Marketing CommunicationsHealth Risk Assessment Outdoor
Saddleback Memorial Medical CenterCAGOLDOTHERNDM CommunicationsComprehensive Cancer Services
Saddleback Memorial Medical CenterCAMERITNEW MEDIAZambooStay Positive. Stay Healthy
Saint Agnes HospitalMDGOLDBROCHURECrosby MarketingBariatric Seminar Brochure
Saint Agnes Medical CenterCASILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVPrairie Dog/TCGCompassion and Commitment
Saint Agnes Medical CenterCAMERITTELEVISION SERIESPrairie Dog/TCGCompassion and Commitment
Saint Alphonsus Health SystemIDBRONZETELEVISION SERIESGard CommunicationsAll About You
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVThe Roberts Group2015 Men's Health Event Campaign
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOSILVERCALENDARThe Roberts Group2016 Calendar
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOSILVERANNUAL REPORTThe Roberts Group2015 Annual Report
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOMERITDIRECT MAILThe Roberts GroupCenter for Pelvic Health
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOMERITCALENDARThe Roberts Group2016 Pink Tie Guys Calendar
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOMERITNEW MEDIAThe Roberts GroupLet's Get Digital
Saint Francis Healthcare SystemMOMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVThe Roberts GroupPink Up
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNGOLDONLINE ADSG DesignOpen the Door to Your New Life!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNSILVERNEW MEDIAG DesignOpen the Door to Your New Life!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNSILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSG DesignStompin' Out Breast Cancer!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNSILVERSPECIAL EVENTG DesignStompin' Out Breast Cancer!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADG DesignStompin' Out Breast Cancer!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNBRONZEPOSTERG DesignTime to Relax...Schedule Your Mammogram!
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNMERITPOSTERG DesignOpen the Door to Your New Life!
Saint Luke's Health SystemMOSILVERSPECIAL VIDEOPrairie Dog/TCGGo Life Employee Piece
Saint Mary's HospitalCTMERITDIGITAL VIDEOJenningsBreast Surgeon Series
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsPhysicians Gallery
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLESGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsOrthopaedic Institute Ad
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJBRONZERADIO SERIESSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsHealth Minute Radio Campaign
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMen's Health Campaign
Saint Thomas HealthTNGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEBOHAN AdvertisingMarcus Mariota
Saint Thomas HealthTNGOLDPOSTERBOHAN AdvertisingMarcus Mariota-Thank You
Saint Thomas HealthTNBRONZEOUTDOORBOHAN AdvertisingMarcus Mariota NSBI
Saint Thomas HealthTNMERITPOSTERBOHAN AdvertisingMarcus Mariota NSBI
Saint Thomas HealthTNMERITOUTDOORBOHAN AdvertisingSkydiver
San Antonio Regional HospitalCAGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMIgnite Design & AdvertisingPhysician Outreach Campaign
San Antonio Regional HospitalCAMERITOTHERIgnite Design & AdvertisingMen's Health Event Winner Trophies
San Antonio Regional HospitalCAMERITTELEVISION SINGLEIgnite Design & AdvertisingBrand TV Spot Campaign
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAGOLDDIRECT MAILMichael Walters AdvertisingHope Book
San Joaquin Community HospitalCASILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMMichael Walters AdvertisingCommunity Lecture Series
San Joaquin Community HospitalCASILVEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMWillis Design StudiosSacred Work In Action
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAMERITNEWSLETTERFacebook
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAMERITMAGAZINE SERIESMichael Walters AdvertisingHeart & Stroke Magazine Spreads
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAMERITBROCHUREOne Sheet
Schneck Medical CenterINBRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLENorthlichVoice in Your Care
Schneck Medical CenterINBRONZESOCIAL MEDIANorthlichBras For A Cause Fundraiser-Social Promotion
Schneck Medical CenterINMERITRADIO SINGLENorthlichKeister Theatre Radio
SCL HealthSILVERRADIO SINGLEHLKPeople Healing People: Louie Radio
SCL HealthSILVERDIGITAL VIDEOHLKPeople Healing People: Louie Digital Video
SCL HealthBRONZETELEVISION SERIESHLKPeople Healing People: David/Louie/Sara
SCL HealthMERITRADIO SERIESHLKPeople Healing People: Louie/David/Sara
SCL HealthMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEHLKLabor and Delivery Retargeting
Scleroderma Foundation Michigan ChapterMIGOLDPOSTERBrogan & PartnersJune Awareness Poster
SelectHealthUTGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOThe Summit GroupMedicare Advantage Retention Event
SelectHealthUTSILVERMAGAZINE SERIESOne Good Choice Campaign Ads
SelectHealthUTBRONZEOTHERLarge Employer Sales Packet
SelectHealthUTMERITBROCHUREMedicare Advantage Renewal Brochure
SelectHealthUTMERITTELEVISION SERIESThe Summit GroupPatrol Preventive Care
Senior DimensionsNVBRONZECALENDARVirgen Advertising IncFaces of Nevada Member Calendar
Senior Services/Consumer Direct Insurance ServicesILBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADK2MD HealthSSI/CDIS Logo & Stationery Set
Sentara Martha Jefferson HospitalVAGOLDONLINE ADSThe King AgencyMammography Digital
Sentara Martha Jefferson HospitalVAGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEThe King Agency3D Mammography Print
Sentara Martha Jefferson HospitalVASILVERMAGAZINE SERIESThe King AgencyOrtho Campaign
Sentara Martha Jefferson HospitalVAMERITONLINE ADSThe King AgencyMammography Digital
Serene Oaks DentalSILVERMAGAZINE SERIESGolden Proportions MarketingSerene Oaks Dental Ad Series
Seton HealthcareGOLDWEBSITECKR InteractivePower of Purpose
Shannon Medical CenterTXSILVERTELEVISION SERIESEllis KaiserShannon Stories
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVABRONZEANNUAL REPORTSheltering Arms Report to the Community
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVABRONZEPATIENT HANDBOOKPatient Guide
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVAMERITSPECIAL VIDEOCelebration of the Power to Overcome
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVAMERITOUTDOORWe Get You Back
Sheppard Pratt Health SystemMDBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESCrosby MarketingThe Retreat at Sheppard Pratt
Shriners Hospital for ChildrenFLGOLDNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCLeaders in Care
Sightpath MedicalMNGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOI Choose Sightpath
Sightpath MedicalMNGOLDNEW MEDIAEnvision Eye Be Ready For Anything
Sightpath MedicalMNSILVERDIRECT MAILSightpath Marketing Service Direct Mail
Sightpath MedicalMNBRONZEPOSTERBonner Eye Clinic New Year. New Vision
Sightpath MedicalMNBRONZESPECIAL EVENTHolland Eye Center Grand Opening
Sightpath MedicalMNMERITOTHEREl Paso Eye Surgeons Bi-Lingual Patient Materials
Signature HealthcareMASILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSJenningsCulture of Safety
Signature HealthcareMASILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALJenningsSignature Healthcare Physician Referral Campaign
Signature HealthcareMASILVEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMJenningsCulture of Safety
Signature HealthcareMABRONZEOTHERJenningsSignature Healthcare Employee Standees
Signature HealthcareMABRONZEPOSTERJenningsCulture of Safety Employee Poster Series
Signature HealthcareMABRONZEHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMJenningsCulture of Safety
Signature HealthcareMAMERITSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsPhysician Video Series
Signature HealthcareMAMERITSPECIAL EVENTJenningsCulture of Safety-Employee Launch Event
Signature HealthcareMAMERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSJenningsCulture of Safety
Signature HealthcareMAMERITNEW MEDIAJenningsSignature Moms Blog
Signature HealthcareMAMERITSPECIAL VIDEOJenningsEmployee Wellness Video Series
Signature Healthcare Brockton HospitalMAMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCWellness Together With Signature
Silver Cross HospitalILGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSchedule Now-Pinterest Ad
Silver Cross HospitalILBRONZEHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMKeep Your Heart Running Smoothly E-Blast
Silver Cross HospitalILMERITSPECIAL EVENTFoot Fair Campaign
Silver Cross HospitalILMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESMAMA Says...Get A Colonoscopy
Silver Cross HospitalILMERITWEBSITEI Matter Website
Simi Valley HospitalCAMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALCoffey CommunicationsLiving Well, Winter 2015-2016
Simi Valley HospitalCAMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVCMBell Company, Inc.We Know What To Expect OB Campaign
Simpson Healthcare ExecutivesCTMERITWEBSITESimpson Healthcare Executives Website
Sisters of Mercy Urgent CareNCMERITANNUAL REPORTjb graphics2015 Annual Report
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAGOLDPUBLIC RELATION PROGRAMPelican Creative ServicesJoy of Giving Campaign
Slidell Memorial HospitalLASILVERHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMPelican Creative ServicesHandwashing Education
Slidell Memorial HospitalLASILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKPelican Creative ServicesBaby Love
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOPelican Creative ServicesFit As A Firefighter
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMPelican Creative ServicesEmergency Codes Education
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAMERITOTHERPelican Creative ServicesSun Smart
SLUCare Physician GroupMOSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVDovetailInformed Medicine Campaign
Smiles by DesignNHGOLDLOGO/LETTERHEADProclaim Interactive
Somnia AnesthesiaNYMERITBROCHURESomnia Anesthesia Brochure
Sonoma West Medical CenterCAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOAbra MarketingSomething Wonderful is Happening
Sonora Regional Medical CenterCAGOLDSPECIAL EVENTLadies Night Out Campaign
Sonora Regional Medical CenterCAMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADLivingwell Fitness Center Logo
Sonora Regional Medical CenterCAMERITANNUAL REPORTCommunity Benefit Report
Sonora Regional Medical CenterCAMERITOTHERChristmas Card
Sonora Regional Medical CenterCAMERITSPECIAL EVENTPavilion Campaign
Soundpath HealthWAGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSMember Advisory Committee T-shirts
Soundpath HealthWABRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOTestimonial Video
Soundpath HealthWAMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALPartners in Health
South Georgia Medical CenterGAGOLDONLINE ADSWax Custom CommunicationsGrowing Healthy Together
South Georgia Medical CenterGASILVERSOCIAL MEDIAWax Custom CommunicationsGet Back on Your Feet-Facebook Banner
South Georgia Medical CenterGAMERITONLINE ADSWax Custom CommunicationsOrtho Campaign "Care Worth Cheering For"
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYGOLDANNUAL REPORTWax Custom Communications2015 Annual Report
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOWax Custom CommunicationsThe Secret's Out
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESWax Custom CommunicationsGary Rosenburg-Cardiac Campaign
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYSILVERRADIO SINGLEWax Custom CommunicationsWhere Quality Matters
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYBRONZEPHYSICIAN REFERRALWax Custom CommunicationsMD News "A Stroke of Excellence"
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYBRONZETELEVISION SINGLEWax Custom CommunicationsGary Rosenburg Quality Testimonial
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYMERITMAGAZINE SERIESWax Custom CommunicationsTruth in Medicine
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYMERITONLINE ADSWax Custom CommunicationsTruth in Medicine-Oncology
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYMERITSPECIAL VIDEOWax Custom CommunicationsDr. Freeman and Gary Rosenburg-Quality
South Nassau Communities HospitalMERITWEBSITEWax Custom CommunicationsBe a Lifesaver
South Nassau Communities HospitalNYMERITNEWSLETTERWax Custom CommunicationsHealthy Outlook
Southcoast Health SystemMAGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGLC Custom MediaHealth+ Website
Sponner Health SystemsWIMERITOTHERLegato Healthcare MarketingSpooner Logo Presentation Booklet
Sponner Health SystemsWIMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADLegato Healthcare MarketingSpooner Health Logo
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYGOLDANNUAL REPORTNorthlichSt. Elizabeth Community Report
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYSILVEROTHERNorthlich#HappyAndHydrated Environmental Installation
St. Elizabeth PhysiciansKYMERITSPECIAL VIDEONorthlichCinema Movie Trailer
St. Joseph HealthCAMERITNEW MEDIAHealthCalling
St. Jospeh's Children's HospitalPAMERITMAGAZINE SERIESab+c Creative IntelligenceCare that Grows
St. Mary Mercy HospitalMIMERITDIRECT MAILLadies' Night Out
St. Mary Mercy HospitalMIMERITDIGITAL VIDEOMercy Elite
St. Mary's Health SystemINMERITTELEVISION SINGLETen AdamsToday We Will
St. Mary's Health SystemINMERITOUTDOORTen AdamsChildren's Mobile Dental Clinic
St. Mary's Health SystemINMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESTen AdamsMore Than A Hospital
St. Mary's Medical GroupINBRONZESPECIAL EVENTTen AdamsToday We Will-Movie Event
St. Mary's Medical GroupINMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESTen AdamsSt. Mary's Medical Group-Newsprint Series
State of Franklin Healthcare AssociatesTNBRONZEWEBSITEHillhouse Graphic Design, LLCWebsite
Stony Brook MedicineNYGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis CommunicationsVein Center Neon Legs Sign
Stony Brook MedicineNYBRONZEDIGITAL VIDEOLewis CommunicationsThe Kleiners
Stony Brook MedicineNYMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis CommunicationsTrauma
Stormont-Vail Health CareKSMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADPrairie Dog/TCGEmbrace
Summa CareOHBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOKnox Marketing, Inc.Medicare Overview
Summa CareOHMERITDIGITAL VIDEOKnox Marketing, Today
Summa CareOHMERITTELEVISION SINGLEKnox Marketing, Inc.Believe In A Better You
Summa HealthOHGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMKnox Marketing, Inc.Nurse Recruitment
Summa HealthOHGOLDSOCIAL MEDIAKnox Marketing, Inc.Depression Infographic Post
Summa HealthOHMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEKnox Marketing, Inc.In Just 4 Seconds
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLGOLDNEWSLETTERPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.Pulse
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLBRONZERADIO SINGLEPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.TMH Watchman-Heart
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.TMH Your Hospital For Life
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.Healthy Living Quarterly Publication
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMERITTELEVISION SINGLEPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.TMH New Heights (Heart)
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMERITANNUAL REPORTPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.TMH Nursing Annual Report
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMERITRADIO SINGLEPeter Mitchell Associates, Inc.TMH EKOS/Heart
Tanner Health SystemGAGOLDBROCHURETen AdamsRegain
Tanner Health SystemGAGOLDPUBLIC RELATION PROGRAMRandolph County Hospital Campaign
Tanner Health SystemGASILVERWEBSITEAdvancing Health Intranet Website
Tanner Health SystemGABRONZENEWSLETTERStayWell LLCHealthy Living
Tanner Health SystemGAMERITSPECIAL EVENTCardiac Screening Event
Tanner Health SystemGAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTen AdamsAdvancing Health
Tanner Health SystemGAMERITSPECIAL EVENTVein Screening Event
Teleflex VascularBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEAble&Co.Chlorag+ard Magazine Ad
Temple HealthPAGOLDSOCIAL MEDIAJeanes Hospital Facebook Page
Temple HealthPABRONZESOCIAL MEDIATemple University Hospital Facebook Page
Temple HealthPAMERITSOCIAL MEDIATemple Health Twitter
Temple HealthPAMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESOur Patient Tomorrows
Temple HealthPAMERITSOCIAL MEDIATemple Ready Care Facebook Advertising
Temple HealthPAMERITRADIO SERIESOur Patient Tomorrows
Temple HealthPAMERITSOCIAL MEDIATemple University Hospital YouTube Page
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLGOLDPUBLIC RELATION PROGRAMDr. Jonathan Hearsch
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLGOLDSOCIAL MEDIATFPS Facebook Page
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLGOLDWEBSITEScorpion DesignGet Moving
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLGOLDDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMScorpion DesignGet Moving
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLSILVERONLINE ADSScorpion DesignGet Moving
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLBRONZEPATIENT HANDBOOKEvolutions by DesignDeep Brain Stimulation Patient Guide
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLBRONZEPHYSICIAN REFERRALEvolutions by DesignDeep Brain Stimulation Physician Mailer
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLBRONZENEW MEDIAThe Health Spot
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITDIGITAL VIDEOCynthia Demos CommunicationsReal Life Real Heroes-Arthur
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITPHYSICIAN REFERRALGilday CreativeIntroducing Erik Beyer, MD
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSEvolutions by DesignPalm Beach Neuroscience Institute
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITNEWSLETTERGilday Creative, Inc.TFPS Vitals
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITSPECIAL EVENTGilday Creative, Inc.TFPS Bowl
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMDG AdvertisingReal Life Real Heroes
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITWEBSITEForte Interactive,
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADGilday Creative, Inc.Florida Institute of Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITONLINE ADSMDG AdvertisingReal Life Real Heroes
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLMERITDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMDG AdvertisingTicker Tips
Tenet HealthCAGOLDMOBILE MEDIATriad GroupCoast Care Locator Mobile App
Tenet HealthCABRONZEDIRECT MAILTriad GroupGolden State Medicare Health Plan
The Heart Hospital Baylor PlanoTXGOLDANNUAL REPORTRevelUnitedOutcomes Report
The Heart Hospital Baylor PlanoTXSILVERSPECIAL VIDEORevelUnitedThe Heart of the Heart Hospital
The Heart Hospital Baylor PlanoTXMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVRevelUnitedQuality Campaign
The Iowa ClinicIAGOLDBROCHUREjulsdesign, inc.eClinic Brochure
The Iowa ClinicIABRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSjulsdesign, inc.The Iowa Clinic Bike Jersey
The Iowa ClinicIABRONZEDIRECT MAILjulsdesign, inc.West Lakes Sleep Center Holiday Card
The Iowa ClinicIABRONZECALENDARjulsdesign, inc.Women's Center 2016 Calendar
The Iowa ClinicIAMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESjulsdesign, inc.Men's Center Be A Man Ad Series
The Iowa ClinicIAMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADjulsdesign, inc.Women's Center Logo
The Iowa ClinicIAMERITOUTDOORjulsdesign, inc.Women's Center Window Graphics
The Iowa ClinicIAMERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSjulsdesign, inc.Women's Center Bike Jersey
The Lifetime Healthcare CompaniesNYSILVERANNUAL REPORTRoberts Communications, Inc.The 2014 Lifetime Healthcare Companies Annual Report
The Medical CenterSILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADLovell Communications, Inc.Med Center Logo Rebrand
The MetroHealth SystemOHBRONZEANNUAL REPORTFrederick SwanstonMetroHealth Annual Report
The Outer Banks HospitalNCBRONZERADIO SINGLEJenningsPirate
The University of Kansas HospitalKSGOLDRADIO SERIESSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAdvancing the Power of Medicine
The University of Kansas HospitalKSBRONZETELEVISION SERIESSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAdvancing the Power of Medicine
The University of Kansas HospitalKSMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSPM Marketing & CommunicationsAdvancing the Power of Medicine
The Village of St. EdwardOHBRONZEBROCHUREKnox Marketing, Inc.A Place to Belong
The Wellyn GroupPAMERITBROCHUREThe Merz GroupPhiladelphia International Medicine Brochure
ThedaCare Health SystemWIGOLDRADIO SERIESLaughlin ConstableTrauma/Home/Family
ThedaCare Health SystemWIGOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESLaughlin ConstableTrauma
ThedaCare Health SystemWISILVERTELEVISION SERIESLaughlin ConstableTrauma/Home/Family
ThedaCare Health SystemWIBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVLaughlin ConstableTrauma
ThedaCare Health SystemWIBRONZEWEBSITELaughlin ConstableIt's About Time
Theorem Clinical ResearchPAGOLDSPECIAL EVENTSCORR MarketingTheorem DIA 2015
Theorem Clinical ResearchPASILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSCORR MarketingTheorem Rebrand Campaign
Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson HealthPASILVERMAGAZINE SERIESLewis CommunicationsCancer Center-Introduced/Cheered/Rode
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalsPASILVERANNUAL REPORTOutcomes & Research Report "Bodies in Motion"
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKTidelands Health Patient Guide
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSStronger Through Movement tshirt
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDPHYSICIAN REFERRALStonger Through Movement referral poster
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEBetter Health Begins Here double-truck ad
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEBreast Cancer Awareness Gatefold Ad
Tidelands HealthSCGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMFolder/Brochure, Pop-up Banner, Web Pages
Tidelands HealthSCSILVERNEWSLETTERPartners employee-partner newsletter
Tidelands HealthSCSILVEREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMTidelands Health Employee Communications re-branding
Tidelands HealthSCSILVERLOGO/LETTERHEADTidelands Health logo and letterhead
Tidelands HealthSCSILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALStonger Through Movement referral poster
Tidelands HealthSCSILVERPOSTERTidelands Health storyboards
Tidelands HealthSCBRONZESOCIAL MEDIASocial Media Flood Communications
Tidelands HealthSCBRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSTurkey Trot 5K tshirt
Tidelands HealthSCBRONZESPECIAL VIDEOName Change Announcement
Tidelands HealthSCBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEOrthopedic Gatefold Ad
Tidelands HealthSCMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVTidelands Health New Brand Campaign
Tidelands HealthSCMERITBROCHUREStronger Through Movement brochure
Tidelands HealthSCMERITEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION PROGRAMTidelands Health Employee Engagement Survey Communications
Tidelands HealthSCMERITSPECIAL VIDEOTidelands Community Care Network
Tidelands HealthSCMERITDIRECT MAILTidelands HealthPoint New Year direct mail
Tidelands HealthSCMERITPOSTERStonger Through Movement patient poster
Tidelands HealthSCMERITHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMStronger Through Movement Campaign
Tidelands HealthSCMERITSPECIAL VIDEODelivering Peace-The Casselman Story
Tidelands HealthSCMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELeapfrog Group
Tidelands HealthSCMERITPOSTERStonger Through Movement patient poster
Tidewell HospiceFLSILVERANNUAL REPORT2015 Annual Report
Tidewell HospiceFLBRONZESPECIAL VIDEORealistic Job Preview for CNAs
Topline MD TVFLMERITSPECIAL EVENTRace for the Cure Miami
Touro InfirmaryLAGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESDesign IIITouro "Find A Doc" Magazine Ads
Touro InfirmaryLASILVERDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMFamily Birthing Center Digital Marketing Program
Touro InfirmaryLASILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALS31 Days of Pink 2015 t-Shirt
Touro InfirmaryLABRONZESPECIAL VIDEOFat Happy MediaHurricane Katrina 10th Anniversary Video
Touro InfirmaryLABRONZEONLINE ADSTouro Rehab Online Display Ads
Touro InfirmaryLAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOFat Happy MediaFind A Doctor Videos
Touro InfirmaryLAMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVFamily Birthing Center
Triangle PediatricsNCGOLDRICH MEDIAProclaim InteractiveTriangle Pediatrics Virtual Tour
Triangle PediatricsNCSILVERWEBSITEProclaim InteractiveTriangle Pediatrics:
Trinity HealthNDMERITBROCHUREResults UnlimitedRetinal Surgery-Quad Brochure
Trinity HealthNDMERITMAGAZINE SERIESResults UnlimitedVision Galleria-Focus
Tristar Health: CartersvilleBRONZEDIRECT MAILHealthgradesCartersville Breast Imaging Center
Tufts Health PlanMAGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBoathouse GroupWe're Redefining What a Health Plan Can Do
UCSF Medical CenterCAGOLDNEWSLETTERMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUCSF Medical Center Spring 2015 Newsletter
UF Health JacksonvilleFLGOLDSPECIAL VIDEOThe Hoffman AgencyUF Health North-Video Tour
UF Health JacksonvilleFLGOLDSPECIAL EVENTOpen House and Health Fair
UF Health JacksonvilleFLGOLDDIRECT MAILThe Hoffman AgencyThe Region's Top Doctors
UF Health JacksonvilleFLGOLDBROCHUREUF Health North Facility Book
UF Health JacksonvilleFLSILVEROTHERThe Hoffman AgencyAirport Security Bins
UF Health JacksonvilleFLSILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESThe Hoffman AgencyUF Health North
UF Health JacksonvilleFLBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThe Hoffman AgencyUF Health North
UF Health JacksonvilleFLMERITOTHERThe Hoffman AgencyAirport Floor Cling
UNC Health CareNCSILVERRADIO SERIESCapstratComplete Care
UNC Health CareNCBRONZEPOSTERCapstratComplete Care
UNC Health CareNCBRONZEWEBSITECapstratComplete Care
UNC Health CareNCMERITSOCIAL MEDIACapstratComplete Care
UNC Health CareNCMERITANNUAL REPORTRivers AgencyCarolina Nursing
UNC RexNCMERITTELEVISION SINGLENeathawk Dubuque & PackettBeating Cancer
Unique PharmaceuticalsMERITSPECIAL VIDEOLovell Communications, Inc.Special Video Project
United Community & Family ServicesCTMERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSMiranda Creative, Inc.National Health Center Week Flag Project
United Community & Family ServicesCTMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEMiranda Creative, Inc.Your Health, Our Team
United Community & Family ServicesCTMERITANNUAL REPORTMiranda Creative, Inc.2015 Annual Report
United Health FoundationSILVERSOCIAL MEDIALovell Communications, Inc.Community Health Matters
United Health FoundationMERITSPECIAL VIDEOLovell Communications, Inc.Community Health Matters Series
United Health Services (UHS)NYSILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALGLC Custom MediaStay Healthy, Spring 2015
United Health Services (UHS)NYMERITNEWSLETTERGLC Custom MediaStay Healthy, Summer 2015
United Service AssociationGOLDNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCTotal Health and Wellness
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & RetirementFLMERITNEW MEDIAAdventure Email
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & RetirementFLMERITDIRECT MAILEmpowerment Journey Selfmailer
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePAGOLDTELEVISION SINGLEMythicThe Man With the Plan-Golf
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePABRONZENEW MEDIASalesforce Marketint CloudMobile Responsive Emails
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement Website
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePABRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVInterlexHay Mas Adelante
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePAMERITTELEVISION SERIESMythicThe Man With the Plan-Brand Television Spots
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePAMERITDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMymarketinge-inquiry Landing Pages
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement InsurancePAMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVMythicBallando por Una Plena Vida
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement MarketingMNGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALMSP-C, a division of MSP CommunicationsRenew
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement MarketingMNMERITOTHERPeriscopeClarity Workbook, Your Guide to Medicare Advantage
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement/InsurancePASILVERDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMOnline Enrollment Abandon Emails
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement/InsurancePAMERITDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMe-Inquiry Emails
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement/InsurancePAMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBrownstein GroupT65 Campaign
UnitedHealthcare NevadaNVGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKBalancing Food Choices Booklet
Unity Health InsuranceWIMERITTELEVISION SINGLEShine UnitedWedding
Unity HealthcareINGOLDSPECIAL EVENTUltimate Pink Party Event Campaign
Unity HealthcareINSILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSUltimate Pink Party T-Shirt Design
Unity HealthcareINMERITCALENDAR2015 Calendar
University Health SystemTXGOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMReal Men Wear Gowns
University Health SystemTXGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOCreative CivilizationThe University Difference: Abby/Long-form
University Health SystemTXGOLDPATIENT HANDBOOKESD DesignPediatric Kidney Transplant Patient Guide
University Health SystemTXGOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALCommunity Trauma Report
University Health SystemTXSILVERNEW MEDIACreative CivilizationThe University Difference-Microsite
University Health SystemTXSILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALJump Communications DesignPediatric Kidney Center-physician referral card
University Health SystemTXSILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKJump Communications DesignAsking for a living donor-patient toolkit
University Health SystemTXSILVERDIRECT MAILUrgent Care for Kids
University Health SystemTXSILVERCALENDARCreative CivilizationNICU 2016 Calendar
University Health SystemTXBRONZEPHYSICIAN REFERRALCreative CivilizationPediatric Congenital Heart Center
University Health SystemTXBRONZECALENDARESD DesignThree decades strong
University Health SystemTXMERITDIRECT MAILWe Miss You
University Health SystemTXMERITBROCHURETiny Roar CreativePediatric Palliative Care
University Health SystemTXMERITANNUAL REPORTRio DesignThe Difference
University Health SystemTXMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEBeing a Woman
University Health
University Health SystemTXMERITTELEVISION SINGLECreative CivilizationThe University Difference: A "Vayah"
University Health SystemTXMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVCreative CivilizationIn Your Neighborhood Campaign
University Health SystemTXMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVCreative CivilizationThe University Difference
University Health SystemTXMERITDIGITAL VIDEOCreative CivilizationThe University Difference: Damon/Long-form
University HospitalsOHSILVERBROCHUREImproving Health, Inspiring Hope
University HospitalsOHBRONZEANNUAL REPORTOur Promise: 2014 Annual Report to the Community
University HospitalsOHMERITSPECIAL VIDEOTime is Muscle
University HospitalsOHMERITDIGITAL VIDEORainbow Therapists-Gwen's Story
University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & ChildrenOHGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBrokaw, Inc.There's Only One Rainbow
University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesARMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVSwanson RussellUAMS Identity Campaign
University of Chicago Medicine DepartmentILBRONZEANNUAL REPORTWords & Pictures, Inc.Impact
University of Iowa Children's HospitalIAGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESLewis CommunicationsHelp Their Quest
University of Iowa Children's HospitalIAGOLDTELEVISION SINGLELewis CommunicationsPerfect Match
University of Iowa Children's HospitalIABRONZEDIRECT MAILLewis CommunicationsNICU -Baby's Feet
University of Iowa eCareIASILVERPOSTERLewis CommunicationsWifi Band Aid Poster
University of Iowa eCareIAMERITPOSTERLewis CommunicationsSay Ahhh Poster
University of Miami Health SystemFLMERITTELEVISION SINGLEM&C SaatchiBreathe
University of Mississippi Medical CenterMSGOLDTELEVISION SERIESThe Ramey AgencyUMMC "Wish" Brand TV
University of Mississippi Medical CenterMSGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESUMMC The Face and Skin Center
University of Mississippi Medical CenterMSSILVERBROCHUREUMMC Only Here Book
University of Mississippi Medical CenterMSSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVThe Ramey AgencyUMMC "Wish" Brand Campaign
University of Mississippi Medical CenterMSMERITMAGAZINE SERIESUMMC Ear, Nose and Throat
University of Texas Health Science Center-HoustonTXGOLDOUTDOORRichards/CarlbergDr. Kim
University of Texas Health Science Center-HoustonTXMERITTELEVISION SINGLERichards/CarlbergDr. Cox
University of Vermont Medical CenterVTGOLDSOCIAL MEDIALewis CommunicationsResolution Reboot Social Campaign
University of Vermont Medical CenterVTBRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVLewis CommunicationsPediatric Care Campaign/UVM
University of Vermont Medical CenterVTMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNLewis CommunicationsMedical Group Campaign/UVM
University of Virginia Health SystemVAGOLDPOSTERLewis CommunicationsOrthopedics-Nemesis/Runner/Tennis/Cheerleader
University of Virginia Health SystemVAGOLDTELEVISION SINGLELewis CommunicationsTomorrow Can't Wait/Manifesto
University of Virginia Health SystemVAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOLewis CommunicationsEmployee Video-Today
UPMC Health PlanPABRONZETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVChemistry CommunicationsMarketPlace Campaign
UPMC Health PlanPAMERITRADIO SINGLEChemistry CommunicationsUnquestioned Access Spot
UPMC Health PlanPAMERITTELEVISION SERIESChemistry CommunicationsMarketPlace Campaign
USMD Health SystemTXGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVBalcom AgencyUSMD Orthopedics Campaign
USMD Health SystemTXSILVERSPECIAL VIDEOBalcom AgencyThe Vision Behind the Difference
USMD Health SystemTXSILVERSOCIAL MEDIABalcom AgencyUSMD Facebook Page
USMD Health SystemTXBRONZEBROCHUREBalcom AgencyUSMD Senior Care Broker Brochure
USMD Health SystemTXMERITSPECIAL VIDEOBalcom AgencyWeight Loss Surgery: It's Different at USMD
USMD Health SystemTXMERITOUTDOORBalcom AgencyGame Face
UT Health Science CenterTXSILVERTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVTen AdamsSaving With Grace
UT Health Science CenterTXMERITMAGAZINE SINGLETen AdamsSaving With Grace
UVA Health SystemVASILVERPOSTERUVA Children's Hospital Superhero
UVA Health SystemVABRONZEBROCHUREUVA ClubRed 5 Signs Brochure
UVA Health SystemVAMERITMAGAZINE SINGLEUVA Pediatric Cardiology Ad
UVA Health SystemVAMERITDIRECT MAILUVA ClubRed Dress Direct Mail
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare SystemCAMERITOTHERGeneric Greeting Program
VA Healthcare Upstate NYNYMERITNEWSLETTERStayWell LLCVeteran's Wellness
Val Verde Regional Medical CenterTXBRONZENEWSLETTERCoffey CommunicationsKeeping Well, Summer 2015
Valley HealthSILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESab+c Creative IntelligenceBeat On
Valley HealthVAMERITRADIO SINGLEPrairie Dog/TCGInfamous Words
Vanderbilt Health Affiliated NetworkTNMERITDIGITAL VIDEOLewis CommunicationsAnimated Video
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer CenterTNSILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis Communications"Do I Have to Have Chemo?"
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer CenterTNMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESLewis Communications"Questions" Print Campaign
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer CenterTNMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis Communications"Will Exercise Help?"
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer CenterTNMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLELewis Communications"Will I See My Grandson Graduate?"
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer CenterTNMERITMAGAZINE SINGLELewis Communications"Power of Music" TJ Martell Top 40 Gala Ad
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNGOLDONLINE ADSLewis Communications"Be Able" Runner Web Banner
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVLewis Communications"Be Able" Campaign
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNSILVEROUTDOORLewis Communications"Be Able" Exercise Outdoor
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNBRONZETELEVISION SINGLELewis Communications"Innovations"
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNBRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESLewis Communications"Be Able" Print Campaign
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNMERITONLINE ADSLewis Communications"Be Able" Biker Web Banner
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNMERITOUTDOORLewis Communications"Be Able" Dad & Son Outdoor
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNMERITOUTDOORLewis Communications"Be Able" Soccer Outdoor
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterTNMERITOUTDOORLewis Communications"Be Able" Bike Outdoor
VCU Baird Vascular InstituteVAGOLDNEW MEDIANeathawk Dubuque &
VCU Baird Vascular InstituteVASILVERONLINE ADSNeathawk Dubuque & banners
VCU HealthVAGOLDNEW MEDIANeathawk Dubuque &
VCU HealthVASILVERDIGITAL VIDEONeathawk Dubuque & PackettUCI "Human Spirit" Digital Video
Velocity Care Urgent Treatment CentersGOLDOUTDOORHelow Creative/Garry HaralambouEaster
Venice Regional Bayfront HealthFLBRONZETELEVISION SERIESScoppechio
Vidant HealthNCBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEJennings3D Mammography
Vidant HealthNCMERITRADIO SINGLEJennings3D Mammography
Vidant HealthNCMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEJennings3D Mammography
Vidant SurgiCenterNCMERITRADIO SINGLEJenningsJulie Clary Breast Cancer
Virginia Gay HospitalIAGOLDPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAMMonkeytownBe Someone More-Employment Series
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWAGOLDSPECIAL EVENTWexley School for GirlsIce Sculpture Event
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWASILVERTELEVISION SINGLEWexley School for GirlsAnnounce Your Comeback
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWASILVERONLINE ADSWexley School for GirlsSee What's Happening to Cancer Digital
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWASILVEROUTDOORWexley School for GirlsCancer Graffiti
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWABRONZERADIO SINGLEWexley School for GirlsThe Unremarkable Moment Radio
Virginia Mason Medical CenterWAMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEWexley School for GirlsThis Unremarkable Moment
Virginia Spine InstituteVAMERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEKiss Back Pain Goodbye
Virginia Spine InstituteVAMERITDIGITAL VIDEORole Reversal Video Documentary
Virginia Spine InstituteVAMERITWEBSITEOrthopedic/Spine Medical Practice Website
VITAS HealthcareFLGOLDOUTDOORAlabama Jewish Message
VITAS HealthcareFLGOLDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITHOUT TVKnight Marketing"Give Us A Minute" Readmissions Campaign
VITAS HealthcareFLSILVERPHYSICIAN REFERRALHospice Criteria Badge Buddy
VITAS HealthcareFLSILVERPOSTERMemorial Day Poster
VITAS HealthcareFLSILVERRICH MEDIAThe Importance of Talking About End-of-Life Care
VITAS HealthcareFLMERITNEW MEDIAMaking the Rounds Blog Site
VITAS HealthcareFLMERITSOCIAL MEDIAVeterans Day 2015 Facebook Post
Wake Forest Baptist HealthNCBRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESLewis Communications/NashvilleD1 Print Campaign
Wake Forest Baptist HealthNCBRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLELewis Communications/Nashville"Future Star to All-Star"
Wayne HealthcareOHGOLDWEBSITETen AdamsWayne HealthCare - Website
Wayne HealthcareOHSILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESTen AdamsExceedingly Well
Wayne HealthcareOHMERITTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTen AdamsExceedingly Well
WellSpan Health SystemPABRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLESPM Marketing and CommunicationsPatient Centered Medical Home Advertorial
WellSpring Pharma ServicesONMERITLOGO/LETTERHEADSCORR MarketingWellspring Logo
Wesley Medical CenterKSMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVRSA MarketingKids Don't Know Hospitals Campaign
West Boca Medical CenterFLBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADBG, Inc.Pediatrics @ West Boca Medical Center
West Boca Medical CenterFLMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESBG, Inc.When Her Asthma Worsened
West Cancer CenterTNBRONZELOGO/LETTERHEADSullivan BrandingWest Cancer Center Logo Design
West Cancer CenterTNMERITTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSullivan BrandingWest Cancer Center Relentlessly Progressive Campaign
West Georgia HealthGASILVERMAGAZINE SERIESSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyHealthy Reasons
West Georgia HealthGABRONZEDIRECT MAILSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyPaint the Town Pink
West Georgia HealthGAMERITRADIO SERIESSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyHealthy Reasons Radio
Westchester Medical CenterNYBRONZERADIO SERIESBennett GroupPatient Stories
Westchester Medical CenterNYMERITTELEVISION SERIESBennett GroupPatient Stories
Western Maryland Health SystemMDMERITTELEVISION SERIESBlaineTurner AdvertisingWe Are WMHS
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIGOLDONLINE ADSJigsaw, LLCWomen & Infant Series: Sleep/Pee
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWISILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEJigsaw, LLCLearn the Hard Way
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWISILVERMAGAZINE SERIESJigsaw, LLCWoman & Infants Series: Sleep/Pee/Gear
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWISILVERSOCIAL MEDIAJigsaw, LLCFacebook/Twitter/Pinterest/YouTube/Google+
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIBRONZEDIRECT MAILJigsaw, LLCSearch
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIBRONZENEW MEDIAJigsaw, LLCHealthier eNewsletter
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIMERITOTHERJigsaw, LLCSoccer Facility Sponsorship
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIMERITONLINE ADSJigsaw, LLCSearch
Wheaton Franciscan HealthcareWIMERITRADIO SINGLEJigsaw, LLCSearch
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-All SaintsWIGOLDOUTDOORJigsaw, LLCImage Outdoor Series
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-All SaintsWIBRONZETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNJigsaw, LLCImage Campaign
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-FranklinWIGOLDOUTDOORJigsaw, LLCUrgent Care
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-FranklinWISILVERDIRECT MAILJigsaw, LLCAlligator
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWIGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESJigsaw, LLCSneeze/Family Chaos/Mirror/Parents
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWIGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNJigsaw, LLCImage Campaign
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWIGOLDDIGITAL VIDEOJigsaw, LLCSneeze/Mirror/Gotta Go
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWIGOLDRADIO SERIESJigsaw, LLCDisaster/Mirror/Cold
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWISILVERPOSTERJigsaw, LLCCollisions
Wheaton Franciscan Medical GroupWISILVERSOCIAL MEDIAJigsaw, LLCFind a Doctor Infographic
Wheaton Franciscan-Elmbrook Memorial CampusWIGOLDRADIO SINGLEJigsaw, LLCBelly Button
Wheaton Franciscan-St. Joseph CampusWIGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESJigsaw, LLCExpecting/Couple
Wheaton Franciscan-St. Joseph CampusWIGOLDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNJigsaw, LLCHigh Risk OB Campaign
Wheaton Franciscan-Wauwatosa CampusWIBRONZEONLINE ADSJigsaw, LLCPlaces/Urgent Care
Wheaton Franciscan-Wauwatosa CampusWIMERITNEWSPAPER SERIESJigsaw, LLCPlaces/Urgent Care
Wilson HealthOHMERITDIGITAL VIDEOFahlgren MortineBrand Video
Winthrop-University HospitalNYMERITTELEVISION SINGLEKZSW AdvertisingTAVR
Woman's HospitalLASILVERPATIENT HANDBOOKMy Pregnancy Journal
Wood County HospitalOHSILVERTELEVISION SINGLEKnox Marketing, Inc.Always
WorldCare International, Inc.MAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOClipatizeWorldCare How To
WorldCare International, Inc.MAMERITDIGITAL VIDEOClipatizeWorldCare Second Opinion Service
WPS Health InsuranceWIBRONZETELEVISION SINGLERippe KeaneMedicare Supplement
Zimmer BiometINMERITSPECIAL VIDEOThe JB Ashtin Group, Inc.RBC News-Rejuvesol Red Blood Processing Solution
GOLDHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyMonthly Health Promotions

33rd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Best of Show 2016

April 25th, 2016 – For the 33rd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, we have recognized a select number of entries for their outstanding creativity exemplified in their advertising. The following institutions have been selected as our Best of Show winners for this year’s competition. Each of these entries exhibited the highest standards, creativity and professionalism. They captured the attention and admiration of our panel of judges.

We want to extend a special congratulations to the people who were involved in putting these projects together. Your hard work has provided an exceptional contribution to the field of healthcare marketing and advertising. Congratulations to these institutions for their Best of Show designation.

Best of Show: 33rd HMR Healthcare Advertising Awards 2016 (PDF)

32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Winners List 2015

About Women Ob-GynVABROCHUREMERITtrg Marketing WorksMeet the Team
Accelerate DiagnosticsAZNEW MEDIASILVERThe Caliber GroupInteractive Booth Display
Adena Health SystemOHSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDThe Creative SpotCupcake Cutie Contest
Adena Health SystemOHPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZEThe Creative SpotCancer Screening
Adena Health SystemOHONLINE DISPLAYBRONZEThe Creative SpotThe Women You Love
Adventist Health Southern California RegionCASPECIAL VIDEOBRONZECMBell Company, Inc.A Strategy for the Future
Adventist Health Southern California RegionCAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERITCMBell Company, Inc.A Strategy for the Future
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILONLINE DISPLAYGOLDBVKYoga
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBVKOrthopedic Campaign
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILOUTDOORGOLDBVKHeadphones
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILRADIO SINGLESILVERBVKBirthing Options
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILNEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERBVKRun/Bike/Golf/Volleyball/Tennis/Grandpa
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILWEBSITEBRONZEBVKAdventist Microsite
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEBVKRun
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital & Adventist La GrangeILONLINE DISPLAYMERITBVKSoccer
Adventist La Grange Memorial HospitalILDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGOLDSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyAdventist Land of Lincoln Health: Open Enrollment
Adventist La Grange Memorial HospitalILTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyKeeping You Well
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZEMoms Trust Us Most
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLOTHERMERITMoms Trust Us Most
Akron Children's HospitalOHANNUAL REPORTGOLDMarcus Thomas, LLCCan I Have More Than One Wish? Why Not?
Akron Children's HospitalOHSPECIAL VIDEOGOLDKnox Marketing, Inc.Holiday Video
Akron Children's HospitalOHWEBSITESILVERMarcus Thomas, LLC
Akron Children's HospitalOHANNUAL REPORTSILVERKnox Marketing, Inc.2013 Community Benefit Report
Akron Children's HospitalOHWEBSITEMERITMarcus Thomas, LLCCan I Have More Than One Wish? Why Not?
Akron General Health SystemOHNEWSLETTERSILVERBlueSpire MarketingFit for Life
Akron General Health SystemOHTELEVISION SINGLEMERITHitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.Brand TV Spot
Alcon LaboratoriesTXMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERBalcom AgencyBSS + Water Man Illustration
Alive SciencesFLLOGOMERITKnight MarketingAlive Sciences Logo
AllCare Management ServicesORNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITMid Rogue. We Care.
AllCare Management ServicesORNEWSLETTERMERITAllCare Connection
Allegiance HealthMIANNUAL REPORTSILVERChristiansen Creative2014 Report to the Community
Ambucare ClinicINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDMillerWhite MarketingAmbucare Season Campaign
American Academy of Cosmetic DentistryMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITGolden Proportions MarketingStep Up. Stand Out. Become an AACD Member
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILANNUAL REPORTMERITFluence
American Society of Clinical OncologyVAONLINE DISPLAYGOLDThe Merz GroupConquer Cancer Foundation Peer-to-Peer Digital Banner Ad
American Society of Clinical OncologyVABROCHUREMERITThe Merz GroupConquer Cancer Foundation Case for Support
American Society of Clinical OncologyVANEW MEDIAMERITThe Merz General Digital Banner Ad
AmeriHealth District of ColumbiaDCCALENDARMERITStayWell2015 Health & Wellness Calendar
Amery Hospial & ClinicWIHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDFitness Center-Yoga
Anderson HosptialNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellHealth & You
Androscoggin Valley HospitalNHRADIO SINGLEGOLDSean Tracey AssociatesREASONS Campaign
Androscoggin Valley HospitalNHDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZESean Tracey AssociatesMedical Moments
Androscoggin Valley HospitalNHSPECIAL VIDEOMERITSean Tracey AssociatesMedical Moments-Maternity
Androscoggin Valley HospitalNHDIRECT MAILMERITSean Tracey AssociatesReasons
Ankeny Family Dental CenterIALOGOBRONZEjulsdesign, inc.Ankeny Family Dental Letterhead Package
Anne Arundel County Health DepartmentMDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERHerrmann Advertising Branding TechWhen Will You Stop Smoking?
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDHospital Week-Superheroes
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDNEW MEDIASILVERBreast Health Campaign
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDSOCIAL MEDIABRONZEStachie Facebook Contest
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDPHYSICIAN REFERRALMERITIn Practice
Antelope Valley HospitalCAMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITKevin/Ross Public RelationsWe Take Our Patients' Care to Heart
Aramark Uniform ServicesCADIGITAL VIDEOMERITMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsARAMARK Animated Video
Aramark Uniform ServicesBROCHUREMERITMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsAramark Capabilities Brochure
Aramark Uniform ServicesCASPECIAL VIDEOMERITMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsARAMARK Animated Videos
Arise Health PlanNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellHealthy View
Arkansas Children's HospitalAREMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSILVERMake Zero Happen
Arkansas Children's HospitalARSPECIAL VIDEOBRONZEACH Sports Medicine Video
Arkansas Children's HospitalARSOCIAL MEDIABRONZE#100 Deadliest Days Facebook Campaign
Arkansas Children's HospitalARSPECIAL VIDEOMERITACH Photography Policy Video
Arkansas Children's HospitalARSPECIAL VIDEOMERITACH Social Media Policy Video
Arkansas Children's HospitalARANNUAL REPORTMERIT2013 Annual Report
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERBOHAN AdvertisingIsaiah & Jack Series
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLPOSTERMERITBOHAN AdvertisingJack 2
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLTELEVISION SERIESMERITBOHAN Advertising
Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLPOSTERMERITBOHAN AdvertisingJack 1
Artcraft HealthNJMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDArtcraft HealthOpen Solutions
Aspirus-Upper PeninsulaMIPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITCoffey CommunicationsAspire
Associated Audiologists, Inc.KSNEWSLETTERSILVEROsburn Public RelationsHearing Your Best
Association of American Medical CollegesONLINE DISPLAYGOLDRussellHerderThe Preferred Portfolio
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.ILDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSILVERKlick HealthAstellas Leaderboard Challenge
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.ILONLINE DISPLAYMERITKlick HealthMYRBETRIQ Takeover Ad
Atlantic General HospitalMDOTHERMERITMullin/Ashley Associates2020 Vision-Strategic Plan Overview
Atlantic Health SystemNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Winter 2014
Atlantic Health SystemNJNEWSLETTERGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Kids Fall 2014
Atlantic Health SystemNJNEWSLETTERGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Summer 2014
Atlantic Health SystemNJNEWSLETTERSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Fall 2014
Atlantic Health SystemNJBROCHURESILVERWax Custom CommunicationsNew Vitality (Winter 2015)
Atlantic Health SystemNJNEWSLETTERBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Kids Spring 2014
Atlantic Health SystemNJNEWSLETTERMERITWax Custom CommunicationsWell Aware Spring 2014
AtlantiCareNJSPECIAL VIDEOGOLD11th Floor Creative GroupJessica's Talk Show
AtlantiCareNJEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLD11th Floor Creative GroupI Believe in Protecting You
AtlantiCareNJWEBSITEBRONZEab+c Creative IntelligenceAtlantiCare Well 4 Life
AtlantiCareNJTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITab+c Creative Intelligence"I Believe" Brand Campaign
AvMedFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBeber Silverstein GroupAvMed Breakthrough Campaign
AvMed Health PlansFLPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Magazine Winter 2014
AvMed Health PlansFLNEWSLETTERBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsAvMed Magazine Spring 2014
Banner Children'sAZTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERO'Brien AdvertisingGO KIDS!
Banner HealthAZLOGOGOLDChildren's Center Identity/Logo Collateral
Banner HealthAZBROCHUREGOLDSignature Collateral Brochure
Banner HealthAZSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDSugar Content Social Infographics
Banner HealthAZMOBILE MEDIAGOLDMyBanner Mobile App
Banner HealthAZNEW MEDIAGOLDHealth eConnect Consumer Blog
Banner HealthAZOTHERBRONZEConcussion Center Vehicle Wrap
Banner HealthAZCALENDARBRONZEBanner Casa Grande Medical Center 2015 Campaign
Banner HealthAZNEW MEDIAMERITThis Week in Banner Employee Blog
Banner HealthAZSOCIAL MEDIAMERITFlu Myths & Facts Social Media Infographic
Banner MD Anderson Cancer CenterAZTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITO'Brien AdvertisingWe Are All In
Baptist HealthARSPECIAL VIDEOBRONZEBaptist Health Palliative Care
Baptist Health-KentuckyKYDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSILVERPrairie Dog/TCGBariatric Landing Page and Digital
Baptist Health-KentuckyKYRADIO SINGLEMERITPrairie Dog/TCGUrgent Care and Express Care
Baptist Health-KentuckyKYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITPrairie Dog/TCGPursuit of Brand Campaign
Barnes-Jewish West County HospitalNETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITSwanson RussellWest County Hospital Campaign
Bartlett Regional HospitalAKWEBSITEMERIT
Bascom Palmer Eye InstituteFLPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERImages-Cancer of the Eye
Bascom Palmer Eye InstituteFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEKeep Calm and UChart On
Baxter Healthcare CorporationILMOBILE MEDIAGOLDKlick HealthBaxter Beat Bleeds App Update
Bayhealth Medical CenterDESPECIAL EVENTBRONZEFranklin StreetImagine
Baylor Regional Medical Center at GrapevineTXNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITMorochBaylor Grapevine Only Hospital Campaign
Baylor Scott & White Health-North TexasTXSPECIAL EVENTGOLDIt's a Guy Thing
Baylor Scott & White Health-North TexasTXSPECIAL VIDEOGOLDMark Birnbaum ProductionsBehind the Scenes: Real Patients. Real Stories
Baylor Scott & White Health-North TexasTXMOBILE
Baylor Scott & White Health-North TexasTXTELEVISION SERIESBRONZERevel UnitedChanging Health Care. For Life
Baylor Scott & White Health-North TexasTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITChanging Health Care. For Life
Baylor University Medical Center of DallasTXNEW MEDIAGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations eBlast Winter 2015
Baylor University Medical Center of DallasTXNEWSLETTERGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations Magazine Summer 2014
Baylor University Medical Center of DallasTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations Magazine Spring 2014
Baylor University Medical Center of DallasTXNEWSLETTERSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsBaylor Innovations Magazine Winter 2015
Baystate HealthWEBSITEMERITab+c Creative IntelligencePhysician Portal
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDCurtis GroupChildhood Problems Don't Go Away by Themselves
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZECurtis GroupKeep Your Head Up
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITCurtis GroupHow Ted Lindsey Continues to Inspire Us Off the Ice
Beaumont HealthMIMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERCurtis GroupNo Matter What the Future Holds, We're Ready
Beaumont Health SystemMINEW MEDIAGOLDCurtis GroupThe Beaumont
Beaumont Heart HospitalMIRADIO SERIESSILVERCurtis GroupHeart & Vascular: No Symptons,A-Fib,Heart Valve
Beaumont HospitalMIOTHERGOLDCurtis GroupKarmanos Birth Center Opening
Beth Israel Deaconess HealthCareMADIRECT MAILMERITBennett GroupNew Movers
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMAONLINE DISPLAYGOLDBennett GroupSpine Online
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMAONLINE DISPLAYMERITBennett GroupWeight Loss Surgery
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMANEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDBennett GroupBID Needham Cancer Print
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMAPOSTERGOLDBennett GroupChestnut Hill Poster
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMARADIO SINGLESILVERBennett GroupChestnut Hill Practice
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMAONLINE DISPLAYBRONZEBennett GroupChestnut Hill Online
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMADIRECT MAILBRONZEBennett GroupChestnut Hill Direct Mail
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMADIRECT MAILMERITBennett GroupBID Needham Cancer Center
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMARADIO SINGLEMERITBennett GroupBID Needham Cancer Radio
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMAOUTDOORMERITBennett GroupCancer Center Needham Outdoor
Beth Snyder DMDDIRECT MAILSILVERGolden Proportions MarketingSnyder Smiles Magazine
Biomet OrthopedicsINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDBoyden + YoungbluttXP Preserving Knee Campaign
Biomet OrthopedicsINWEBSITESILVERBoyden +
Biomet OrthopedicsINTELEVISION SINGLEMERITBoyden + YoungbluttMissed Connections
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHCALENDARBRONZECommunity Benefit Calendar
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHPUBLICATION INTERNALBRONZEBVHS Benefits Communication Book
Blanchard Valley Health
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHDIGITAL VIDEOMERITBVHS Patient Portal Educational Video
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHSPECIAL EVENTMERITAmes Family Cancer Care Center Groundbreaking Event
Blue Care Network of MichiganMINEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellGood Health
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITDirect Choice, Inc.Annual Enrollment Campaign
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas CityMOBROCHUREMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.Healthy Companion
Blue Shield of CaliforniaCATELEVISION SINGLEGOLDGKVWe're Not Done
BlueCross BlueShield of KansasKSCALENDARMERITStayWell2015 Health & Wellness Calendar
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNPR PROGRAMGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingRecruitment Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingRecruitment Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNDIGITAL VIDEOSILVERBOHAN AdvertisingBrandon Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNPR PROGRAMBRONZEBOHAN AdvertisingCase Study Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNHEALTH PROMOTIONBRONZEBOHAN AdvertisingInfluencer Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITBOHAN AdvertisingCase Study Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNPR PROGRAMMERITBOHAN AdvertisingInfluencer Video
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITBOHAN AdvertisingShape the State
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNPR PROGRAMMERITBOHAN AdvertisingShape the State
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNTELEVISION SERIESMERITBOHAN AdvertisingShape the State
Bon SecoursVAHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDFree Agents MarketingBon Secours Class-A-Roll
Bon SecoursVATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDFree Agents MarketingBon Secours Men's Health Campaign
Bon SecoursVABROCHURESILVERFree Agents MarketingBon Secours Memorial Regional
Bon SecoursVADIRECT MAILMERITFree Agents MarketingBon Secours Good Health Express
Bon SecoursVATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITFree Agents MarketingBon Secours Harbour View Campaign
Bon Secours Charity Health SystemNYNEW MEDIAMERITCI-GroupPopulation Health Infographics
Botsford HospitalMIRADIO SERIESGOLDSMZ AdvertisingBotsford Patient Ads
Botsford HospitalMITELEVISION SERIESMERITSMZ AdvertisingBotsford Patient Ads
Boys Town National Research HospitalNESPECIAL EVENTGOLDPure Inspiration Art Exhibit & Food-Wine Pairing Event
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDBrain Pen
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDEnhancing Life
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERPediatric Specialties Referral Materials
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEDIGITAL VIDEOMERITCochlear Implants: Emersyn's Story
Boys Town PediatricsNEOTHERSILVERPop-up Display
Boys Town PediatricsNETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZEPediatric Neurology Campaign
Boys Town PediatricsNEOTHERMERITCharting Your Progress
Boys Town PediatricsNEBROCHUREMERITPhysicians Directory
Boys Town PediatricsNETOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITPediatric Specialties Campaign
Bozeman Deaconess HospitalMTTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDHolmes & Company AdvertisingCosmetic Surgery Campaign
Brattleboro Memorial HospitalVTTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDJenningsEmergency Department
Brattleboro Memorial HospitalVTRADIO SINGLESILVERJenningsEmergency Department
Breast Cancer Coalition of RochesterNYPOSTERMERITMartino FlynnARTrageous Affair Event
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDSPM Marketing & CommunicationsBWH Elegant Solutions Campaign
Brigham and Women's
Brigham and Women's HospitalMAMOBILE
Brigham and Women's HospitalMATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsBWH Elegant Solutions Campaign
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANEW
Brigham and Women's HospitalMATELEVISION SINGLEMERITSPM Marketing & CommunicationsBWH Elegant Solutions Campaign
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANEW MEDIAMERITBWH Health-e-Newsletter
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANEWSLETTERMERITOncology Avances
Broward HealthFLPOSTERSILVERBeber Silverstein GroupHandwashing Posters
Broward HealthFLMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITBeber Silverstein GroupColorectal Center of Excellence
Broward HealthFLNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITBeber Silverstein GroupColorectal Center Screening Ads
Cadence HealthILSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDLaughlin ConstablePeds Campaign
Cadence HealthILRADIO SERIESBRONZELaughlin ConstableCDH Proton
Cadence HealthILWEBSITEMERITLaughlin ConstableCH.oprg
Cadence HealthILSOCIAL MEDIAMERITLaughlin ConstableHeart Campaign
Camp Bon CoeurLAIMPRINTED MATERIALSBRONZERight AngleSummer Camp T-shirt
Cancer Institute of New JerseyNJTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceReal Story, Brand Campaign
Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc.CALENDARMERITStayWell2015 Maternity Calendar
Cardiovascular Consultants, Inc.MONEWSLETTERMERITOsburn Public RelationsFor The Heart
Care N Care Insurance CompanyTXNEW MEDIAMERITBlueSpire MarketingCare N'share e-newsletter
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShieldMDRADIO SERIESGOLDGKVOpen Enrollment
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShieldMDOUTDOORSILVERGKVTransit Graffiti Posters
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShieldMDDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEGKVEpic Fails
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShieldMDBROCHUREMERITDMW DirectHealth Care Reform Guide
CareSourceOHANNUAL REPORTGOLDThe Ohlmann GroupCelebrate the Journey
CarestreamNYDIRECT MAILGOLDThe Verdi GroupPACS Replacement Campaign
CarestreamNYRICH MEDIASILVERThe Verdi GroupCIO eBook
Carilion ClinicVAHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDQuiet Hospital
Carolina East Health SystemNCTELEVISION SERIESMERITThe Sumner GroupTwist Again
Carrier ClinicNJNEW MEDIAGOLDFirst Looks AdvertisingCarrier Email Series
Carrier ClinicNJMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZEFirst Looks AdvertisingBRC
Carrier ClinicNJWEBSITEBRONZEFirst Looks AdvertisingBlake Recovery Center Website
Carrier ClinicNJOUTDOORMERITFirst Looks AdvertisingTake The Test
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDFocus MediaStaff Matters
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITFocus MediaStroke Ad
Catskill Regional Medical GroupNYNEW MEDIASILVERFocus MediaHealth Tips Eblast
Catskill Regional Medical GroupNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZEFocus MediaBreast Cancer Ad
Catskill Regional Medical GroupNYRADIO SINGLEMERITFocus MediaPrimary Care
CelgeneNJMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITPalioThe Billboard Campaign
Centegra Health SystemILCALENDARSILVERCoffey CommunicationsHealth Today
Centegra Health SystemILSPECIAL EVENTBRONZECentegra Health Strong Woman Event
Centegra Health SystemILTELEVISION SINGLEMERITFranklin StreetCentegra-Huntley Hospital
CentraCare HealthMNPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERHatlingFlintNeurosciences Direct Mail Piece
CenturaCOTELEVISION SERIESMERITVladimir JonesStorylines-Centura Online Documents
Champlain Valley Physicians HospitalNYHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERSmith + JonesWomen's Health Campaign
Cheng CrownsPAMAGAZINE SERIESMERITThe Merz GroupAnalogies Ad Series
Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser CenterMDMAGAZINE SERIESMERITHerrmann Advertising Branding TechChesapeake Eye Care Testimonial Ad Series
Chesapeake Regional Medical CenterVATELEVISION SINGLEGOLDBVKNight Cravings
CHI Franciscan HealthWADIRECT MAILGOLDGA CreativeSay hi to feeling better fast
CHI Franciscan HealthWARICH MEDIASILVERGA CreativeFranciscan Center for Weight Management
CHI Franciscan HealthWANEW MEDIASILVERGA CreativeChat with a Midwife
Children's Hospital & Medical CenterNEPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDDAAKESpira
Children's Hospital & Medical CenterNEANNUAL REPORTMERITDAAKECardiac Services Biennial Report 2104
Children's Hospital & Medical CenterNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellJustKids
Children's Hospital of IllinoisILPATIENT HANDBOOKSILVERPatient & Family Handbook
Children's National Health SystemMDTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDSwanson RussellChildren's National Campaign
Children's National Health SystemMDWEBSITEMERITTBG (The Berndt Group)Children's National Health System Website
Christian Health Care CenterNJPUBLICATION INTERNALSILVERCenter Life
Christiana Care Health SystemDEPATIENT HANDBOOKSILVERCare of You and Your Baby
Christiana Care Health SystemDEHEALTH PROMOTIONBRONZEHelp With Health Influence
Christiana Care Health SystemDEBROCHUREMERITDonna McCafferty & Co.The Best Start for Your Baby
Christiana Care Health SystemDEANNUAL REPORTMERITSnavely AssociatesOrthopaedic Surgery Annual Report
Christiana Care Health SystemDEPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITGHI DesignOpportunity & Impact
Christiana Care Health SystemDENEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITCaspari & McCormickA Good Therapist Can Work Wonders
Clark Memorial HospitalINIMPRINTED MATERIALSSILVERCurrent 360I Chose Clark - t-shirt
Clark Memorial HospitalINTELEVISION SERIESSILVERCurrent 360I Chose Clark
Clark Memorial HospitalINSPECIAL VIDEOBRONZECurrent 360
Clark Memorial HospitalINNEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZECurrent 360I Chose Clark
Clark Memorial HospitalINTELEVISION SINGLEMERITCurrent 360I Chose Clark
Clark Memorial HospitalINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITCurrent 360I Chose Clark
Cleveland Clinic of FloridaFLNEW MEDIAGOLDWax Custom CommunicationseHealthlines
Coast Healthcare Management LLCCAOTHERSILVERTriad GroupSuperior Care. Surprisingly Close
Coffey CommunicationsWARICH MEDIAGOLDCoffey Communications, Inc.Thunderstorms
Coffey CommunicationsWARICH MEDIABRONZECoffey Communications, Inc.Kids and Pain Relievers: How Much?
Coffey CommunicationsWARICH MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.Healthy Shopping on a Budget
Coffey CommunicationsWARICH MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.Mammograms: Steps to Success
Coffey CommunicationsWARICH MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.Summer Food Safety on the Go
COLAMDDIGITAL VIDEOMERITThe Merz GroupLeadership Summit Video
Cole Memorial HospitalPANEW MEDIASILVERCoffey Communications, Inc.
Columbia Memorial HealthNYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDSmith + JonesPrimary Care/Branding Campaign
Columbia Memorial HealthNYWEBSITEMERITSmith + Jones
Columbus Regional HealthGAMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDLewis CommunicationsPhysician Network Ads
Columbus Regional HealthGADIGITAL VIDEOSILVERLewis CommunicationsPatient Videos
Columbus Regional HealthGATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZELewis CommunicationsSimply Better Campaign
Community Care Physicians, PCNYDIGITAL VIDEOSILVEROveritTo Welcome Employers
Community Health Center-AkronOHPOSTERSILVERKnox Marketing, Inc.Stop the Cycle
Community Health Center-AkronOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZEKnox Marketing, Inc.Stop the Cycle
Community Health SystemsIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDScoppechioPottstown Memorial Medical Center-Coffee Sleeve
Community Health SystemsMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERScoppechioVista Health System Pediatric Care
Community Health SystemsOTHERBRONZEScoppechioChestnut Hill Hospital-Movie Ratings
Community Health SystemsSPECIAL EVENTBRONZEScoppechioSparks Health System-Show Your Heart A Little Love
Community Health SystemsOUTDOORMERITScoppechioGadsden Regional-F.A.S.T.
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTRADIO SINGLESILVERDecker Creative MarketingConnectiCare "Working Harder"
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTDIRECT MAILBRONZEDecker Creative MarketingConnectiCare Direct Mail-Individual
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMBRONZEDecker Creative MarketingConnectiCare Individual Digital Marketing Program
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZEDecker Creative MarketingConnectiCare Individual
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTOUTDOORMERITDecker Creative MarketingConnectiCare Outdoor Transit
Cook Children'sTXCALENDARGOLDCook Children's Calendar
Cook Children'sTXBROCHURESILVERCook Children's Look Book
Cook Children'sTXNEW MEDIASILVERCook Children's Nursing Annual Report
Cook Children's Health Care SystemTXPOSTERMERITFlu Fighter Poster
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBalcom AgencyChildhood Should Be Simple
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXONLINE DISPLAYSILVERBalcom AgencyChildhood Should Be Simple-Wheelchair/Tricycle
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXONLINE DISPLAYMERITBalcom AgencyChildhood Should Be Simple-Thermometer/Baseball Bat
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXOUTDOORMERITBalcom AgencyChildhood Should Be Simple-Outdoor EKG/Coloring
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXONLINE DISPLAYMERITBalcom AgencyChildhood Should Be Simple-MRI/Floaties
Cooper University HealthcareNYMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceCooper Health, MD Anderson
Cornerstone DentalOUTDOORMERITjulsdesign, inc.Heritage Creek Dental Window Graphics
Costco Wholesale CorporationCALENDARGOLDStayWell2015 Calendar
Costco Wholesale CorporationNEWSLETTERBRONZEStayWellHealthy Living
Covenant HealthcareMIDIGITAL VIDEOSILVERBrogan & PartnersExtraordinary Anthem Video
Covenant HealthcareMITELEVISION SINGLEMERITBrogan & PartnersMarried Life
Crouse HospitalNYHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDSpirit Health GroupMonthly Health Promotions
Crouse HospitalNYPOSTERGOLDSpirit Health GroupGirls' Night Out Poster
Crouse HospitalNYHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERSpirit Health GroupPunctuate Your Health
Crouse HospitalNYNEWSLETTERMERITSpirit Health GroupHeart Caring Quarterly Newsletter
Crystal Run HealthcareNYPR PROGRAMBRONZEPCIOn This We Can Agree
Cultivate by Standard ProcessWIBROCHUREBRONZEHanson Dodge CreativeCultivate On-Site Wellness Brochure
Cultivate by Standard ProcessWIWEBSITEMERITHanson Dodge CreativeCultivate On-Site Wellness Website
Dana-Farber Brigham & Women's Cancer CenterMARICH MEDIAGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsYou Have Us
Dana-Farber Brigham & Women's Cancer CenterMADIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsYou Have Us-Web Videos
Dana-Farber Brigham & Women's Cancer CenterMADIGITAL VIDEOGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsYou Have Us-Web Videos
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMANEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsNational Reputation Conference Campaign
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMASOCIAL MEDIASILVERCoping With Cancer Through Creative Expression
Dartmouth-HitchcockMATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITJenningsPain Management Campaign
DCH Health SystemALNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZETotalCom MarketingNeuro Ad for Kady
DCH Health SystemALSOCIAL MEDIAMERITTotalCom MarketingSocial Media Likes Campaign
Deborah Heart and Lung CenterNJTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITA Hole in My Heart
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDEOUTDOORSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceSave Yourself
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDENEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceSave Yourself
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDEWEBSITEMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceSkin Cancer Prevention Campaign
Delaware Department Public Health Cancer ControlDETELEVISION SINGLEMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceSave Yourself
Delta Dental of WashingtonWATELEVISION SINGLESILVERGreenRubinoGolf
Delta Dental of WashingtonWATELEVISION SERIESMERITGreenRubinoGet In
DermOne Dermatology CentersOTHERGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsSelfie-Care
DermOne Dermatology CentersPOSTERBRONZEMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsOffice Posters
Dignity HealthPATIENT HANDBOOKGOLDStayWellLiving Well with Heart Disease
Dignity Health French Hospital Medical CenterCASPECIAL EVENTMERITVerdinCopeland Health Education Pavilion Groundbreaking
Dignity Health Medical FoundationCAPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTGOLDCMBell Company, Inc.Dignity Health Recruiting Display
DMC Detroit Receiving HospitalMIBROCHUREBRONZEEmergency Guide in 3 Languages
Donor AllianceCOPOSTERSILVERThe Fletcher Group/Wet Paint CommunicationsMy Hero Said Yes
Donor AllianceCOOUTDOORBRONZEThe Fletcher Group/Wet Paint CommunicationsMy Hero Said Yes
Duke Regional HospitalNCSPECIAL VIDEOMERITFrances: A Patient Story
Duke Regional HospitalNCSOCIAL MEDIAMERITLiving Our Promise Campaign
Duke Regional HospitalNCANNUAL REPORTMERIT2014 Annual Report
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESPECIAL VIDEOGOLDSPM Marketing & CommunicationsEMMC Primary Care Cinema
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMEPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDSPM Marketing & CommunicationsEMMC Primary Care Campaign
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsEMMC Primary Care
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMESOCIAL MEDIAMERITSPM Marketing & CommunicationsEMMC Always Remarkable Campaign
Edward-Elmhurst HealthcareILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsHealthy Driven
Edward-Elmhurst HealthcareILPOSTERGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsHealthy Driven
Edward-Elmhurst HealthcareILNEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsHealthy Driven
Edward-Elmhurst HealthcareILOUTDOORSILVERMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsHealthy Driven
Einstein Healthcare NetworkPAOTHERBRONZERon Kalstein-Media ServicesEmployee YEARS OF SERVICE Event Program
Einstein Healthcare NetworkPAPOSTERMERITRon Kalstein-Media ServicesAlbert Einstein Society-Research Recognition Day
Einstein Healthcare NetworkPAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERITRon Kalstein-Media ServicesOSD Learning Opportunities Catalog
Ellis MedicineNYRADIO SINGLEGOLDSmith + JonesWomen + Heart Disease
Ellis MedicineNYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERSmith + JonesWomen + Heart Disease Campaign
Ellis MedicineNYPHYSICIAN REFERRALMERITSmith + Jones518 Docs Physician Referral Direct Mail
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGASOCIAL MEDIASILVERAtomicdustClinicalKey Lead Generation Social Graphics
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGAMOBILE MEDIASILVERAtomicdustClinicalKey Mobile Website
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGACALENDARBRONZEAtomicdustClinicalKey Lead Generation Campaign Calendar
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGAOTHERMERITAtomicdustClinicalKey Lead Generation Direct Mail
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGAWEBSITEMERITAtomicdustClinicalKey Website
Elsevier ClinicalKeyGATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITAtomicdustClinicalKey 2.0 Campaign
Emory HealthcareGATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERFind a Physician Near You Campaign
Emory HealthcareGASOCIAL MEDIAMERITOUTBREAK: Silencing the Epidemic of Fear
Empire Physician Medical GroupCATELEVISION SERIESMERITHyatt Ward Advertising, Inc.2014 Television Campaign
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYOUTDOORSILVERTruform Medica GroupENTA Outdoor Campaign
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYRADIO SINGLEBRONZEENTA/Mount Sinai Radio Spot
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYCALENDARBRONZETruform Medica GroupENTA 2015 Calendar
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYSOCIAL MEDIAMERITENTA Facebook Page
Essentia HealthMNTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITHTK Marketing CommunicationsWest Region Just One Thing Campaign
Evangelical Community HospitalPAANNUAL REPORTSILVERAnnual Report 2014
Evangelical Community HospitalPAHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERBreast Cancer Campaign
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYNEW MEDIAGOLDHealth Wellness Infographics-Back Pain
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYSPECIAL EVENTSILVERRoberts CommunicationsTake As Directed Educational Campaign
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYOTHERSILVERLife Has Healthy Choices Recipe Book
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYBROCHUREBRONZELife Has Healthy Choices Brochure
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYCALENDARBRONZELife Has a Plan Calendar
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYRADIO SINGLEMERITRoberts CommunicationsTake As Directed Educational Campaign
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYOUTDOORMERITRoberts CommunicationsTake As Directed Educational Campaign
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYOTHERMERITTAD Brochure
Exeter Health ResourcesNJONLINE DISPLAYBRONZEBennett GroupCore Online
Fairfax Radiological ConsultantsVATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDtrg Marketing WorksAutomated Breast Ultrasound
Fairfax Radiological ConsultantsVASPECIAL EVENTSILVERtrg Marketing WorksWomen. Wellness. Wine
Fairfax Radiological ConsultantsVATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITtrg Marketing WorksFairfax Vein Center
Feather River HospitalCASPECIAL EVENTMERITEngelbrecht AdvertisingCoco-The Colossal Colon
Financial District Dental CareNEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERGolden Proportions MarketingRaymond Hahn Ad Series
Finger Lakes HealthNYSPECIAL VIDEOMERITGeneva General Hospital Virtual Tour
Fireland Regional Medical CenterOHANNUAL REPORTBRONZEMark AdvertisingAnnual Report 2013
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMANEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAPOSTERSILVERJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMANEW MEDIABRONZEJenningsOur Circle of
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZEJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Florida HospitalFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERBrown Parker Demarinis AdvertisingStatewide ER Backyard
Florida Hospital TampaFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEChappellRobertsDoc 1st ER Campaign
Florida Hospital West Florida RegionFLOUTDOORMERITChappellRobertsTampa Bay Buccaneers Sponsorship Outdoor
Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health ServicesINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERTen AdamsHealth Happens Here
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.POSTERSILVERCrayons Advertising Ltd.Organ Donation
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.LOGOSILVERCrayons Advertising Ltd.Attack the Attack
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.NEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZECrayons Advertising Ltd.Attack the Attack
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.NEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITCrayons Advertising Ltd.SHE
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.MAGAZINE SERIESMERITCrayons Advertising Ltd.You Can Never Tell
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital&Medical CenterPATIENT HANDBOOKGOLDStayWellWhere does wellness begin?
Fox Chase Cancer Center-Temple HealthPAONLINE DISPLAYMERITFox Chase Cancer Center-Digital Display Advertising
Franciscan AllianceINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDFire and RainRegional Orthopedics Campaign
Franciscan AllianceINCALENDARGOLDMoran Design Corporation2014 Regional Calendar
Franciscan AllianceINPUBLICATION INTERNALSILVERRegional Rounds Physician Publication
Franciscan AllianceINNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZEMoran Design CorporationOmni Fall Open House Advertisement
Franciscan AllianceINNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITAnything Can Happen
Franciscan AllianceINMAGAZINE SERIESMERITThe Idea FactoryFRED
Franciscan AllianceINSPECIAL EVENTMERITAn Evening of Hope
Franciscan AllianceINSOCIAL MEDIAMERITI Fight For...Mammogram Campaign
Franciscan AllianceINHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITSpirit Health GroupDay of Dance Women's Event
Fremont HealthNETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITSwanson RussellLeading the Way
Froedtert & the Medical College of WisconsinWITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsTurning What If's Into What Is Possible
Frontier HealthTNANNUAL REPORTMERITBuilding Healthier Tomorrows
Frye Regional Medical CenterNCWEBSITEMERITAvreaFosterCardiology Campaign
Gastroenterology of Southern IndianaINMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERIdealogy Marketing + DesignWe Care About Who You Are on the Inside. Seriously
Gastroenterology of Southern IndianaINMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERIdealogy Marketing + DesignWe Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Gaylord Specialty HealthcareCTPOSTERGOLDFlu Vaccination Football Poster
Gaylord Specialty HealthcareCTDIRECT MAILMERITGaylord Hearing Center Monthly Valpak Ads
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCPOSTERGOLDKnow Your Numbers
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCPR PROGRAMGOLDSugar-Free Campaign
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDTransform Tshirt
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONBRONZEEmployee Survey Results
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZETransform Gatefold Ad
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCNEWSLETTERMERITPartners Newsletter
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITNursing Heroes
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCPOSTERMERITDid You Know?
Gerald Champion Regional Medical CenterNMSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDLovell Communications, Inc.Facebook
Gerald Champion Regional Medical CenterNMBROCHUREMERITLovell Communications, Inc.White Sands Women's Healthcare
Gerald Champion Regional Medical CenterNMNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITLovell Communications, Inc.Your Champion for Wellness
Given Imaging/MedtronicGANEW MEDIABRONZEMartino FlynnIncomplete Colonoscopy iBook
GO OrthoLOGOSILVERdesignRoom CreativeGO Ortho Logo
Good Neighbor PharmacyPASPECIAL VIDEOMERITHanlon CreativeTranspharmation
Good Samaritan Health SystemPATELEVISION SERIESGOLDFranklin StreetAnimated Service Line TV
Grant Regional Health CenterWITOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITLegato Healthcare MarketingOrthopedic Campaign
Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental AssociatesOUTDOORMERITGolden Proportions MarketingSee You Soon
Great Plains HealthNEANNUAL REPORTMERITSKAR AdvertisingCommunity Impact
Great Plains HealthNETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITSKAR AdvertisingYour Health is Our Mission
Greater Hudson Valley Family Health CenterTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERBBG&G Advertising
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIAOTHERSILVERGRMC Elevator Signs-Leapfrog Winner
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIAPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZEDoctor Is In
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIAANNUAL REPORTMERITGRMC 2013 Annual Report
Harbor AdvantageDIRECT MAILMERITDMW DirectDesigned Around You
Hawaii Health ConnectorHITELEVISION SERIESGOLDBVKEllen/Robinette/Stephen
Hawaii Health ConnectorHITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERBVKTestimonial Campaign
Hawaii Health ConnectorHIDIGITAL VIDEOMERITBVKRobinette
HCA East Florida DivisionFLDIRECT MAILMERITHealthgradesHCEE Healthy Directions Campaign
HCA Far West DivisionNVDIRECT MAILMERITHealthgradesMountain View Lung Cancer Campaign
HCA Far West DivisionNVTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITHealthgradesHCWF Yearly Division Campaign
HCA Far West Division: Health SystemNVTELEVISION SERIESGOLDPrairie Dog/TCGText ER to 23000 TV
HCA Far West Division: Health SystemNVOUTDOORMERITPrairie Dog/TCGText ER to 23000 Bus Wrap and Poster
HCB HealthTXPOSTERBRONZEHCB Father's Day Colonoscopy
HCB HealthTXHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITHCB Father's Day Colonoscopy Health Awareness Campaign
Health Choice NetworkNEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsCamillus House Gala Program Book
Health Choice NetworkNEW MEDIAGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsHoliday Card Eblast
Health Choice NetworkSPECIAL EVENTSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsEducational Session
Health Choice NetworkANNUAL REPORTBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsHCNFL Annual Report
Health Choice NetworkNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsCamillus House Gala Program Book
Health Choice NetworkNEW MEDIAMERITWax Custom CommunicationsAnnual Benefit Save the Date eblast
Health Choice NetworkONLINE DISPLAYMERITWax Custom CommunicationsHCN Educational Conference Five Slider Ads
Health Plan of San MateoCALENDARGOLDStayWell2015 Health & Wellness Calendar
HealthgradesWISPECIAL EVENTMERITHealthgrades2014 Healthshare Symposium Collateral
Henry Ford HospitalMIBROCHUREMERITSunny Media GroupA New Vision: Henry Ford Department of Ophthalmology
Henry Ford Optim EyesMINEWSLETTERSILVERStayWellInFocus
High Point Regional SystemNCTELEVISION SERIESSILVERKnox Marketing, Inc.We Will
High Point Regional SystemNCTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.We Will
Highland HospitalNYPUBLICATION INTERNALBRONZEHighland Highlights-Healthcare Reform Newsletter
Highland HospitalNYCALENDARMERIT125th Anniversary
Highland HospitalNYOTHERMERITHighland Hospital Gala Invitation
Highland HospitalNYANNUAL REPORTMERITReflections
Highlands HealthKYRADIO SERIESGOLDKnox Marketing, Inc.Highlands Heart & Vascular Center
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDTrue North Custom MediaHill Health-Fall 2014
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAANNUAL REPORTGOLDRBG AdvertisingHill Health 2013 Annual Report
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITTrue North Custom MediaHill Health-Summer 2014
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITTrue North CustomHill Health
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITTrue North Custom MediaHill Health-Winter 2015
Holland HospitalNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellHealthy Life
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDSOCIAL MEDIASILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategySneak Peeks
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDONLINE DISPLAYSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNew Hospital Introduction: Your Very Own
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDRADIO SERIESSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNew Hospital Introduction: Your Very Own
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDDIGITAL VIDEOMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNew Hospital Introduction: Your Very Own
Holy Cross Germantown HospitalMDOTHERMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNew Hospital Introduction: Your Very Own
Holy Cross HospitalMDPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNeuroscience: Think Holy Cross Hospital
Holy Cross HospitalMDNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyBuilding on Our Foundation: System Ad
Holy Cross HospitalMDMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyNeuroscience: Think Holy Cross Hospital
Holy Name Medical CenterNJPUBLICATION INTERNALSILVERDavidHenryThe Beat
Holy Redeemer Health SystemPAOUTDOORMERITBreast Care Out of Home
Holy Redeemer Health SystemPANEW MEDIAMERITHealthLink-News You Can Use
Holzer Health SystemOHANNUAL REPORTMERITHolzer Center for Cancer Care
Holzer Health SystemOHNEWSLETTERMERITHolzer Community Connection
Hoosier Cancer Research NetworkINWEBSITEBRONZEThe Merz
Hoosier Cancer Research NetworkINSOCIAL MEDIABRONZEThe Merz GroupSocial Media Page Designs
HopeHealthMAONLINE DISPLAYGOLDBennett GroupAlzheimers Dementia Online
HopeHealthMARADIO SINGLEMERITBennett GroupHouseCalls
HopeHealthMAONLINE DISPLAYMERITBennett GroupHope Hospice Online
Hospice of Marion CountyFLDIRECT MAILMERITEvery Dollar, Every Donor
Hospice of Marion CountyFLANNUAL REPORTMERIT2014 Annual Report
Houston Methodist Hospital FoundationTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZERichards/CarlbergHouston Methodist Hospital Foundation Magazine
Howard Memorial HospitalARLOGOBRONZELegato Healthcare MarketingLogo Redesign
Howard Memorial HospitalARWEBSITEMERITLegato Healthcare MarketingWebsite Redesign
Hudson Valley Hospital CenterNYBROCHUREGOLDjodyandiane Creative Communications LLCYour Baby, Your Way
Hudson Valley Hospital CenterNYPOSTERSILVERjodyandiane Creative Communications LLCYour Baby, Your Way
Hu-FriedyILPR PROGRAMGOLDBurdette KetchumEMS Alliance Launch
Humana Active OutlookDIGITAL VIDEOGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsGuidance Center Overview Video
Humana Active OutlookNEWSLETTERSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsHAO Magazine Spring 2014
Humana Active OutlookPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsHAO Magazine 2014 Spanish
Humana Active OutlookNEW MEDIABRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsHAO Fall Combo eBlast
Humana Active OutlookDIGITAL VIDEOMERITWax Custom Communications2014 Empathy Video
Humana Active OutlookDIRECT MAILMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFall/Winter Bulletin 2014
Humana Active OutlookDIGITAL VIDEOMERITWax Custom CommunicationsExperience Video 2014
Humana Active OutlookOTHERMERITWax Custom CommunicationsGuidance Center Handout
Huntington HospitalNYNEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellHealthLife
Huntington HospitalCALENDARGOLDStayWell2015 Health & Wellness Calendar
Illinois Hospital AssociationILLOGOSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyLeadership Academy for Healthcare Transformation
Independence Blue CrossPABROCHUREGOLDDMW DirectWelcome to Medicare
Independence Blue Cross FoundationPAANNUAL REPORTSILVERStayWellJournal of Change
Intermountain HealthcareUTTELEVISION SERIESSILVERFaktory/R&R PartnersMission Campaign
Intermountain HealthcareUTRADIO SINGLEBRONZEFaktory/R&R PartnersAqua
Intermountain HealthcareUTRADIO SINGLEMERITFaktory/R&R PartnersWarrior
Invibio BilmaterialsPADIRECT MAILBRONZEe10, Inc.Fusion Without Boundaries
Jackson Health SystemFLOTHERGOLDThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Holtz Children's Church Fan
Jackson Health SystemFLPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Fetal Therapy: When Your Patients Need a Miracle
Jackson Health SystemFLPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTSILVERThe Weinbach Group, Inc.See Yourself On Our Team
Jackson Health SystemFLBROCHUREBRONZEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Overview Brochure
Jackson Health SystemFLMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Luxury Delivered
Jackson Health SystemFLONLINE DISPLAYMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Physician Referral Banner Ad
Jackson Health SystemFLNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Prostate Cancer. It's Personal
Jackson HospitalALNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITTotalCom MarketingSummer Series
Jackson HospitalALTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITTotalCom Marketing3D Navigated Spine Campaign
Jazz PharmaceuticalsCAOTHERGOLDGemini Healthcare, LLCNarcolepsy Benchmarks Publication
JFK Medical CenterNEW MEDIAMERITWax Custom CommunicationsJFK - enewsletter
Joslin Diabetes CenterMAMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITBennett GroupUS News + World Report Ad
Kaleida HealthNYTELEVISION SINGLESILVERThe Martin GroupBuffalo General Medical Center Ortho
Kaleida HealthNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZEThe Martin GroupKaleida "Prognosis Ad"
Kaleida HealthNYTELEVISION SINGLEMERITThe Martin GroupWomen + Children's Hospital of Buffalo
Keldsen Family DentalBROCHUREMERITGolden Proportions MarketingKeldsen Family Dental Practice Brochure
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXRADIO SERIESGOLDEnglish/Spanish Medical Minutes
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDKaleidoscope
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDBeat Diabetes
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXCALENDARSILVERConnect2Wellness 2015 Wellness Heroes Calendar
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERBe Well at Shell Healthy Living Magazine
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXNEW MEDIAMERITBreast Cancer Video Blog
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXLOGOMERITBEAT Diabetes Logo
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITHealing Happens Here
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDDIGITAL VIDEOSILVERInternational Center for Spinal Cord Injury
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZEPotential
Kettering Health NetworkOHMOBILE MEDIAGOLDEmployee News Mobile
Kettering Health NetworkOHPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTGOLDNursing Recruitment Direct Mail
Kettering Health NetworkOHONLINE DISPLAYGOLDHoliday Nutcracker Sliding Billboard
Kettering Health NetworkOHSPECIAL EVENTGOLDMartina McBride Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHLOGOGOLDCampus Corner Logo
Kettering Health NetworkOHOUTDOORGOLDMaternity Ad Series Billboard
Kettering Health NetworkOHBROCHUREGOLD
Kettering Health NetworkOHPATIENT HANDBOOKGOLDOrthopaedic Patient Handbook
Kettering Health NetworkOHPR PROGRAMSILVERHealth Night Out
Kettering Health NetworkOHEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSILVEREmployee Engagement Newsletter Insert
Kettering Health NetworkOHSOCIAL MEDIASILVERHoliday Nutcracker Campaign Social Media
Kettering Health NetworkOHNEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERStroke
Kettering Health NetworkOHIMPRINTED MATERIALSSILVERCardiac Heart Walk T-shirt
Kettering Health NetworkOHPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTSILVERVisitor's Guide for Recruitment
Kettering Health NetworkOHPUBLICATION INTERNALSILVERPhysician Quarterly
Kettering Health NetworkOHMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERDoctor's Edition French Gate Ad
Kettering Health NetworkOHMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZEMaternity Ad Series Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHIMPRINTED MATERIALSBRONZE50th Anniversary T-shirt
Kettering Health NetworkOHRADIO SINGLEMERITHeart Screening
Kettering Health NetworkOHTELEVISION SERIESMERITThis Is My Story
Kettering Health NetworkOHEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERITK-news Employee Communications Program
Kettering Health NetworkOHBROCHUREMERITVersa HD Brochure
Kettering Health NetworkOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITGet Your Pink On
Kettering Health NetworkOHDIGITAL VIDEOMERITPriorities
Kettering Health NetworkOHLOGOMERIT50th Anniversary
Kettering Health NetworkOHSPECIAL EVENTMERITNutcracker Special Event Campaign
Kettering Health NetworkOHPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITHealth Connection
Kettering Health NetworkOHEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERITHR Work/life Program
King's Daughters HealthINNEW MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.CEO Blog
Klick HealthONNEW MEDIAGOLDKlick HealthDigital Rx Blog
Klick HealthONDIGITAL VIDEOSILVERKlick HealthEpic Holiday Remix
Klick HealthONPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTSILVERKlick Health2014 Experiential Recruiting Campaign
Knox Community HospitalOHNEWSLETTERSILVERKnox Marketing, Inc.KnoxWise
L.A. Care Health PlanCAOUTDOORBRONZEMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsL.A. Care Covered
Lake HealthOHSPECIAL EVENTGOLDKnox MarketingRelax & Renew: Ladies Night Out
Lake HealthOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERTwist CreativeAre You Ready?
Lake HealthOHDIRECT MAILMERITKnox MarketingGood to the Bone
Lake HealthOHANNUAL REPORTMERITLake Health Foundation Annual Report
Lakeland HealthMIPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDMarketing & Communications Annual Report
Lakeland HealthMILOGOBRONZELakeland at Home Logo Series
Lakeland HealthMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITda Vinci Masterpiece Campaign
Lancaster General HealthPATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITSwanson RussellLancaster General Health Oncology Campaign
Lawrence General HospitalMANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITJenningsTogether for Healthy Kids
Lawrence General HospitalMAMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITJenningsTogether for Healthy Kids
Lawrence General HospitalMAOUTDOORMERITJenningsTogether for Healthy Kids
Lawrence General HospitalMAONLINE DISPLAYMERITJenningsTogether for Healthy Kids
Lawrence Memorial HospitalKSTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITDobies Healthcare GroupMegan's Journal
Legacy HealthORSPECIAL VIDEOSILVERConsumer Phone App
Legacy HealthORPOSTERBRONZEHealthy Breast Kit
Legacy HealthORPOSTERMERITEmployee Vaccination Posters
Lehigh Valley Health
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPADIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSILVERDigital Marketing Program
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAMOBILE MEDIASILVERMobile Media Content
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPASOCIAL MEDIABRONZESocial Media
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPADIGITAL VIDEOBRONZELVHN Overview Video 2014
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZEHealthy You
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPANEW MEDIABRONZECheckUp
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAANNUAL REPORTBRONZEGenerosity Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAOUTDOORBRONZEMangosLVHN Orthopedics OOH
Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPANEW MEDIAMERITEpic Flash
Lexington Medical CenterSCLOGOGOLDiConnect
Lexington Medical CenterSCTELEVISION SERIESGOLDI Am A Heart Attack
Lexington Medical CenterSCPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDStethescoop
Lexington Medical CenterSCMOBILE Mobile
Lexington Medical CenterSCPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTGOLDHeart Center Recruitment Binder
Lexington Medical CenterSCPATIENT HANDBOOKGOLDHeart Center Patient Binder with TAVR Section
Lexington Medical CenterSCTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDTake 5 for Heart Health
Lexington Medical CenterSCMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDLMC Irmo Series
Lexington Medical CenterSCHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDTake 5 for Heart Health Fair
Lexington Medical
Lexington Medical CenterSCIMPRINTED MATERIALSSILVERImaging Mouse Pad
Lexington Medical CenterSCLOGOSILVERUEF
Lexington Medical CenterSCEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSILVERThe Flu Vaccine. It's Not Just For You
Lexington Medical CenterSCCALENDARSILVERLMC 2014
Lexington Medical CenterSCANNUAL REPORTSILVER2014 Oncology Annual Report
Lexington Medical CenterSCPOSTERSILVERNutrition Month Display
Lexington Medical CenterSCOUTDOORSILVERHealth Directions Planking Billboard
Lexington Medical CenterSCNEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZELMC Irmo Series
Lexington Medical CenterSCLOGOBRONZELMC FollowMyHealth
Lexington Medical CenterSCBROCHUREBRONZETAVR Brochure
Lexington Medical CenterSCMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITSC Obesity Surgical Center
Lexington Medical CenterSCLOGOMERITSC Obesity Surgery Center
Lexington Medical CenterSCSPECIAL EVENTMERITTunnel 2 Towers
Lexington Medical CenterSCEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERIT12 Days of Compliance E-blasts
Lexington Medical CenterSCSPECIAL EVENTMERITTake 5 for Heart Health Fair
Lexington Medical CenterSCPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTMERITMedical Center Hospitalists Recruitment Brochure
Lexington Medical CenterSCEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERITPatient Safety E-blast
Lexington Medical CenterSCNEW MEDIAMERITAugmented Reality Christmas Card
Lexington Medical CenterSCCALENDARMERITImaging Calendar/Mouse Pad
Lexington Medical CenterSCPHYSICIAN REFERRALMERITRadiology Services Brochures
Lexington Medical CenterSCOTHERMERIT2014 Christmas Cards
Lexington Medical CenterSCONLINE DISPLAYMERITPhysician Lecture Series
Lexington Medical CenterSCPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTMERITSandhills Women's Care Recruitment Brochure
Liberty HospitalMOSPECIAL EVENTGOLDTrunk or Treat
Liberty HospitalMOWEBSITESILVERLiberty Hospital Website
Liberty HospitalMOTELEVISION SINGLEMERITSqueeze in a Little Time for the Girls
Liberty HospitalMOWEBSITEMERITCoffey Communications
LifeBridge HealthMDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsBridges Campaign
LifeCare HospitalsNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZELovell Communications, Inc.15th Anniversary
LifeCare HospitalsCALENDARBRONZELovell Communications, Inc.2015 Calendar
LifeCare HospitalsOUTDOORMERITLovell Communications, Inc.15th Anniversary
LifeGiftTXWEBSITEGOLDBalcom AgencyLifeGift Website
LifeGiftTXCALENDARSILVERBalcom AgencyLifeGift 2014 Annual Report
Lifepoint HospitalsTNTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDAccessWilson Medical Center
Lifepoint HospitalsTNDIGITAL VIDEOMERITAccessUP Health System-Onlne TV
Lifetime Healthcare CompaniesNYPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDLifetimes Quarterly Publication
Littleton Adventist HospitalCODIGITAL VIDEOGOLDCMBell Company, Inc.25-Year Video
Littleton Adventist HospitalCOPOSTERGOLDCMBell Company, Inc.25-Year Elevator Wraps
Logansport Memorial HospitalINLOGOSILVERTen AdamsPassport to a Healthy Baby Logo
Loma Linda University Medical CenterCANEWSLETTERBRONZEStayWellleaps & bounds
Loma Linda University Medical CenterCANEWSLETTERMERITStayWella healthy tomorrow
Long Island Jewish Medical CenterNYNEWSLETTERBRONZEStayWellVitality
Louisiana Women's Healthcare AestheticsLASOCIAL MEDIASILVERMESH Integrated Marketing and AdvertisingTake a Selfie
Lovelace Health SystemNMMAGAZINE SERIESMERITK2MD HealthLovelace Brand Refresh
Lowell General HospitalMAPOSTERGOLDJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Lowell General HospitalMAMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZEJenningsJust What Moms Ordered
Lowell General HospitalMANEW MEDIAMERITJenningsOur Circle of
Lowell General HospitalMASPECIAL VIDEOMERITJenningsPediatric Specialist Video Series
Lower Cape Fear HospiceNCSPECIAL VIDEOMERITJenningsHospice Physicians Video Series
Loyola University Health SystemILONLINE DISPLAYSILVERHypercreative, Inc.Treating Your Child's Heart With Ours
Loyola University Health SystemILDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMBRONZEHypercreative, Inc.Physician Promotional Campaign
Magruder HospitalOHNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDKnox Marketing, Inc.Part of Your Family
Magruder HospitalOHOUTDOORGOLDKnox Marketing, Inc.Part of Your Family
Main Line HealthNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellWomen's healthsource
Maine Health Access FoundationMETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERBurgess Advertising &
MaineGeneral HealthMEOTHERGOLDDietz AssociatesHealthy Living Resource Center Guide
Mankato ClinicMNTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERHTK Marketing CommunicationsBrand Roll-out Campaign
Marian Regional Medical CenterCAANNUAL REPORTBRONZEVerdinDignity Health Marian Innovations
Marietta Health SystemOHOTHERSILVERMemorial Health Foundation Annual Appeal
Marietta Health SystemOHDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEBrown Parker and DeMarinis AdvertisingHow Carol Beat Cancer
Marietta Health SystemOHBROCHUREMERITHeart & Vascular Services Brochure
Marietta Health SystemOHOTHERMERITHoliday Emergency Room Wait Times Campaign
Marin General HospitalCATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITCompass MarketingHealing Place
Marshfield ClinicWIRADIO SINGLEGOLDLindsay, Stone & BriggsCheesehead
Marshfield ClinicWIRADIO SINGLEMERITLindsay, Stone & BriggsHotline
Martha Jefferson HospitalVAMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDThe King AgencyHe Felt Chest Pain
Martha Jefferson HospitalVATELEVISION SINGLESILVERThe King AgencyLittle Problems-Man
Martha Jefferson HospitalVARADIO SINGLEBRONZEThe King AgencyEvolution of the Grunt
Martin Health SystemFLWEBSITEMERITFranklin Street
Mary Bird Perkins Our Lady of the Lakes Cancer CenLAOTHERGOLDMESH Integrated Marketing and AdvertisingCase Book
Mary Bird Perkins Our Lady of the Lakes Cancer CenLASPECIAL VIDEOSILVERMESH Integrated Marketing and AdvertisingTake the Fight Forward Donor Video
Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer CentLAANNUAL REPORTBRONZE2013 Community Report
Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer CentLATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITMBP-OLOL Lung Cancer-Awareness Month Advertising Campaign
Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer CentLAOTHERMERITCancer Awareness Infographic Series
Massachusetts Dental SocietyMAIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDPower of Me Power Charger
Massachusetts Dental SocietyMAOUTDOORGOLDMassachusetts Dental Society Transit Campaign
Massachusetts Dental SocietyMANEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDFilling a Page
Massachusetts Dental SocietyMAPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERWord of Mouth
Massachusetts Dental SocietyMAPUBLICATION INTERNALBRONZEJournal of the Massachusetts Dental Society
Mather HospialNYRICH MEDIAGOLDBennett GroupCyberknife Online
Mather HospialNYRADIO SINGLEMERITBennett GroupCyberknife Radio
Mather HospialNYTELEVISION SINGLEMERITBennett GroupCyberknife TV
Matthew 25 Health & Dental ClinicINBROCHURESILVERBrand Innovation GroupDonors Kit
Matthew 25 Health & Dental ClinicINTELEVISION SERIESBRONZEBrand Innovation GroupPSA Television Campaign
McCullough-Hyde Memorial HospitalOHCALENDARSILVERBlueSpire Marketing
McKessonDIRECT MAILMERITRed House Global Brand ArchitectsMcKesson Today's Menu
McLaren FlintMIRADIO SINGLEMERITPublicom, Inc.No More-Metabolic
McLaren Lapeer RegionMITOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZEPublicom, Inc.Expect More
McLaren Port HuronMINEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERPublicom, Inc.Still Local-Mia
MD Anderson Proton Therapy CenterTXDIGITAL VIDEOGOLDMMI AgencyWhat is Proton Therapy?
Medical City HospitalNEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellCity Health
Medical University of South CarolinaSCTELEVISION SERIESGOLDLewis CommunicationsTelemedicine Campaign
Medical University of South CarolinaSCTELEVISION SINGLEBRONZELewis CommunicationsWhat Disease Wants
Medical University of South CarolinaSCTELEVISION SERIESMERITLewis CommunicationsTelemedicine Campaign-What Disease, Classroom, Country Road
MedStar Georgetown University HospitalDCTELEVISION SERIESSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceDeep Brain Stimulation
MedStar HealthMDTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceBrand Campaign
MedStar St. Mary's HopsitalMDDIGITAL VIDEOSILVEREFX MediaI Am The Patient Experience Video
MedStar St. Mary's HopsitalMDSPECIAL EVENTSILVERFoundation Gala 2014-Wrapped in Red
Memorial Health Care SystemTNTELEVISION SINGLEBRONZEFranklin StreetOncology TV
Memorial HealthcareMIANNUAL REPORTMERITAmber FullerQuality Starts Here
Memorial Hospital and Health Care CenterINTELEVISION SERIESMERITSheehy2014 TV Campaign
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNYSPECIAL EVENTSILVERThe Merz GroupUrology Service Centennial Conference Branding Material
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNYPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZEThe Merz GroupWest Harrison Dynamic Mailer
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNYNEW MEDIAMERITThe Merz GroupOnconotes ASCO Edition
Mercy Health SystemMOWEBSITESILVERAtomicdustMercy Virtual Website
Mercy Health SystemPATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZEMercy Physician Network Connections Campaign
Mercy Heart & Vascular Center at St. Anne HospitalOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZELaineGabrielCardiac Campaign
Mercy HospitalMETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEBurgess Advertising & MarketingMercy Express Care Busy Life Campaign
Mercy Medical CenterIATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDDBA WorldwideLiveUp Campaign
Mercy Medical Center-Des MoinesIAWEBSITESILVERCorporate Website
Mercy Medical Center-Des MoinesIASOCIAL MEDIASILVERHalloween Health Social Campaign
Meridian HealthNJNEWSLETTERSILVERStayWellHealth Views
Meridian HealthNJONLINE DISPLAYBRONZESPM Marketing & CommunicationsOMC ER
Meridian HealthNJRADIO SERIESMERITSPM Marketing & CommunicationsYou Get
Meridian HealthNJDIRECT MAILMERITInfluence HealthMeridian New Movers Campaign-Phase 2
Meridian HealthNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellKidViews
Methodist Health SystemNERADIO SINGLEBRONZEAnderson Partners AdvertisingThey Say It Best
Methodist Health SystemNETELEVISION SERIESBRONZEAnderson Partners AdvertisingThey Say It Best
Methodist Health SystemNELOGOMERITAnderson Partners AdvertisingHarper's Hope Logo Redesign
Methodist Health SystemNEPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITThe Meaning of Care
Methodist Health SystemNEMAGAZINE SERIESMERITThey Say It Best
Methodist Health System-North TexasTXSOCIAL MEDIASILVERFacebook and Twitter
Methodist Health System-North TexasTXDIGITAL VIDEOMERITwww.YouTube.commethodisthealthsystemDFW
Methodist Patient-Centerd ACOTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZECoffey Communications, Inc.Together
Methodist Richardson Medical CenterTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERCoffey Communications, Inc.Shine
Metroplex Health SystemTXNEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERTen AdamsCreating Better Health
Metroplex Health SystemTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERTen AdamsCreating Better Health
Michigan Department of Community HealthMITELEVISION SINGLEBRONZEBrogan & PartnersCancer TV "Excuses"
MidMichigan HealthMIEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDB+B Marketing Communications3 Good Things Employee Communications Program
MidMichigan HealthMIHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERNeathawk Dubuque & PackettHealth Risk Assessment Campaign
MidMichigan HealthMIHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITClearRiver Advertising & MarketingHunting Safety Video
MidMichigan HealthMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITClearRiver Advertising & MarketingMyMidMichigan Campaign
MidState Medical CenterCTPUBLICATION INTERNALSILVERNewsBreak Central
Midwest Transplant NetworkKSHEALTH PROMOTIONGOLDDobies Healthcare GroupHot For My Body
Miller-Dwan FoundationMNOTHERBRONZEHTK Marketing CommunicationsARTcetera Invitation & Save the Date Card
Miller-Dwan FoundationMNANNUAL REPORTBRONZEHTK Marketing Communications
Minnesota Department of Human ServicesMNPOSTERMERITRussellHerderProblem Gambling Awareness: Millennials
Minnesota Neonatal Physician'sMNBROCHUREGOLDThelenMN Neonatal Outcomes Brochure
Minnesota Neonatal Physician'sMNCALENDARGOLDThelenMN Neonatal 2015 Calendar
Mississippi Health PartnersMSMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDHuffman & RejebianMany Colors
Mississippi Health PartnersMSNEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDHuffman & RejebianMany Colors
Mitchell Cancer InstituteALOTHERMERITAgency VergeCelebrate Hope Invitation
Mitchell Cancer InstituteALMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITAgency VergeFull Court Press On Breast Cancer
Mitchell Cancer InstituteALPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITAgency VergeMinds Conquering Cancer
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CASPECIAL EVENTGOLDRock Your Workout
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CASOCIAL MEDIAGOLDStrategic Social Media in a Regulated Environment
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CAPR PROGRAMSILVERPersonal Hygiene Kit Giveaway
Molina Healthcare, Inc.CAOUTDOORMERITCollege Medical Center Billboard
Mon General HospitalWVDIGITAL VIDEOMERITInnerAction MediaThe Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Center
Monarch HealthCareCATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITTriad GroupMonarch 20th Anniversary
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNRADIO SINGLEGOLDLewis Communications/NashvilleVanderbilt Children's After Hours "Bring It"
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDLewis Communications/NashvilleAfter Hours
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNONLINE DISPLAYBRONZELewis Communications/NashvilleAfter Hours "Nightlight" Web Banner
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZELewis Communications/NashvilleAfter Hours Campaign
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNOUTDOORBRONZELewis Communications/NashvilleAfter Hours Mobile Truck
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital VanderbiltTNTELEVISION SERIESMERITLewis Communications/NashvilleAfter Hours-Bring It/It Never Fails
Monticciolo Family & Sedation DentistryOUTDOORGOLDGolden Proportions MarketingAfraid of the Dentist?
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCSPECIAL EVENTGOLDThe Adams GroupKeep Children Moving
Moore Center for OrthopedicsSCMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZEThe Adams GroupChoose Your Recovery
Mount Carmel College of NursingOHSPECIAL EVENTMERITNew President Inauguration
Mt. Sinai Medial CenterANNUAL REPORTGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsMt. Sinai Book
MultiCare Health SystemWABROCHURESILVERLet's Build Dreams
MultiCare Health SystemWACALENDARSILVERBuilding Dreams Together
MultiCare Health SystemWADIRECT MAILSILVERRock the Foundation
MultiCare Health SystemWATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITNew Building Rainier Pavilion
MultiCare Health SystemWANEWSLETTERMERITHealthy Living
MultiCare Health SystemWARADIO SERIESMERITHydrogen Ad AgencyHey Washington
MVP Health CareNYBROCHURESILVERMedia LogicNY Product Profile Brochure/Pocket Folder
MVP Health CareNYOTHERBRONZEMedia LogicNY Small Group Toolkit
MVP Health CareNYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITMedia LogicWorking Together-MVP & Hudson Health
Nash Health CareNCNEW MEDIAGOLDProclaim InteractiveVirtual
Nash Health Care SystemsNCMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZELewis Advertising, Inc.The Big See Double Truck
Nash Health Care SystemsNCNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITLewis Advertising, Inc.UNC Health Care Integration Newspaper Wrapper
Nebraska MedicineNELOGOGOLDDAAKENebraska Medicine Rebrand
Nebraska MedicineNEWEBSITEGOLDDAAKEOnline Style Guide for Rebranding
Nebraska MedicineNESPECIAL VIDEOGOLDWriting The RangeIt starts today
Nebraska MedicineNETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERDAAKE/Writing The RangeWe Are Nebraska Medicine
Nebraska MedicineNETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEDAAKE/Writing The RangeTrauma is 24/7
Nebraska Rebranding
Nebraska MedicineNEOTHERBRONZENebraska Health Network Folder
Nebraska MedicineNEDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEBeating Pancreatic Cancer-Bob's Story
Nebraska MedicineNETELEVISION SERIESBRONZEWriting The RangeWe are Nebraska Medicine
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTGOLDFry Hammond BarrNurses-Professional Recruitment Program
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLOUTDOORGOLDFry Hammond BarrUrgent Care
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLDIGITAL VIDEOGOLDFry Hammond BarrDigital: Kid + Nurse
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLWEBSITEGOLDFry Hammond
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTSILVERFry Hammond BarrDoctors-Professional Recruitment Program
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERFry Hammond BarrBecause of a Promise
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLDIRECT MAILSILVERFry Hammond BarrPromise of an Expert Sidekick
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLNEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERFry Hammond BarrThe Promise of an Expert Sidekick-Clermont
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLRADIO SINGLESILVERFry Hammond BarrInsurance
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLTELEVISION SERIESSILVERFry Hammond BarrClinical TV Series: Kid + Doctor/Kid + Nurse
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERFry Hammond Barr
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLBROCHUREBRONZEFry Hammond BarrNurses-Professional Recruitment Program
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLNEW MEDIAMERITFry Hammond BarrBanners: Cardiac
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITFry Hammond BarrThe Promise of an Expert Sidekick
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITFry Hammond BarrOpen House-Clermont
Nemours Children's Health SystemFLTELEVISION SERIESMERITFry Hammond Barr15 Service Line Spots
New England Baptist HospitalMAOUTDOORBRONZEFull Contact AdvertisingUnlimit
New England Baptist HospitalMAOTHERBRONZEFull Contact AdvertisingDunk
New England Baptist HospitalMANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITFull Contact AdvertisingExpertise in Motion
New England Center for Homeless VeteransMABROCHURESILVERBennett GroupMission Brochure
New Mexico Health ConnectionsNMLOGOGOLDK2MD HealthNew Mexico Health Connections Identity
New Mexico Health ConnectionsNMDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMERITK2MD HealthSimple. Affordable. Health Insurance
New Mexico Health ConnectionsNMDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMERITK2MD HealthSimple. Affordable. Health Insurance
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDK2MD HealthBe Well NM Campaign
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMSPECIAL EVENTGOLDBVKPedal Car-Guerrilla Stunt Special Event
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMDIGITAL VIDEOGOLDBVKAccidental Spokesman
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMRADIO SINGLEGOLDBVKTom
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMTELEVISION SINGLEGOLDBVKAccidental Spokesman
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDBVKStop Me Now/Super Duper/Top of the World/Be Better
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDBVKYoung Invincibles Campaign
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMRADIO SERIESGOLDBVKTina
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSILVERK2MD HealthBe Well NM Campaign
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMRADIO SINGLESILVERBVKTina
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMRADIO SINGLEBRONZEBVKAppendix
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMOUTDOORMERITK2MD HealthBe Well NM Campaign
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMIMPRINTED MATERIALSMERITBVKPromotional Fans
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMRADIO SINGLEMERITBVKBlind Spot
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITBVKBeers/Hot Chocolates/Margaritas
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITBVKNothing Can Stop Me Now
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMIMPRINTED MATERIALSMERITBVKBar Coasters
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITK2MD HealthBe Well NM Campaign
New Mexico Health Insurance ExchangeNMNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITBVKTop of the World
New York Council on Problem GamblingNYNEW MEDIAMERITOveritE-Book for Know the Odds
New York Methodist HospitalNYANNUAL REPORTGOLDThe Big Picture: Report to the Community
Nicholson ClinicTELEVISION SERIESSILVERGlasshouse StrategyNew Story
North Country HospitalVTANNUAL REPORTGOLDPauline Mazzotta Graphic DesignVision for the Future
North Mississippi Medical CenterMSMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategySleep Disorders Center
North Shore Medical CenterFLPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTBRONZEMichelsen AdvertisingRecruitment Folder
North Shore-LIJ Cancer InstituteNYPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITBlueSpire MarketingToward a Cure
North Shore-LIJ Health SystemNYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITGatesman + DaveNS-LIJ Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Alliance
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGAPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERCommunicare
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGAOUTDOORSILVERUrgent Care Billboard Series
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGANEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERTop 100 Ad Campaign
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGATELEVISION SINGLEBRONZECancer Commercial
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGAANNUAL REPORTBRONZE2013 Annual Donor Report
Northeast Georgia Health SystemGATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITBreast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Northeastern Vermont Regional HospitalVTANNUAL REPORTMERITFLEK, Inc.On the FrontLine of Health Care Reform
NorthShore University Health SystemNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellConnections
Northside HospitalGATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZECKR InteractiveFind Your Inspired Side
Northwest Kidney CentersWACALENDARMERITGA Creative2015 Calendar
Northwestern MedicineILNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITLaughlin ConstableBreakthroughs
Northwestern MedicineILRADIO SERIESMERITLaughlin ConstableBreakthroughs
Northwestern MedicineILMAGAZINE SERIESMERITLaughlin ConstableBreakthroughs
Norton HealthcareKYANNUAL REPORTSILVER2013 Report to Our Community
Norton HealthcareKYDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMBRONZEMeet the Winkles Digital Marketing
Nyack HospitalNYHEALTH PROMOTIONBRONZEThe Byne GroupYour Breast Health
NYS Department of Civil ServiceNYPATIENT HANDBOOKGOLDUpside CollectiveParticipating Provider Directory Covers 2015
NYS Department of Civil ServiceNYEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDUpside CollectiveChoices 2015-Active & Retiree
NYS Department of Civil ServiceNYNEWSLETTERMERITUpside CollectiveAt A Glance 2015
NYU Langone Medical CenterNYMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDMunn RabotTisch Center for Men's Health
Ochsner BaptistLAPOSTERBRONZEBaptist Spa Poster
Ochsner BaptistLASPECIAL EVENTBRONZEWe're Excited to be Turning One!
Ochsner Health SystemLAPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDDiablo Custom PrintingOchsner Magazine
Ochsner Health SystemLAPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDCardiology High-End Tertiary Brochure
Ochsner Health SystemLARADIO SINGLEGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsOchsner Pediatrics "Bravery" Radio
Ochsner Health SystemLADIGITAL VIDEOGOLDTree of Life
Ochsner Health SystemLANEW MEDIABRONZETo Your Health
Ochsner Health SystemLATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsOchsner Health System Brand Campaign
Ochsner Health SystemLATELEVISION SINGLEMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsOHS High End TV Spot
Ochsner Health SystemLADIRECT MAILMERITLightstreamIberville Grand Opening
Ochsner Health SystemLAOUTDOORMERITLightstreamOchsner Pelicans
Olathe Health SystemKSHEALTH PROMOTIONBRONZEWalz Tetrick AdvertisingTurn Up Your Health Promotion
Olathe Health SystemKSDIRECT MAILMERITWalz Tetrick AdvertisingColonoscopy Awareness
Olathe Health SystemKSHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITWalz Tetrick AdvertisingVein Care Portraits
Oncology Hematology CareOHNEWSLETTERGOLDCooney Design2014 OHC Connect
Opticians Council of CanadaDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMERITMy Loud Speaker MarketingLove Your Eyes
Optim HealthcareGAPR PROGRAMGOLDThunder IIThunder II-Optim PR Program 2014
OptumMNDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMBRONZEFusion Hill2 Minute Tuesdays Campaign
OptumCAOTHERMERITTriad GroupPicture of Health
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYBROCHUREMERITFocus MediaResidency Brochure
Orange Regional Medical CenterNYBROCHUREMERITFocus MediaAromatherapy Brochure
Orange Regional Medical GroupNYOUTDOORMERITFocus MediaPrimary Care Billboard
OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical CenterILPR PROGRAMBRONZEHospitalist Introduction
OSF St. Francis Medical CenterNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellChildrens First
Our Lady of the LakeLATELEVISION SERIESGOLDBVKKids Are Amazing/Footsteps/Half Your Age/Look Up
Our Lady of the LakeLANEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDBVKEyes/Footsteps/Kindness/Smart/Speechless
Our Lady of the LakeLATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDBVKChildren's Campaign
Overlook Medical CenterNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDDavidHenryOverlook View
Palmetto Dental ArtsTELEVISION SINGLESILVERGolden Proportions MarketingNow See What My Smile Says About Me!
Palos Community HospitalILDIGITAL VIDEOGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsPalos Patient Stories Campaign-Heart/Complex Surgery
Palos Community HospitalILNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsPalos Patient Stories Campaign-Heart/Complex Surgery
Parkside Psychiatric Hospital & ClinicOKDIRECT MAILMERITPet Therapy Postcard
Parkview HealthINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBoyden + YoungbluttIcehouse
Parkview HealthINMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDBoyden + YoungbluttGO Unfriend the Couch
Parkview HealthINOUTDOORSILVERBoyden + YoungbluttHola
Parkview HealthINTELEVISION SINGLEMERITBoyden + YoungbluttParkview GO TV
PCCATXSPECIAL EVENTBRONZEBalcom Agency2014 Weekend of Wonder/WOW Invitation
PeaceHealth Southwest Medical CenterWANEWSLETTERBRONZECoffey Communications, Inc.Southwest Health
Pediatric TLCORLOGOMERITAllCare Management ServicesPediatric TLC
Penn Medicine Chester County HospitalPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITSynapse Volume 2 2014
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPASPECIAL VIDEOGOLDInspire It Forward Video
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPADIRECT MAILGOLDLiver Center: A New Approach
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDInspired Together Nittany Lion T-shirt
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPASPECIAL EVENTSILVERInspired Together Staff Assembly
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSILVERInspire It Forward
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPASOCIAL MEDIABRONZEPenn State Hershey Facebook and Twitter
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPADIGITAL VIDEOMERITPenn State Hershey You Tube
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterPAANNUAL REPORTMERITHow We Inspire
Pfizer, Inc.NYPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDGemini Healthcare, LLCRheumatoid Arthritis Benchmarks Publications
Pharmaceutical Research of AmericaNYDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEOveritVideo for My Old Meds Campaign
Phoenix Health PlansTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERDMW DirectDesigned Around You Campaign
Piedmont HealthcareGADIGITAL VIDEOSILVERBig Table AgencyPiedmont Urgent Care Campaign Video
Piedmont HealthcareGAMAGAZINE SERIESMERITBig Table AgencyPiedmont Cancer "Fighter" Campaign
Piedmont HealthcareGAWEBSITEMERITBig Table AgencyPiedmont Urgent Care Mircosite
Pinnacle PartnersLOGOBRONZEdesignRoom Creative
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical CenterCANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITParsons MarketingOnly One
Premier HealthOHMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDLewis Communications/NashvilleMaternity "Early"
Premier HealthOHLOGOSILVERLewis Communications/NashvilleMaternity "Special Delivery" Logo
Premier HealthOHMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZELewis Communications/NashvilleMaternity
Premier HealthOHTELEVISION SINGLEMERITLewis Communications/NashvilleMaternity
Premier Health PlanTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDGKVPremier Health Plan AEP Campaign
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Presbyterian Health PlanNMOUTDOORGOLD3 AdvertisingSkateboard, Weights, Golf
Presbyterian Health PlanNMTELEVISION SERIESGOLD3 AdvertisingBoxing/Basketball/Tennis
Presbyterian Health PlanNMNEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZE3 AdvertisingWorked Out. Fruit
Presbyterian Health PlanNMTELEVISION SINGLEBRONZE3 AdvertisingBasketball
Presbyterian Health PlanNMTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERIT3 AdvertisingKeep Your Story Moving Campaign
Presbyterian Healthcare ServicesNMTELEVISION SINGLESILVER3 AdvertisingLegacy-People
Presbyterian HomesNEWSLETTERBRONZEPoint B CommunicationsPathways
Presbyterian HomesDIRECT MAILBRONZEPoint B Communications
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-AmericaKSCALENDARGOLDArt is Ageless Calendar
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-AmericaKSMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERGlynn Devins65th Anniversary Art of Life
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-AmericaKSTELEVISION SERIESMERIT65th Anniversary Art of Life
Prevea HealthWITELEVISION SINGLEBRONZEImaginasiumLet's Get After It
Prevea HealthWITOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITImaginasiumHSHS St. Clare Hospital Campaign
Prevea HealthWITOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITImaginasiumLet's Get After It-Wellness
Prince George's County Health Dept.MDBROCHUREBRONZEHerrmann Advertising Branding TechAnyone Can Be A Victim of Domestic Violence
Princeton Healthcare SystemNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITNautilus Publishing Co.Princeton Health
Princeton RadiologyNJTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITtrg Marketing WorksTopless
Procter & GambleOHSPECIAL VIDEOSILVERNorthlichPuberty Education Video
ProHealth CareWINEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERBVKInside Matters-Ties/Shoes
ProHealth CareWIOUTDOORBRONZEBVKInside Matters-Ties
ProMedicaOHRICH MEDIAGOLDBeyond the Frame
ProMedicaOHOTHERGOLDFriends for Life Purse
ProMedicaOHNEW MEDIASILVERProMedica HealthConnect
ProMedicaOHDIGITAL VIDEOMERITSuperheroes Save Halloween
ProMedica Toledo Children's HospitalOHCALENDARSILVERStayWell2014-2105 Calendar
Providence Health & Services, Southwest WashingtonWATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITJayRayHow We Care Campaign
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDExperience Life (Heart Care) Ad
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCADIGITAL VIDEOSILVERBuilding Healthier Communities, Together
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCASPECIAL VIDEOSILVERSellabration Video
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZEMoontide MediaProvidence Magazine
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCAMAGAZINE SERIESMERITExperience Providence Ad Series
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical CenterCATELEVISION SERIESMERITExperience Providence
Radiology Associates of WausauWIWEBSITESILVERLegato Healthcare MarketingWebsite Redesign
Rainbow Babies & Children's HospitalNEWSLETTERSILVERStayWellUnder the Rainbow
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Raleigh Medical GroupNCSOCIAL MEDIABRONZEProclaim InteractiveFacebook Page
Raleigh Medical GroupNCPOSTERMERITProclaim InteractiveMasavarapu Poster
Regen OrthopedicsOHWEBSITEBRONZEdesignRoom Creative
Regen OrthopedicsOHLOGOMERITdesignRoom Creative
Regional Medical CenterLADIRECT MAILGOLDRight AngleER Direct Mail
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New JerseyNJMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITThe S3 AgencyWhen To Start
Richland Parish HospitalLAMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZELegato Healthcare MarketingCardiac Rehab Campaign
Richmond University Medical CenterNYOUTDOORGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsStaten Island "ER Wait Time"
Richmond University Medical CenterN7NEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERWax Custom CommunicationsWomen's Center Print Ad
Richmond University Medical CenterNYBROCHURESILVERWax Custom CommunicationsStress Brochure
Richmond University Medical CenterN7OTHERSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsAcupunture Brochure
Richmond University Medical CenterN7ANNUAL REPORTSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsAnnual Report 2013
Richmond University Medical CenterN7NEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsPatient Point Guide Ad
Richmond University Medical CenterN7NEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsNICU Print Ad
Richmond University Medical CenterN7NEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsBackyard Branding Ad
Rite AidCALENDARMERITSKM Marketing2015 Health Planner
River Ridge DermatologyVATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITUncork-It, Inc.Everyday Skin Campaign
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJBROCHUREGOLDBariatric: If Your Diet Fails You, We Won't!
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDPhysician Connection
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJBROCHUREMERITMother-Baby Series: A Regional Perinatal Center
Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalNJANNUAL REPORTMERITExpanding Care, Expanding Medicine
Robert Wood University HospitalNJRADIO SINGLEGOLDLewis Communications/NashvilleRWJ Eating Disorders
Robert Wood University HospitalNJTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERLewis Communications/NashvilleRWJ Eating Disorders Campaign
Robert Wood University HospitalNJMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERLewis Communications/NashvilleRWJ Eating Disorders
Robert Wood University HospitalNJMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZELewis Communications/NashvilleRWJ Eating Disorders "Anorexia"
Rochester General Health SystemNYPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTBRONZECalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.Emergency Medicine Physician Recruitment Program
Rochester General Health SystemNYEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONBRONZECalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.Proud To Be Flu Free
Rome Memorial HospitalNYCALENDARGOLDStaywellLiving Healthy
Rush University Medical CenterILRICH MEDIAGOLDSPM Marketing and Communications2014 Spine Campaign
Rush University Medical CenterILDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGOLDSPM Marketing and Communications2014 Neurosciences Campaign
Rush University Medical CenterILTELEVISION SERIESSILVERSPM Marketing and Communications2014 Neurosciences Campaign
Rush University Medical CenterILDIGITAL VIDEOMERITRush Powers MediaThe Interventional Platform at Rush Video Series
RWJ University Hosptial SomersetNJPR PROGRAMGOLDSmith GiffordTwo Great Hospitals Are Even Greater As One
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDG DesignLive Smart for Your Heart
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDG DesignCenter for Robotic Surgery
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNIMPRINTED MATERIALSSILVERG DesignBreast Feeding Class-Magnet
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNPOSTERSILVERG DesignSaint Francis Cancer Center
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNSOCIAL MEDIABRONZEG DesignChest Pain? Take Me to Saint Francis
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNOUTDOORBRONZEG DesignEmergency Take Me to Saint Francis
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNPOSTERMERITG DesignFree Depression Screening
Saint Francis Hospital-MemphisTNTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITG DesignCelebrating Forty Years of 1st Class Care
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOANNUAL REPORTGOLDThe Roberts GroupAnnual Report
Saint Francis Medical CenterMONEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERThe Roberts GroupCCMJ Ad
Saint Francis Medical CenterMORADIO SINGLEBRONZEThe Roberts GroupMen's Health Radio
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOTELEVISION SERIESBRONZEThe Roberts GroupOur Nurses Make Us Better
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOCALENDARBRONZEThe Roberts GroupPink Up Calendar
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITThe Roberts GroupOur Nurses Make Us Better
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOCALENDARMERITThe Roberts Group2015 Calendar
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOOTHERMERITThe Roberts GroupPink Up Invite
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOOUTDOORMERITThe Roberts GroupOur Nurses Make Us Better
Saint Francis Medical CenterMOTELEVISION SINGLEMERITThe Roberts GroupPink Up TV Spot
Saint Joseph Regional Medical CenterNEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellMichiana Medical Update
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTSILVERSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsJoint Commission Direct Mail to Physicians
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJOUTDOORMERITSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsBranding Wallscapes
Saint Peter's University HospitalNJNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITSGW Integrated Marketing CommunicationsChildren's Asthma Print Ad
Saint Thomas HealthTNMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingNothing Shall Be Impossible
Saint Thomas HealthTNNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingNothing Shall Be Impossible
Saint Thomas HealthTNOUTDOORGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingNothing Shall Be Impossible Willy
Saint Thomas HealthTNTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingNothing Shall Be Impossible
Saint Thomas HealthTNPR PROGRAMGOLDBOHAN AdvertisingNothing Shall Be Impossible
Samaritan HealthcareWAWEBSITEBRONZECoffey Communications
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDLightstick
San Joaquin Community HospitalCABROCHUREGOLDMichael Walters AdvertisingCancer Center One-Sheet
San Joaquin Community HospitalCASPECIAL EVENTSILVERWillis Design StudiosGospel Fest
San Joaquin Community HospitalCASOCIAL MEDIASILVERMichael Walters AdvertisingWomen of AHPN Campaign
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERMichael Walters AdvertisingNeed a Doctor?
San Joaquin Community HospitalCARADIO SERIESSILVERMichael Walters AdvertisingWhat's Your Plan?
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAOTHERSILVERPhysician Onboarding Campaign
San Joaquin Community HospitalCAMAGAZINE SERIESMERITMichael Walters AdvertisingWhat's Your Plan?
Schneck Medical CenterINNEWSPAPER SINGLEBRONZENorthlichSchneck Quality Campaign for Cancer
Schneck Medical CenterINDIRECT MAILBRONZENorthlichSchneck Quality Campaign for Cancer
Schneck Medical CenterINRADIO SINGLEMERITNorthlichSchneck Quality Campaign for Cancer
Scleroderma Foundation Michigan ChapterMIIMPRINTED MATERIALSSILVERBrogan & PartnersHideous Holiday Sweater Run
Scleroderma Foundation Michigan ChapterMIIMPRINTED MATERIALSMERITBrogan & PartnersStampede Scleroderma T-Shirt
Scotland Health Care SystemNCSOCIAL MEDIAMERITLewis Advertising, Inc.Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Contest
Seattle Children's HospitalWATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITCopacino + FujikadoStrong Against Cancer
Security Health PlanWITELEVISION SINGLEMERITLindsay, Stone & BriggsRodeo Clown
SelectHealth, Inc.UTMAGAZINE SERIESSILVEROne Good Choice
SelectHealth, Inc.UTSPECIAL EVENTBRONZERock. Enroll. Events
SelectHealth, Inc.UTNEWSLETTERMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.Total Fitness
Senior Care PartnersILDIRECT MAILMERITJulie Thauer Art DirectorWrap Yourself in Wellness
Seton Healthcare FamilyTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEGSD&MWelcome to Humancare
Seton Healthcare FamilyTXSPECIAL VIDEOMERITGSD&MSeton Humancare Stories
Seton Healthcare FamilyTXOTHERMERITGSD&MSeton Humancare Cast
Shannon MedicalTXTELEVISION SINGLEMERITEllis KaiserOrtho Mowing/Field of Dreams
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVER125th Anniversary Campaign
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVAOTHERBRONZEA Legacy of Caring
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVAPOSTERBRONZEAirport Banner
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVADIGITAL VIDEOMERITA Culture of Giving
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation CentersVATELEVISION SINGLEMERITSuper Bowl TV Spot
Sheridan HealthcareFLDIRECT MAILGOLDBurdette KetchumSheridan Clinician Incentive Mailer
Sheridan HealthcareFLPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDBurdette KetchumSheridan Clinician Incentive Mailer
Sheridan HealthcareFLOTHERSILVERBurdette KetchumHow Leadership Drives Performance-Book
Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellLeaders in Care
Sightpath MedicalMNMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZEI Choose Sightpath Medical
Sightpath MedicalMNSPECIAL EVENTMERIT2 Million Eyes Milestone Celebration
Signature HealthcareMANEW MEDIAGOLDJenningstransradio-cardiac-catheterization-live-tweet
Signature HealthcareMAPR PROGRAMGOLDJenningsTransradial Twittter Cast PR Program
Signature HealthcareMAPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDJenningsPhysician Referral Campaign
Signature HealthcareMASPECIAL VIDEOGOLDJenningsPatient Video Series
Signature HealthcareMAPR PROGRAMSILVERJenningsPediatric Hospitalist PR Program
Signature HealthcareMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERJenningsCare to Share Campaign
Signature HealthcareMANEW MEDIABRONZEJenningsSignature Moms Blog
Signature HealthcareMAIMPRINTED MATERIALSBRONZEJenningsPrimary Care Campaign
Signature HealthcareMASPECIAL VIDEOMERITJenningsPediatric Specialist Video Series
Signature HealthcareMASPECIAL VIDEOMERITJenningsNurse Practitioner Video Series
Silver Cross HospitalILHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERStroke From the Heart
Silver Cross HospitalILTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZE$100 Could Save Your Life
Silver Cross HospitalILEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONBRONZESafety & Service Super Heroes
Silver Cross HospitalILONLINE DISPLAYMERITBariatric Surgery
Silver Cross HospitalILSPECIAL EVENTMERITStay on the Ball
Simi Valley HospitalCAOUTDOORMERITCMBell Company, Inc.50-Year Anniversary Transit Shelter Poster
Simi Valley HospitalCAPOSTERMERITCMBell Company, Inc.50-Year Anniversary Elevator Wrap
Simi Valley HospitalCANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITCMBell Company, Inc.50-Year Anniversary Print Ads
Singluex, Inc.MAGAZINE SINGLEMERITThe Medical PackageSingulex CAP TODAY Ad
Singluex, Inc.OTHERMERITThe Medical PackageSingulex Folder
Sisters of Mercy Urgent CareNCANNUAL REPORTSILVERjb graphicsReport to the Community 2014
Skagit Regional HealthWAWEBSITEMERITBlueSpire MarketingSkagit Regional Health Website
Skiff Medical CenterIAIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDS*K*I*F*F-M*A*S*H Television Show Inspired T-shirt
Skiff Medical CenterIAIMPRINTED MATERIALSMERITChoose Skiff-Coca Cola Inspired T-shirt
Skiff Medical CenterIAOTHERMERITSkiff All Stars Baseball Card Promotion
Slidell Memorial HospitalLALOGOGOLDPelican Creative ServicesThe Tammany 10K
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDPelican Creative ServicesBiohazard Education
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERPelican Creative ServicesVoice Therapy
Slidell Memorial HospitalLATELEVISION SERIESBRONZEPelican Creative ServicesOur Promise to You
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAHEALTH PROMOTIONBRONZEPelican Creative ServicesHealth Talk Series
Slidell Memorial HospitalLAPOSTERMERITPelican Creative ServicesFacts About Ebola
Slidell Memorial HospitalLADIGITAL VIDEOMERITPelican Creative ServicesOur Promise to You-Long Form Video
Slidell Memorial HospitalLASPECIAL EVENTMERITPelican Creative ServicesRooftop Rendezvous
Slidell Memorial HospitalLATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITPelican Creative ServicesOur Promise to You
Smile Frederick OrthodonticsMDTELEVISION SINGLEGOLDThe King AgencyAll They'll Notice
South Georgia Medical CenterGANEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsBranding Game Changing Ad (Football Player)
South Georgia Medical CenterGAOUTDOORBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsSGMC Billboard Branding
South Georgia Medical CenterGADIGITAL VIDEOMERITWax Custom CommunicationsSGMC Ortho You Tube
South Nassau Community HospitalNYSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsLong Beach Facebook Page
South Nassau Community HospitalNYONLINE DISPLAYSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsLong Beach Patch
South Nassau Community HospitalNYMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERWax Custom CommunicationsBariatrics Ad in Spanish
South Nassau Community HospitalNYNEW MEDIABRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsLong Beach Email Blasts
South Nassau Community HospitalNYPOSTERBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsUS & News Report
South Nassau Community HospitalNYDIRECT MAILBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsOncology Breast Cancer DM
South Nassau Community HospitalNYRADIO SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsOncology Lung Cancer
Southeastern HealthcareNCPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERCoffey CommunicationsHealthwise
Springboard Brand & Creative StrategyILHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyMonthly Health Promotions
St. Anthony HospitalOKTELEVISION SINGLEMERITICGHealthplex Opening-EMTs
St. Dominic HospitalMSPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITTrue North CustomYes Ma'am
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDNorthlichExtraordinary Campaign
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITNorthlichExtraordinary Heart Campaign
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYOTHERMERITNorthlichExtraordinary Heart Campaign Bridge Takeover
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYOUTDOORMERITNorthlichExtraordinary Campaign Transit Advertising
St. Elizabeth HealthcareKYTELEVISION SINGLEMERITNorthlichExtraordinary Campaign TV: Gallery
St. Elizabeth PhysiciansKYONLINE DISPLAYSILVERNorthlichWomen's HealthBanners: Restroom
St. Elizabeth PhysiciansKYONLINE DISPLAYMERITNorthlichWomen's HealthBanners: Stork
St. Elizabeth's Medical CenterMANEW MEDIABRONZEBlueSpire MarketingToday's Healthy Woman e-newsletter
St. Francis Medical CenterNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITZoe GraphicsCommunity Report
St. John ProvidenceMIANNUAL REPORTMERITDuffey PetroskyAnnual Donor Report
St. John's Medical CenterPATIENT HANDBOOKBRONZEStayWellDirectory of Services
St. Joseph's HealthTELEVISION SINGLEBRONZEResults UnlimitedImage
St. Mary Mercy HospitalMINEWSLETTERMERITLife and Health
St. Mary's Health SystemINWEBSITEGOLDTen AdamsEpworth Crossing Microsite
St. Mary's Health SystemINOTHERBRONZETen AdamsLive Well Evansville Ford Center Graphics
St. Mary's Hospital Medical CenterNEWSLETTERMERITStayWellA Woman's View
St. Thomas HealthTNDIRECT MAILGOLDInfluence HealthSt. Thomas Health Lung Cancer Screening
St. Vincent Medical CenterCTTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITFranklin Campaign
St. Vincent's HospitalFLSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDBurdette KetchumSt. Vincent's Social Media Campaign
Stony Brook MedicineNYONLINE DISPLAYGOLDLewis CommunicationsOur Pediatric ER
Stony Brook MedicineNYTELEVISION SERIESGOLDLewis CommunicationsStony Brook Children's Campaign-ER & OR
Stormont-Vail HealthcareKSDIGITAL VIDEOMERITPrairie Dog/TCGExcellence is Here
Suburban HospitalMDSPECIAL VIDEOSILVERSepsis Awareness Video
Summa Health SystemOHTELEVISION SERIESMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.We Specialize in You
SummaCareOHNEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERKnox Marketing, Inc.We're Healthier Together
SummaCareOHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.Right Here Campaign
SunovionPATIENT HANDBOOKSILVERArtcraft HealthSunovion-COPD
Susquehanna HealthPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDThe Phelps GroupSusquehanna Healthy
Susquehanna HealthPADIRECT MAILGOLDHealth GradesCancer Direct Mail Campaign
Susquehanna HealthNEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellSusquehanna Health
Susquehanna HealthPASPECIAL VIDEOBRONZEVogt MediJoint Center Video Advertising
Susquehanna HealthPASPECIAL EVENTMERITMartin Communications, Inc.2014 Spirit of Women Girls Night Out
Susquehanna HealthPAPUBLICATION INTERNALMERITSusquehanna Health Playbook
Swedish Medical CenterWARADIO SERIESGOLDWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine-Sing/DNA
Swedish Medical CenterWAOTHERSILVERWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Tagline-"Extraordinary Care.Extraordinary Care
Swedish Medical CenterWATELEVISION SERIESSILVERWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine-Genetics
Swedish Medical CenterWATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZEWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine-Genetics
Swedish Medical CenterWARADIO SINGLEBRONZEWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine-Sing
Swedish Medical CenterWASPECIAL EVENTMERITWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Klahanie Grand Opening-No Seahawks Game
Swedish Medical CenterWARADIO SINGLEMERITWorker Bees, Inc.Swedish Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine-DNA
Swedish Medical GroupWANEW MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.
SwedishAmericanILTELEVISION SERIESGOLDMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better
SwedishAmericanILRADIO SERIESGOLDMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better
SwedishAmericanILTELEVISION SINGLESILVERMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better-Checkups
SwedishAmericanILRADIO SINGLESILVERMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better: Heart
SwedishAmericanILRADIO SINGLEMERITMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better: Checkups
SwedishAmericanILRADIO SINGLEMERITMarbury Creative GroupKids Say It Better: Trust
SynensisGALOGOMERITRed House GroupSynensis Logo/ID
SynensisGAONLINE DISPLAYMERITRed House GroupSynensis Banner Ads
SynensisGANEW MEDIAMERITRed House GroupSynensis Eblasts
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USAILONLINE DISPLAYBRONZEKlick HealthENTYVIO Digital Advertising
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDPeter Mitchell AssociatesTMH Pulse
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDPeter Mitchell AssociatesCancer Free
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERPeter Mitchell AssociatesTMH Cancer Freedom
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLSPECIAL VIDEOSILVERPeter Mitchell AssociatesTMH Spotlight on Health
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLPUBLICATION EXTERNALBRONZEPeter Mitchell AssociatesTMH Healthy Living
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCareFLTELEVISION SINGLEMERITPeter Mitchell AssociatesTMH Cancer Free
Tampa General HospitalFLSPECIAL EVENTGOLDFKQ Advertising & MarketingThe Foundation Gala: Tribute to the Beatles
Tampa General HospitalFLBROCHUREGOLDFKQ Advertising & MarketingLiver Cancer Brochure & Pocket Card
Tampa General HospitalFLDIRECT MAILSILVERFKQ Advertising & MarketingTGMG Direct Mailer
Tampa General HospitalFLPOSTERBRONZEFKQ Advertising & MarketingPedi ERICMC Display
Tampa General HospitalFLOTHERMERITFKQ Advertising & MarketingNitrow Oxide Flyer
Tampa General HospitalFLANNUAL REPORTMERITFKQ Advertising & MarketingAnnual Report
Tampa General HospitalFLDIGITAL VIDEOMERITConnor DeBoer Survived Cancer Video
Tampa General HospitalFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITFKQ Advertising & MarketingLifespan Campaign
Tanner Health SystemGAWEBSITEGOLDTen AdamsGet Healthy Live Well Microsite
Tanner Health SystemGAANNUAL REPORTGOLDStayWellCommunity Benefit Report
Tanner Health SystemGATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZETen AdamsGet Healthy Live Well Campaign
Tanner Health SystemGANEWSLETTERBRONZEStayWellHealthy Living
TeamHealthTNMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZELovell Communications, Inc.Anesthesia M&A Testimonial Ad
TeamHealthTNMAGAZINE SERIESMERITLovell Communications, Inc.Integrated Services Ad Campaign
TeleflexNCMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERRed House GroupTeleflex Pilling Ads
Temple HealthPASOCIAL MEDIABRONZETemple Health-Instagram
Temple HealthPAONLINE DISPLAYMERITDigital Display Advertising
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTGOLDEvolutions by DesignPhysician Opportunities
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLPR PROGRAMGOLDWorld Stroke Day
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVEREvolutions by DesignThe Aortic Disease Institute
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZECynthia Demos CommunicationsPhysician Profile Videos
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLNEWSLETTERMERITEvolutions by DesignNeuroNews
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLDIRECT MAILMERITEvolutions by DesignThe Aortic Disease Institute
Tenet Florida Physician ServicesFLOTHERMERITThe Ad SquadFinally! Bariatric Surgery Infographics
Tenet HealthcareONLINE DISPLAYSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsMobile Ad
Tenet HealthcareDIGITAL VIDEOMERITWax Custom CommunicationsBariatrics Webinar
Tenet HealthcareNEW MEDIAMERITWax Custom CommunicationsBariatrics eBlast
Tenet HealthcareMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsMagazine Ad
Tenet HealthcareWEBSITEMERITWax Custom CommunicationsLanding Page
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital AzleTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZECommerce HouseTobacco Free
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort WorthTXMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDCommerce HouseBen Hogan-Male Golfer
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort WorthTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITCommerce HouseBen Hogan-Campaign
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort WorthTXMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseBen Hogan-Female Golfer
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort WorthTXMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseBen Hogan-Friday Night Football
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital H-E-BTXDIRECT MAILGOLDCommerce HouseAdvances in Medicine-GERD
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital SW Fort WorTXTELEVISION SINGLEGOLDCommerce HouseCar!
Texas Health Physicians GroupTXDIRECT MAILMERITCommerce HouseX-Ray
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital AllenTXMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERCommerce HouseHyperbaric Therapy-Band Aid
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital AllenTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseHyperbaric Therapy-Hydrogen
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital AllenTXMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseHyperbaric Therapy-Ointment
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital AllenTXMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseGeneral Positioning (Robotic Surgery)
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital DallasTXTELEVISION SINGLEGOLDCommerce HouseMoving Forward
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital DallasTXDIGITAL VIDEOMERITCommerce HouseWomen's OB Cinema
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital PlanoTXOUTDOORMERITCommerce HouseDisjointed
Texas Health ResourcesTXMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZECommerce HouseSystem Breast
Texas Health ResourcesTXTELEVISION SINGLEMERITCommerce HouseCharts
Texas OncologyTXONLINE DISPLAYMERITTexas Oncology Sliding Web Banners
The Guthrie ClinicPADIRECT MAILBRONZENot to be Humerus
The Iowa ClinicIANEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERjulsdesign, inc.Men's Center Be a Man Ad
The Iowa ClinicIAIMPRINTED MATERIALSBRONZEjulsdesign, inc.Heartwalk Hero T-shirt & Mask
The Iowa ClinicIANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITjulsdesign, inc.Urgent Care Ad
The Iowa ClinicIAOTHERMERITjulsdesign, inc.Sleep Center Holiday Card
The Lifetime Healthcare CompaniesNYANNUAL REPORTGOLDRoberts Communications, Inc.Local People Working Together for Healthier Communities
The Memorial Hospital at CraigCOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITJet Marketing, LLCBabies Hapen Here
The MetroHealth SystemOHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEFrederick SwanstonHere-Campaign
The MetroHealth SystemOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITFrederick SwanstonHere-Campaign
The Outer Banks HospitalNCRADIO SINGLEMERITJenningsUrgent Care-Flip and Grill
The Outer Banks HospitalNCNEWSLETTERMERITHealth Coach
The Renfrew CenterPAPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.Jewish Women's Seminar
The University of Chicago MedicineILANNUAL REPORTSILVERWords & Pictures, Inc.Why We Work
The University of Vermont Health NetworkVTTELEVISION SINGLEBRONZESPM Marketing & CommunicationsNetwork Launch
The University of Vermont Health NetworkVTTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITSPM Marketing & CommunicationsNetwork Launch
Theorem Clinical ResearchPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMERITSCORR Marketing2014 DIA Campaign
Thomas Jefferson University and HospitalsPALOGOGOLDSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyJefferson: Logo
Thomas Jefferson University and HospitalsPAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONGOLDSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyOne Jefferson: Brand Book
Thomas Jefferson University and HospitalsPAANNUAL REPORTGOLDA World of Discovery-Enterprise Report
Thomas Jefferson University and HospitalsPABROCHUREMERITThe Art of Orthopaedics
Tidewell HospiceFLSPECIAL VIDEOGOLDRealistic Job Preview for RNs
Tidewell HospiceFLTELEVISION SERIESGOLDMore Than You Think
Tidewell HospiceFLNEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZEMore Than You Think
Tidewell HospiceFLPHYSICIAN REFERRALMERITA Guide for Navigating Hospice Eligibility
Top Line MDFLPOSTERMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.The Heart Of Our Brand
Touro InfirmaryLADIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGOLDFamily Birthing Center Digital Campaign
Touro InfirmaryLAONLINE DISPLAYBRONZETouro Rehab Digital Ads
Touro InfirmaryLATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITFamily Birthing Center
Touro InfirmaryLAIMPRINTED MATERIALSMERIT31 Days of Pink t-shirt
Touro InfirmaryLAWEBSITEMERITTouro Website Redesign
Touro InfirmaryLADIRECT MAILMERIT31 Days of Pink
TriHealthOHLOGOGOLDPublicis IndianapolisNICU
TriHealthOHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVBRONZEPublicis IndianapolisWestern Ridge/Accidents/Emergencies Happen Anytime
TriHealthOHWEBSITEBRONZEPublicis IndianapolisDaily Health Wire
TriHealthOHOTHERMERITPublicis IndianapolisXavier/Cintas Center/Cheer Louder Play Harder
TriHealthOHNEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITPublicis IndianapolisWestern Ridge
TriHealthOHDIGITAL VIDEOMERITPublicis IndianapolisTriHealth/Get Connected/Web Series
Trinity HealthMIDIRECT MAILBRONZEInfluence HealthTrinity SEMI Ann Arbor Saline Mailer
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals & ClinicsTXNEWSLETTERMERITTrinity TALK ink Newsletter
Tufts Health PlanMAOTHERGOLDGray and PartnersTufts Health Plan Member E-Kit
Tufts Health PlanMADIRECT MAILSILVERGray and PartnersTufts Health Plan Member E-Kit
Tufts Health PlanMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEGray and PartnersTufts Health Plan Member E-Kit
Tufts Medical CenterMASPECIAL VIDEOBRONZEJenningsPrimary Care Physician Videos
Tufts Medical CenterMANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITJenningsPediatrics Specialist
Tufts Medical CenterMASPECIAL VIDEOMERITJenningsPediatric Specialist Video Series
UAB MedicineALTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGOLDUAB Medicine Heart & Vascular Fall Campaign
UAB MedicineALDIGITAL VIDEOSILVERUAB eMedicine Promotional Video
UAB Relaunch
UAB MedicineALANNUAL REPORTMERITCayenne CreativeUAB Nursing Annual Report
UC Irvine HealthCATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUC Irvine "The Anti-Cancer"
UC Irvine HealthCAMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUC Irvine Health "The Anti-Cancer"
UC Irvine HealthCAOUTDOORGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUC Irvine Health "The Anti-Cancer"
UC Irvine HealthCADIGITAL VIDEOGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUC Irvine Health Patient Video
UC Irvine HealthCASPECIAL EVENTBRONZEMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUC Irvine Health "The Anti-Cancer"
UCareMNRADIO SINGLEGOLDInitio AdvertisingUCare Choices-Mobile "SIRI"
UCareMNRADIO SINGLEMERITInitio AdvertisingUCare Choices-Mobile "Selfie"
UCareMNRADIO SINGLEMERITInitio AdvertisingUCare Choices-Game Show "Choices"
UCSF Medical CenterCANEWSLETTERSILVERMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsUCSF Medical Center Newsletter
UF HealthFLTELEVISION SINGLEMERITCapstratInvisible Connections-Butterfly
UHCILBROCHUREGOLDSPM Marketing & CommunicationsUHC Brochure-2014 Midyear Report
UHCILSPECIAL VIDEOGOLDSPM Marketing & CommunicationsThrough The Looking Glass Whiteboard
UHCILDIRECT MAILSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsUHC Supply Retention/Acquisition Campaign
UHCILANNUAL REPORTSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsUHC 2013 Annual Report
UNC Regional PhysiciansNCNEWSPAPER SERIESGOLDKnox Marketing, Inc.5 Things You Need to Know
Unique PharmaceuticalsLOGOMERITLovell Communications, Inc.
United Healthcare Medicare & RetirementPANEW MEDIASILVERymarketingNon-Converted Leads Email
United Healthcare Medicare & RetirementPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSILVERPeriscope/
United Healthcare Medicare & RetirementPATELEVISION SINGLEMERITEicoffGet The Ball Rolling DRTV
United Healthcare Medicare & RetirementPANEW MEDIAMERITymarketingEngagement Emails
United Hospital CenterWVPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENTMERITBlaine Turner AdvertisingPhysicians Recruitment
United Services Association for Health CareNEWSLETTERGOLDStayWellTotal Health & Wellness
United Way of Greater Milwaukee/Waukesha CountyWITOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBVKStrong Baby Campaign
United Way of Greater Milwaukee/Waukesha CountyWISOCIAL MEDIAGOLDBVKStrong Baby Facebook Posts
United Way of Greater Milwaukee/Waukesha CountyWIHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITBVKStrong Baby Trade Show Design
United Way of Greater Milwaukee/Waukesha CountyWIOUTDOORMERITBVKPhone Book Strong Baby
United Way of Greater Milwaukee/Waukesha CountyWIHEALTH PROMOTIONMERITBVKGuerrilla Strong Babies
UnitedHealthcareMNPUBLICATION EXTERNALGOLDMSP-C, a division of MSP CommunicationsRenew
UnitedHealthcareMNHEALTH PROMOTIONSILVERcatchfirePositively Kit
UnitedHealthcareMNNEW MEDIAMERITZig MarketingWe Dare You To-Monthly Health Challenges
UnitedHealthcareMNOTHERMERITcatchfireConnector Booklet
UnitedHealthcareMNDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMERITZig MarketingWe Dare You To-Monthly Health Challenges
UnitedHealthcareMNBROCHUREMERITcatchfireWhat's Next
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & RetirementFLDIRECT MAILGOLDOne Time Payment Option Mailer
UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement MarketingMNNEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERPeriscopeMedicare Advantage Four Page FSI
Unity HealthcareINIMPRINTED MATERIALSGOLDCancer Walk T-Shirts
Unity HealthcareINTELEVISION SINGLEMERITLafayette Orthopaedic Clinic
UnityPoint HealthIASPECIAL VIDEOSILVERZLR IgnitionUnityPoint Health-Peoria True Stories
UnityPoint HealthIATELEVISION SERIESMERITZLR IgnitionUnityPoint Health TV Series
UnityPoint HealthIANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITZLR IgnitionUnityPoint Health-True Stories
Univera HealthcareNYCALENDARSILVERLife Has a Plan Calendar
University Health SystemTXSPECIAL EVENTGOLD
University Health SystemTXPHYSICIAN REFERRALGOLDCreative CivilizationPediatric Outreach Overview
University Health SystemTXCALENDARGOLDCreative Civilization2015 NICU Calendar
University Health SystemTXSOCIAL MEDIASILVER#healthyselfie Social Media Campaign
University Health SystemTXNEW MEDIASILVERTiny Roar CreativeHealth Focus SA-blog site
University Health SystemTXDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMSILVERevariantCRM-Transplant-digital marketing program
University Health SystemTXPHYSICIAN REFERRALBRONZECongenital Heart Note Cards and Photo Frame
University Health SystemTXBROCHUREBRONZECreative CivilizationThe Art of Healing
University Health SystemTXMAGAZINE SERIESBRONZECreative CivilizationNOW
University Health SystemTXPHYSICIAN REFERRALMERITCreative CivilizationOutreach Overview
University Health SystemTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITCreative CivilizationNOW
University Health SystemTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITUniversity Hospital Sky Tower Grand Opening Insert
University Health SystemTXTELEVISION SINGLEMERITCreative CivilizationNOW
University of Arizona Health Sciences CenterAZANNUAL REPORTBRONZEWords & Pictures, Inc.It's All Coming Into Focus
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVERLaughlin ConstableUrgent Care
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILSPECIAL VIDEOSILVERLaughlin ConstableChicago Fire Video
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILMAGAZINE SINGLESILVERLaughlin ConstableInfluencer
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILSPECIAL VIDEOBRONZELaughlin ConstablePink Glove
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVBRONZELaughlin ConstableName Tag Campaign
University of Illinois Hospital & Health SciencesILDIGITAL VIDEOBRONZEManaged Medicaid at UI Health
University of Iowa Children's HospitalIATELEVISION SINGLESILVERLewis CommunicationsCatScan
University of Iowa Children's HospitalIATELEVISION SERIESBRONZELewis CommunicationsNever Stop Asking: Listen,Kid to Kid,Beautiful Sight
University of Iowa Health CareIANEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERLewis CommunicationsBranding Campaing-Sports Injury, Heartbeat, Cancer
University of Iowa Health CareIAMAGAZINE SINGLEBRONZELewis CommunicationsNurses Award
University of Maryland Medical CenterMDNEWSPAPER SERIESBRONZESPM Marketing & CommunicationsUMMC Brand Campaign
University of Maryland Medical Center MidtownMDOUTDOORSILVERSPM Marketing & CommunicationsMID Put the Brakes on Your Diabetes
University of Michigan Health SystemMIPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERGLCColleagues In Care
University of Michigan Health SystemMIPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITGLCColleagues In Care
University of Texas at Houston-Health SciencesTXTELEVISION SINGLEGOLDRichards/CarlbergTalking
University of Texas at Houston-Health SciencesTXTELEVISION SERIESMERITRichards/CarlbergTalking/Play/Delays
University of Vermont Medical CenterVTSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDLewis CommunicationsHealthy Harvest Social Campaign
University of Virginia Children's HospitalVATELEVISION SINGLEGOLDLewis CommunicationsNever Ending Love
University of Virginia Children's HospitalVABROCHUREMERITLewis CommunicationsBattle Building Launch Brochure
University of Virginia Health SystemVARADIO SERIESGOLDLewis CommunicationsUVA Children's-Parenting & Vegetables
University of Virginia Health SystemVAPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDUVA "Innovation" Publication
University of Virginia Health SystemVAONLINE DISPLAYSILVERLewis CommunicationsOrthopedic Banner Ads
University of Virginia Health SystemVANEWSPAPER SERIESSILVERLewis CommunicationsOrthopedics Campaign-Tennis, Cheerleader, Runner
University of Virginia Health SystemVARADIO SERIESSILVERLewis CommunicationsOrthopedics Campaign-Tennis, Cheerleader, Runner
University of Virginia Health SystemVASPECIAL EVENTSILVERUVA Children's Hospital-Save the Date
University of Virginia Health SystemVADIRECT MAILBRONZELewis CommunicationsOrthopedics Direct Mail
University of Virginia Health SystemVAPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITVim & Vigor: Close Watch on a Young Brain
University of Virginia Health SystemVAONLINE DISPLAYMERITPrecision
University of Virginia Health SystemVAEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONMERIT2014 Utcam Employee Communication Program
University of Virginia Health SystemVADIGITAL VIDEOMERITLewis CommunicationsCOE Videos-Neuro, Heart, Cancer
University of Virginia Health SystemVAANNUAL REPORTMERITUVA Nursing Annual Report
University RadiologyNJBROCHUREMERITSmith + Manning DesignSlim Jim Series
Upland Hills HealthWIPUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITLegato Healthcare MarketingInspiring Health Magazine
Upland Hills HealthWIDIRECT MAILMERITLegato Healthcare MarketingOrthopedic Campaign
UPMC Health PlanPAMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDChemistry CommunicationsMarketplace Advertising
UPMC Health PlanPATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVSILVERChemistry CommunicationsMarketplace Advertising
UPMC Health PlanPARADIO SINGLEBRONZEChemistry CommunicationsMarketplace Advertising
UPMC Health PlanPANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITChemistry CommunicationsMedicare Advertising
UPMC Health PlanPATELEVISION SERIESMERITChemistry CommunicationsHere's the Plan-Plans
UPMC Health PlanPATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITChemistry CommunicationsMedicare Advertising
UPMC Health PlanPATELEVISION SINGLEMERITChemistry CommunicationsHere's the Plan-Busy Mom
Upstate Medical UniversityNYPUBLICATION EXTERNALSILVERCancer Care
Upstate Medical UniversityNYNEW MEDIAMERITHealthLink on Air
Urgent TeamTNMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDEllis KaiserUrgent Team Worst Skateboarder Ever
Urgent TeamTNNEW MEDIABRONZEEllis KaiserUrgent Team Extended Hours Holiday Crunch
Urgent TeamTNTELEVISION SINGLEMERITEllis KaiserUrgent Team Worst Skateboarding TV Spot
USMD Health SystemsTXWEBSITESILVERBalcom AgencyUSMD Men's Health Microsite
USMD Health SystemsTXMAGAZINE SINGLEMERITBalcom AgencyUSMD Pediatrics-Playing Around
USMD Health SystemsTXNEWSPAPER SERIESMERITBalcom AgencyUSMD Single Site Surgery Campaign
USMD Health SystemsTXTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITBalcom AgencyUSMD Single Site Surgery Campaign
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare SystemCACALENDARSILVER2014 Monthly Planner
VA Healthcare Network Upstate New YorkNYCALENDARGOLDStayWellVeterans' Wellness 2015 Calendar
Valley PreferredPAANNUAL REPORTBRONZEKeenan Nagle AdvertisingProgress Report: Informed Action
ValtronicDIRECT MAILMERITdesignRoom CreativeValtronic Amazing Tales
Velocity Care Urgent Treatment CentersOUTDOORBRONZEHelow Creative/Garry HaralambouCooties
Vermilion Healthcare CenterLOGOGOLDRight AngleVermilion Healthcare Center Logo
Vidant HealthNCRADIO SINGLEGOLDJenningsNavigator-Questions
Vidant HealthNCNEWSPAPER SINGLESILVERJenningsCancer Campaign-Breast Cancer Screening
Vidant HealthNCRADIO SINGLEMERITJenningsMyChart Campaign-My
Virginia Family DentistryVANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITThe King AgencyBuilt Around You
VITAS HealthcareFLPOSTERGOLDMemorial Day Poster
VITAS HealthcareFLONLINE DISPLAYSILVERNewtown Anniversary Jumbotron Ad
VITAS HealthcareFLEMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSILVERHospice Month Employee Appreciation Campaign
VITAS HealthcareFLTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVSILVEREvery Day is Veterans Day Campaign
VITAS HealthcareFLSOCIAL MEDIAMERITPet Therapy Social Post
VITAS HealthcareFLONLINE DISPLAYMERITBring Hospice Home Wallpaper Takeover
VITAS HealthcareFLPOSTERMERITSpiritual Care Week Poster
Vivere HealthTNSOCIAL MEDIAGOLDLovell Communications, Inc.Pinterest Content
Volunteers in Medicine of JacksonvilleFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBRONZEBurdette KetchumFundraising Campaign
Wake Forest Baptist HealthNCTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDLewis Communications/NashvilleVictory Bell Campaign
Wake Forest Baptist HealthNCMAGAZINE SERIESSILVERLewis Communications/NashvilleVictory Bell
WellSpan HealthPANEWSPAPER SERIESMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsBrand/Community Campaign
Wentworth-Douglass Express CareNHTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDSean Tracey AssociatesGet In. Get Out. Get Better
Wentworth-Douglass HospitalNHRADIO SERIESBRONZESean Tracey AssociatesExpress Care
Wentworth-Douglass HospitalNHTELEVISION SERIESMERITSean Tracey AssociatesMGH Affiliation
Wentworth-Douglass HospitalNHDIGITAL VIDEOMERITSean Tracey AssociatesGet In. Get Out. Get Better
West Georgia HealthGAPHYSICIAN REFERRALSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyPhysician Referral Guide
West Georgia HealthGADIRECT MAILSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyCancer Screenings Series
West Georgia HealthGAMAGAZINE SERIESMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyCancer Screenings Series
West Park HospitalWYSOCIAL MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.
Westchester Medical CenterNYRADIO SERIESGOLDBennett GroupPatient Stories Radio
Westchester Medical CenterNYTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVGOLDBennett GroupPatient Stories Campaign
Westchester Medical CenterNYRADIO SERIESSILVERBennett GroupOnly Radio Series
Westchester Medical CenterNYTELEVISION SERIESMERITBennett GroupPatient Stories
Westchester Medical CenterNYSPECIAL VIDEOMERITBennett GroupGala Video
White Plains HospitalNYDIRECT MAILMERITjodyandiane Creative Communications LLC40th Birthday Breast Cancer Screening Mailing
Witham Health ServicesINDIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMGOLDTen AdamsAnson Emergency Room + Convenient Care
Witham Health ServicesINDIRECT MAILSILVERTen AdamsAnson Emergency Room + Convenient Care
Witham Health ServicesINSOCIAL MEDIABRONZETen AdamsAnson Emergency Room + Convenient Care
Witham Health ServicesINTELEVISION SERIESMERITTen AdamsAnson Emergency Room + Convenient Care
Witham Health ServicesINTOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVMERITTen AdamsAnson Emergency Room + Convenient Care
WomanCareINMAGAZINE SERIESGOLDIdealogy Marketing + DesignWomanCare
Woman's HospitalLATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN WITH TVGOLDMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingWoman's Obstetrics Advertising Campaign
Woman's HospitalLANEWSPAPER SINGLEGOLDMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingFocused on the Details
Woman's HospitalLAMAGAZINE SINGLEGOLDMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingFocused on the Details
Woman's HospitalLAOUTDOORSILVERMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingWoman's Obstetrics Billboard
Woman's HospitalLATELEVISION SINGLEBRONZEMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingWoman's Obstetrics
Woman's HospitalLANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITMESH Integrated Marketing & AdvertisingFocused on the Details
Women's & Children's HospitalLABROCHURESILVERRight AngleObstetrics Brochure
WorldCare InternationalMAPUBLICATION INTERNALGOLDJenningsWorldCare Brand Manual
WorldCare InternationalMALOGOGOLDJenningsWorldCare Visual Brand Identity
WVU HealthcareWVBROCHURESILVERWVU Healthcare Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
WVU HealthcareWVTELEVISION SERIESBRONZEWVU Healthcare Patient Voices
WVU HealthcareWVNEWSLETTERMERITWVU Healthcare Sept/Oct 2014
WVU HealthcareWVBROCHUREMERITWVU Healthcare Pediatric Surgery
Yakima Valley Memorial HospitalWASOCIAL MEDIAMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.
Yale New Haven HealthCTTELEVISION SINGLEMERITMason, Inc.Advocacy Changing Health Care
Yale-New Haven HospitalCTOTHERGOLDCheney & CompanyWishbook
ZollPAMOBILE MEDIABRONZESudden Cardiac Death Post-PCI & Post MI
ZollPANEWSPAPER SINGLEMERITSudden Cardiac Death Post-PCI & Post MI
ZollPATOTAL AD CAMPAIGN W/O TVMERITSudden Cardiac Death Post-PCI & Post MI
BROCHUREGOLDPoint B CommunicationsWarren Barr Gold Coast
DIRECT MAILGOLDPoint B CommunicationsSymphony of Lincoln
PUBLICATION EXTERNALMERITPoint B CommunicationsHealth Smart
OTHERMERITVladimir JonesCochlear Wireless Brochure
LADIRECT MAILMERITRight AngleKids ER Direct Mail
WEBSITEMERITPoint B CommunicationsWarren Barr Gold Coast
DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMMERITRed House USA Global Brand ArchitectsElsevier Power to Help Physicans
BROCHUREMERITMichelsen AdvertisingiCare Health Solutions Folder

32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Best of Show 2015

April 25th, 2015 – The following institutions have been selected as our Best of Show winners for this year’s competition. Each of these entries exhibited the highest standards, creativity and professionalism. They captured the attention and admiration of our panel of judges.

We want to extend a special congratulations to the people who were involved in putting these projects together. Your hard work has provided an exceptional contribution to the field of healthcare marketing and advertising.

Best of Show: 32nd HMR Healthcare Advertising Awards 2015 (PDF)


31st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Best of Show 2014

April 25th, 2014 – The following institutions have been selected as our Best of Show winners for this year’s competition. Each of these entries exhibited the highest standards, creativity and professionalism. They captured the attention and admiration of our panel of judges.

We want to extend a special congratulations to the people who were involved in putting these projects together. Your hard work has provided an exceptional contribution to the field of healthcare marketing and advertising.

Best of Show – 31st HMR Healthcare Advertising Awards 2014 – Sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report (PDF)


31st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards: Winners List 2014

AARPDCTotal Integrated MarketingMERITHealth Law Resources
Abbott VascularCATotal Integrated MarketingSILVERPalio + IgniteNYKnow More MR
AbingtonPAOnline DispayGOLDab+c Creative IntelligenceDEPower Campaign
AbingtonPATotal Advertising w/out TVMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceDEPower Campaign
Acadia HealthcareTNNewsletterSILVERLovell Communications, Inc.TNAcadia Now
Adena Health SystemOHNewspaper SeriesMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.OHRobotic Surgery
Advanced Data Systems Corp.NJDirect MailGOLDIf You Think Cicadas Will Be a Problem...
Adventist Medical CenterORNewsletterBRONZECoffey Communications, Inc.WAHealth for Life
Advocate BroMenn Medical CenterILNewsletterMERITCoffey Communications, Inc.WAHealthy Outlook for Women
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLMagazine SeriesSILVERChoose the #1 Urgent Care for Kids
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLDirect MailSILVERChoose the #1 Urgent Care for Kids
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLPhysician ReferralBRONZEChoose the #1 Urgent Care for Kids
After Hours Pediatrics Urgent CareFLOtherMERITChoose the #1 Urgent Care for Kids
Agnesian HealthCareWINewspaper SeriesMERITBreast Health Awareness
Agnesian HealthCareWIOutdoorMERITBus Wraps
Agnesian HealthCareWIAnnual ReportMERITAnnual Report
Agnesian HealthCareWICalendarMERITCommunity Benefit Report/2014 Calendar
Agnesian HealthCareWISocial MediaBRONZEBreast Health Awareness Facebook Info Grams
Agnesian HealthCareWIDigital VideogPink Glove Video/MEDLINE Competition 2013
AHMC Healthcare, Inc.CANewspaper SingleMERITCKR Interactive Recruitment Marketing AgencyCAAHMC National Nurses Week Ad
Akron Children's HospitalOHAnnual ReportMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.OH2012 Community Benefit Report
Akron Children's HospitalOHBrochureGOLDMarcus Thomas, LLCOHKids Rule
Akron Children's HospitalOHOtherBRONZEMarcus Thomas, LLCOHA Quick Clean
Akron Children's HospitalOHTelevision SeriesBRONZEMarcus Thomas, LLCOHKids Rule
Akron Children's HospitalOHSpecial VideoGOLDMarcus Thomas, LLCOHEmployee Video
Akron Children's HospitalOHRadio SingleMERITMarcus Thomas, LLCOHMacKenzie-Neurosurgeon
Akron Children's HospitalOHSpecial EventSILVERMarcus Thomas, LLCOHBeeghly Special Event
Akron General Medical CenterOHNewspaper SeriesBRONZEHitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.OHBrand Ad Series
Akron General Medical CenterOHTelevision SeriesMERITHitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.OHBrand TV + Neuro
Alamance Regional Medical CenterNCTelevision SeriesGOLDContrast CreativeNCIt's My Hospital TV Series
Alamance Regional Medical CenterNCMagazine SeriesSILVERVela Strategies Marketing & Public RelationsNCIt's My Hospital
AlconTXMagazine SingleMERITHCB HealthTXLusOR X-Ray Lily
AlconTXTotal Advertising with TVGOLDHCB HealthTXIndependence Day Integrated Campaign
Alegent Creighton HealthNENewspaper SeriesGOLDBVKWIUrgent Care
Alegent Creighton HealthNEOtherGOLDBVKWIDowntown Clinics
Alegent Creighton HealthNERadio SingleBRONZEBVKWIUrgent Care
Alegent Creighton HealthNETotal Advertising with TVMERITBVKWINever Standing Still
Alegent Creighton HealthNEDirect MailBRONZEMedSeekWIBariatrics Campaign
Alexian Brothers Health SystemILAnnual ReportGOLDSpiegel AssociatesIL2013 Annual Review
Alice Hyde Medical CenterNYSpecial EventMERITCoffey CommunicationsWATo Your Health-100 Years of Compassionate Care
American Academy of Pediatrics-Tennessee ChapterTNNewsletterSILVERLovell Communications, Inc.TNNewsletter Redesign
American Health ImagingGATelevision SingleMERITFrederick SwanstonGA
American Registry of Radiologic TechnologyAnnual ReportGOLDChristiansen CreativeWIStories of Quality Patient Care
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILMagazine SeriesGOLDSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILExpertise for the Life of Your Skin
American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryILDigital Marketing ProgramSILVERSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILExpertise for the Life of Your Skin
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)VAAnnual ReportMERITThe Merz GroupPAConquer Cancer Foundation Digital Annual Report
American Specialty HealthCAEmployee CommunicationBRONZEEmployee Communication Flat Screens
American Specialty HealthCAPosterBRONZEPress Start Posters
American Specialty HealthCABrochureGOLDSequa Wellness Program Brochure
American Specialty HealthCABrochureMERITAreva Wellness Program Brochure
American Specialty HealthCACalendarSILVERHealthyroads Client Wellness Calendar
American Specialty HealthCAOtherGOLDHappy Healthy Birthday Cards
American Specialty HealthCAImprinted MaterialsSILVERHealthyroads Stress Cube
American Specialty HealthCASocial MediaBRONZEHealthyroads Pinterest Page
American Specialty HealthCANew MediaSILVERHealthyroads Blog
American Specialty HealthCAMobile MediaSILVERHealthyroads Mobile Site
American Specialty HealthCADigital VideoBRONZESilver&Fit Members Love Exercise Video
American Specialty HealthCADigital Marketing ProgramBRONZEInteractive Case Study
American Specialty HealthCASpecial EventMERITCarmel Office Opening
American Specialty HealthCAHealth Promotion ProgramGOLDBuilding Blocks Challenge
American Specialty HealthCAHealth Promotion ProgramBRONZEWindows to Better Health Challenge
Amery Regional Medical CenterWIDirect MailBRONZEDoes Your Wound Have You This Frustrated?
Ankeny Family Dental CenterIALogoMERITjulsdesign, inc.IAAnkeny Family Dental Center Logo
Anne Arundel Medical CenterMDDirect MailGOLDMedSeekWIBariatric Trigger
Ardent Health ServicesTNEmployee CommunicationSILVERLovell Communications, Inc.TNPathfinder: The Journey to ICD-10
Ardent Health ServicesTNPosterMERITLovell Communications, Inc.TNCreate Your Own Adventure
Ardent Health ServicesPASpecial VideoMERITLovell Communications, Inc.TNPower of One Video Series
Aria HealthNJTotal Advertising with TVGOLDDavidHenryNJAria 3B Orthopaedic Institute
Arkansas Children's HospitalARPublicationMERITVital Signs Special Edition
Arkansas Children's HospitalARAnnual ReportGOLD
Arkansas Children's HospitalARCalendarMERITThe Natural Gift of Healing
Arkansas Children's HospitalARSpecial VideoMERITA Birthday of Birthdays-Centennial DVD
Arkansas Children's Website
Arkansas Children's HospitalARMobile MediaGOLDMyACH iPhone Application
Arkansas Children's HospitalARDigital VideoMERITA Noteworthy Journey
Arkansas Foundation for Medical CareARPosterSILVERQCP No Sympton Poster
Arlnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenFLTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITPushFLPlay It Forward
Arnold Palmer HospitalFLMagazine SingleSILVERBohanTNAPH Magazine Single Ad
Arnold Palmer HospitalFLMagazine SeriesGOLDBohanTNAPH Magazine Series
Associated Audiologists, Inc.KSNewsletterSILVEROsburn Public RelationsMOHearing Your Best
Athens Regional Health SystemGAMagazine SingleMERITProlifikGAOnline Mammogram Scheduling
Athens Regional Health SystemGADigital VideoGOLDProlifikGAOnline Mammogram Scheduling
Athens Regional Health SystemGATotal Advertising with TVMERITProlifikGAOnline Mammogram Scheduling
Atlantic Health SystemNJPublicationGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLWell Aware (Fall 2013)
Atlantic Health SystemNJNewsletterGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLWell Aware Kids (Fall 2013)
AtlantiCareNJRadio SeriesMERIT11th Floor Creative GroupNJAtlantiCare Advances Access to Care
AtlantiCareNJMagazine SingleSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceDEFall Urgent Care
AtlantiCareNJWebsiteMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceDEGrowing Green Website
AtlantiCareNJNew MediaGOLDab+c Creative IntelligenceDEAtlantiCare HeartCheck Tool
Aurora Health CareWIMagazine SeriesSILVERBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WITransforming Lives
Aurora Health CareWIDirect MailMERITBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WIGo With Your Gut Feeling
Aurora Health CareWISocial MediaMERITBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WISupport Breast Health
Aurora Health CareWIDigital VideoMERITBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WIKidney Transplant Patient Story Web Video
Aurora Health Care/Quick Care ClinicWIOtherBRONZEBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WIFor a Healthy Learning Environment
Aurora Health Care/Quick Care ClinicWISocial MediaGOLDBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WINip Seasonal Allergies in the Bud
Aurora Health Care/Quick Care ClinicWISocial MediaMERITBurczyk Creative Group, Inc.WIOvarian Cancer Whispers
AvMedFLOutdoorGOLDBeber Silverstein GroupFLBrand Launch/Embrace Better Health
AvMed Health PlansFLPublicationMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLAspire Magazine (Spring 2013)
AvMed Health PlansFLNewsletterMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLAspire (Special Issue)
Banner Concussion CenterAZPosterMERITHistory of Helmets Display
Banner Fort Collins Medical CenterAZNew MediaSILVERGroundbreaking Event Email
Banner HealthAZNewspaper SingleSILVERO'Brien AdvertisingCOAbnormal Mammogram
Banner HealthAZTelevision SingleMERITO'Brien AdvertisingCOThe Big C
Banner HealthAZRadio SingleSILVERO'Brien AdvertisingCOThe Big C
Banner HealthAZDirect MailSILVERBanner MD Anderson Cancer Center, Physician Mailers
Banner HealthAZOtherMERITBanner Health, Pediatric Fact Sheets
Banner HealthAZOtherMERITBanner Concussion Center-Brain Stamping Identity
Banner HealthAZImprinted MaterialsGOLDBanner Concussion Center-Brain Stamping Identity
Baptist HealthFLTelevision SeriesGOLDLewis CommunicationsALConnection/No Warning/Instant
Baptist HealthKYNew MediaSILVERPrairie Dog/TCGMOBrand Positioning Landing Page
Baptist HealthKYSpecial EventMERITPrairie Dog/TCGMOBaptist Board Retreat
Baptist HealthKYTotal Advertising with TVMERITPrairie Dog/TCGMOBrand Positioning
Baptist Health CareFLDigital VideoMERITEmagination UnlimitedFLJoin Baptist Webisode-Norman
Baptist Health CareFLNewspaper Singlem1ACH Graduation Ad
Baptist Health CareFLMagazine SingleMERITSurgery at Baptist
Baptist Health CareFLOutdoorMERITJoin Baptist
Baptist Health CareFLAnnual ReportMERITLakeview Center Annual Report
Baptist Health CareFLPosterSILVERNothing to Wear
Baptist Health CareFLBrochureMERITMaternity Care Brochure
Baptist Health MadisonvilleKYRadio SeriesGOLDPrairie Dog/TCGMOClose Talker
Baptist Health RichmondKYTelevision SingleBRONZEPrairie Dog/TCGMOCloser Heart
Baptist Health RichmondKYTotal Advertising with TVMERITPrairie Dog/TCGMOCloser Heart Series
Baptist Health SystemMIMobile MediaGOLDSunny Media Group, Inc.MIBHealthy Baby App
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNDirect MailMERITHaiku and Canto
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNPosterMERITGood Grief Seminar Poster
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNOtherBRONZEVolunteer Luncheon
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNSpecial EventMERITBaptist Cancer Center Groundbreaking
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNSpecial EventMERITUnion County Emergency Department Groundbreaking
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNHealth Promotion ProgramSILVERPD Parrot Relaunch Campaign
Baptist Memorial Health CareTNTotal Integrated MarketingMERITMy Chart Campaign
Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University PhysiMOTotal Integrated MarketingGOLDSwanson RussellNENational Leaders Campaign
Barrow Regional Medical CenterGALogoGOLDAcrobat AntOKTMC Rehab Logo
Barton HealthPublicationMERITKrames StayWellILBarton's Health & Life
Baton Rouge General Medical CenterLATelevision SeriesBRONZECommunity Of
Baton Rouge General Medical CenterLADigital VideobMike Danna's Story
BayCare Health SystemFLDirect MailMERITBayCare "EXPECT The Experience of a Lifetime"
BayCare Health SystemFLPosterGOLDBayCare is Moving
BayCare Health SystemFLLogoBRONZEGenerations Working Together
BayCare Health SystemFLCalendarMERITTeam Member Photo Calendar
BayCare Health SystemFLSpecial EventSILVERBayCare Hospital Week
Bayfront HealthFLSpecial VideoBRONZEAcrobat AntOKInternal Launch Video
Baylor Health Care System FoundationTXDirect MailGOLDRevel UnitedTXSpring 2013 Annual Fund Mailer
Baylor Health Care System FoundationTXSpecial EventGOLDRevel UnitedTXCelebrating Women Campaign
Baylor Health Care System FoundationTXTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITRevel UnitedTXOrthopedic Campaign Medicine, Spine/Back, Joint Pain
Baylor Scott & White Health-North Texas
Baylor University Medical CenterTXPublicationMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLBaylor Innovations (Fall 2013)
Baylor University Medical CenterTXPublicationSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsFLBaylor Innovations (Spring 2013)
Baylor University Medical CenterTXNewsletterGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLBaylor Innovations (Winter 2013)
Baystate HealthMATotal Advertising w/out TVMERITBVKWICancer Experts
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIPhysician ReferralGOLDThe Curtis GroupMIFor The Ones Who Matter Most
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIPhysician ReferralMERITThe Curtis GroupMIBeaumont Children's Hospital Emergency
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIOtherGOLDThe Curtis GroupMIBeaumont Children's Hospital Brochure
Beaumont Children's HospitalMIRadio SeriesGOLDThe Curtis GroupMIInnocent. Emergency
Beaumont Health SystemMINewspaper SeriesGOLDThe Curtis GroupMIBeaumont Foundation Donor Recognition Series
Beaumont Health SystemMIMagazine SingleBRONZEThe Curtis GroupMIIt Doesn't Take a Medical Degree To Save Lives
Beaumont Health SystemMIPhysician ReferralSILVERThe Curtis GroupMIOstrich
Beaumont Health SystemMIBrochureMERITThe Curtis GroupMIBeaumont Foundation Tour Brochure
Beaumont Health SystemMIOtherMERITThe Curtis GroupMImyBeaumontChart
Beaumont Health SystemMIRadio SingleBRONZEThe Curtis GroupMIAortic Aneurysm-No Symptons
Beaumont Health SystemMIRadio SingleMERITThe Curtis GroupMIWomen's Urology-Uncomfortable
Beaumont Health SystemMIRadio SingleMERITThe Curtis GroupMIMen Don't Ask for Directions
Beaumont Health SystemMIRadio SeriesMERITThe Curtis GroupMIInconvenience. Ostrich. Directions
Beaumont Health SystemMISpecial EventMERITThe Curtis GroupMIDoctor Recognition
Beaumont HospitalMINewspaper SingleMERITThe Curtis GroupMIBeaumont Foundation Donor Recognition
Beaumont HospitalMIOtherMERITThe Curtis GroupMIHow Beaumont Doctors Are Saving the Lives...
Beaumont HospitalMIRadio SingleMERITThe Curtis GroupMICancer Radio-Alone
Beebe Medical CenterDECalendarGOLDDean Design/Marketing GroupPA
Bellevue Medical CenterNEMagazine SingleMERITIt Could Be Worse
Bellevue Medical CenterNESpecial EventGOLDBig Pink Breakfast
Benefis Health SystemMTPublicationSILVERSpirit Health GroupFLSpirit of Women Magazine
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMAOutdoorBRONZEBennett GroupMAJoint
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMAOnline DispayGOLDBennett GroupMAJoint online
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-MiltonMATotal Advertising with TVMERITBennett GroupMAJoint Campaign
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-NeedhamMANewspaper SeriesMERITBennett GroupMABody of Work
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-PlymouthMAOnline DispayBRONZEBennett GroupMALikes online
Big Ten Cancer Research ConsortiumINWebsiteGOLDThe Merz GroupPAWebsite
Biomet OrthopedicsINNewspaper SingleSILVERBoyden & YoungbluttINThe True Beauty of Taperloc
Black River Memorial HospitalWITotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZELegato Healthcare Marketing, Inc.WIUp Again
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHEmployee CommunicationMERITEmployee Benefits Communication Program
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHSpecial VideoBRONZEBVHS Saftey Video
Blanchard Valley Health SystemOHTotal Integrated MarketingMERITExtraordinary People Campaign
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NebraskaNEPublicationMERITKrames StayWellILWellness Connection
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCNewspaper SingleGOLDCapstratNCBlue Medicare Phase 2
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCEmployee CommunicationMERITCapstratNC5 Ton Challenge Infographic
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCEmployee CommunicationMERITCapstratNCGroup Migration Project
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCAnnual ReportMERITCapstratNCBCBSNC Foundation Annual Report
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCRadio SingleMERITCapstratNCBlue Medicare Phase 2
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCWebsiteMERITCapstratNCGroup Migration Project
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCSocial MediaGOLDCapstratNCLet's Talk Cost Social Media
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCDigital VideoSILVERCapstratNCGroup Migration Project
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCDigital VideoMERITCapstratNCBlue Cross Cost of Change Video
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCOnline DispayBRONZECapstratNCLet's Talk Cost Online Ads
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCOnline DispayMERITCapstratNCBlue Medicare Phase 2 Online Ad
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCRich MediaSILVERCapstratNCBlue Medicare Phase 2 Online Ad
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCTotal Advertising w/out TVSILVERCapstratNCBlue Medicare Campaign
Blue Cross Blue Shield of KansasKSCalendarGOLDKrames StayWellIL2014 Wellness Calendar
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAMagazine SeriesBRONZEHippocratic Oath
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAPosterSILVERCustomer Service Week
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAPosterMERITHispanic Heritage Month
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAImprinted MaterialsGOLDBirds of a Feather t-shirt
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLATelevision SeriesBRONZETop Doctors
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLARadio SingleBRONZEWe Got You Covered!
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLARadio SeriesSILVERTop Doctors
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAWebsiteBRONZECommunity Blue Microsite
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAMobile MediaGOLDBCBSLA Mobile App
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLAOnline DispaySILVERHealthcare Reforms Social Media Campaign
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLATotal Advertising with TVMERITTop Doctors
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LouisianaLATotal Integrated MarketingMERITHealthcare Reform Campaign
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South CarolinaSCWebsiteSILVERDMW DirectPAHealth Care Reform Website
Blue Shield of CaliforniaCATelevision SingleMERITGKVMDRemember
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNMagazine SeriesSILVERBohanTNSponsorships Series
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNMagazine SeriesMERITBohanTNCIP Print Series
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNOtherSILVERBohanTNEducational Took Kit
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNTelevision SingleMERITBohanTNMarketplace For You
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNTelevision SeriesMERITBohanTNCIP TV Campaign
BlueCross BlueShield of TennesseeTNDigital VideoGOLDBohanTNMarketplace Online Videos
Boehringer Ingelhelm and LillyDigital Marketing ProgramGOLDArtcraft HealthNJDiabetes-Print on Demand
Bon Secours Charity Health SystemNYTotal Integrated MarketingMERITCI-GroupNJThe Surgical Weight Loss Institute
Bon Secours VirginaVAAnnual ReportGOLDFree Agents MarketingVABon Secours Richmond Annual Report
Bon Secours VirginaVAOtherMERITFree Agents MarketingVABon Secours Orthopaedic Holiday Card
Bon Secours VirginaVATotal Advertising with TVMERITFree Agents MarketingVABon Secours Pediatric Campaign
Bon Secours VirginaVATotal Integrated MarketingBRONZEFree Agents MarketingVABon Secours Good Help is Me Campaign
Bone + Joint CenterBrochureMERITLegato Healthcare Marketing, Inc.WIPain Management
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEEmployee CommunicationGOLDHealthy After 40
Boys Town National Research HospitalNEDigital VideosChloe's Hearing Journey
Boys Town National Research HospitalNETotal Advertising with TVMERITSame Day Pediatrics
Braintree & New England Rehabilitation HospitalsMATelevision SingleMERITBennett GroupMAStroke TV
Braintree & New England Rehabilitation HospitalsMAWebsiteMERITBennett GroupMABNERH Website
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANewsletterBRONZEPhysician News
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANewsletterMERITRheumatology News
Brigham and Women's
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANew MediaSILVERMD Video Education Center E-Newsletter
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANew
Brigham and Women's HospitalMANew MediaMERITHealth e-newsletter
Brigham and Women's HospitalMAMobile
Brooke Grove Retirement VillageMDNewspaper SingleMERITCreosote AffectsMDSimply Different
Brooke Grove Retirement VillageMDTotal Integrated MarketingGOLDCreosote AffectsMDSimply Different Marketing Campaign
Broward HealthFLMagazine SeriesMERITBeber SilversteinFLMaternity Place
Broward HealthFLOutdoorBRONZEBeber SilversteinFLMaternity Place
Broward HealthFLWebsiteMERITBeber SilversteinFLNew Website
Broward HealthFLHealth Promotion ProgramSILVERBeber SilversteinFLChildren's Hospital Campaign
Broward HealthFLTotal Advertising with TVMERITBeber SilversteinFLOrthopedic/Tannehill Campaign
Bryn Mawr HospitalPAMagazine SingleMERITThe Merz GroupPAVillanova Football Ad
Buffalo General Medical CenterNYMagazine SeriesMERITThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health-BGMC Print Ad Series
Buffalo General Medical CenterNYRadio SingleSILVERThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health BGMC Radio
Buffalo General Medical CenterNYTotal Integrated MarketingSILVERThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health Total Integrated Campaign
CAC-Florida Medical CentersFLNewspaper SingleBRONZEVSBrooks AdvertisingFLFlorida Single
CAC-Florida Medical CentersFLNewspaper SeriesBRONZEVSBrooks AdvertisingFLFlorida Series
CAC-Florida Medical CentersFLOutdoorMERITVSBrooks AdvertisingFLOut of Home
Cadence HealthILNewspaper SeriesMERITLaughlin ConstableILCadence Health Brand Print
Cadence HealthILRadio SeriesBRONZELaughlin ConstableILCadence Health Brand Radio
Cadence HealthILWebsiteMERITLaughlin ConstableILCDH Proton Center Website
Cadence HealthILSocial MediaSILVERLaughlin ConstableILCadence Health Brand Social Campaign
Cadence HealthILTotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZELaughlin ConstableILCadence Health Weight Management Campaign
Cadence HealthILTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITLaughlin ConstableILCadence Health Brand Affiliations Campaign
Calla DermTotal Integrated MarketingBRONZEUncork-ItVASkin Matters Campaign
CalOptimaCAAnnual ReportBRONZECalOptima Report to the Community-Better Together
Calvert Memorial HospitalMDCalendarBRONZEImage Marketing IncorporatedMDMaking a Real Difference
Camp Bon CoeurLADigital VideoBRONZERight AngleLAUncommon Hearts. Common Ground
Cancer Institute of New JerseyNJTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceDEZebra Fish
Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaILSpecial VideoSILVERAnatomical Travelogue, LLCNYThe Anatomy of Cancer: What is Cancer?
Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaILSpecial VideoBRONZEHavas EdgeMACancer: Winning the Fight. Every Day
Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaILSocial MediaGOLDBreast Cancer Awareness Month
Capital HealthNJOutdoorGOLDMangosPACenter for Comprehensive Breast Care
Capital HealthNJBrochureGOLDMangosPACenter for Comprehensive Breast Care
Capital HealthNJRadio SingleSILVERMangosPABehind Every Breast
Capital HealthNJOnline DispayBRONZEMangosPAOrthopedics Online Ads
Capital HealthNJTotal Advertising w/out TVSILVERMangosPAMetabolic + Weight Loss Campaign
Capital HealthNJTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITMangosPACenter for Comprehensive Breast Care
Cardiovascular ConsultantsMONewsletterMERITOsburn Public RelationsMOFor The Heart
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShieldMDDigital VideoMERITGKVMDNot Smart
CarePlus Health PlansFLNewspaper SingleSILVERVSBrooks AdvertisingFLAEP Campaign
CarePlus Health PlansFLNewspaper SeriesSILVERVSBrooks AdvertisingFLAEP Campaign
CarePlus Health PlansFLOtherMERITVSBrooks AdvertisingFLEnrollment Kit
CarePlus Health PlansFLTelevision SingleMERITVSBrooks AdvertisingFLTV Branding
CarestreamNYDirect MailBRONZEThe Verdi GroupNYCR/DR Software Upgrade Pop-Up Mailing
Carle Foundation HospitalILDigital VideoBRONZECircle of Friends
Carolinas Poison CenterNCHealth Promotion ProgramGOLDBurke CommunicationsNCSharing Pills Can Kill
Cass Regional Medical CenterMOOutdoorGOLDMuller Bressler Brown/hippoKSReveal a Thinner You
Catholic Health InitiativesEmployee CommunicationSILVERKrames StayWellILSpirit/CHI
Catskill Regional Medical CenterNYRadio SingleMERITFocus Media, Inc.NYED Radio Spot
CDMINewsletterSILVERKrames StayWellILCDMI Report Magazine
Centegra Health SystemILCalendarGOLDCoffey CommunicationsWAHealth Today Calendar
Centennial Medical CenterTelevision SingleMERITICGOKI Love Back Pain
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMDTelevision SingleMERITGVKMDCMS Hands Full PSA
Centura HealthCORich MediaGOLDVladimir JonesCOInsire Health
Chapin ForestNJBrochureBRONZEThe Martin GroupNYShort Term Care Brochure
Cheng CrownsPABrochureBRONZEThe Merz GroupPACheng Crowns Overview Brochure
Chester County HospitalPAMagazine SingleMERITab+c Creative IntelligenceDEPenn Medicine Announcement
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXNewspaper SingleSILVERThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Hug a Nurse Ad
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXNewspaper SingleMERITThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Nursed Back to Health
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXNewspaper SingleMERITThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Prescriptions Ad
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXPosterGOLDThe Lee GroupTXTrack Lauryn-Today I Run for Them
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXPosterMERITThe Lee GroupTXTrack Lauryn-Focus is to Find It
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXPosterGOLDThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Hug a Nurse
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXPosterBRONZEThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Nursed Back to Health
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXPosterMERITThe Lee GroupTXNational Nurses Week-Prescriptions
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXLogoMERITThe Lee GroupTXTrack Lauryn-2/10 Team Logo
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXLogoSILVERThe Lee GroupTXMake a Stand Against Breast Cancer
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXImprinted MaterialsGOLDThe Lee GroupTXMake a Stand Against Breast Cancer
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXTelevision SingleSILVERThe Lee GroupTXTrack Lauryn-2/10 Team Television
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXSocial MediaMERITThe Lee GroupTXMake a Stand Against Breast Cancer
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXDigital Marketing ProgramSILVERThe Lee GroupTXMake a Stand Against Breast Cancer
CHI St. Luke's HealthTXTotal Integrated MarketingMERITThe Lee GroupTXMake a Stand Against Breast Cancer
Children's Hospital Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPATelevision SeriesGOLDMangosPAThrough a Child's Eyes
Children's Hospital Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPARadio SingleMERITMangosPAThrough a Child's Eyes
Children's Hospital Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPARadio SeriesBRONZEMangosPAThrough a Child's Eyes
Children's Hospital Lehigh Valley Health NetworkPAOnline DispaySILVERMangosPAThrough a Child's Eyes
Children's Hospital of IllinoisILOtherMERITCare Center's Folder
Children's Hospital of WisconsinWITotal Advertising with TVBRONZEHanson Dodge CreativeWIKids Deserve the Best
Children's National Health SystemMDTotal Integrated MarketingMERITSwanson RussellNEJust Right
Children's of AlabamaALPublicationMERITThe Beacon Magazine
Christian Health Care CenterNJWebsiteMERITSB&AVA
Christian Health Care CenterNJPublicationMERITCenter Life
Christian Health Care CenterNJAnnual ReportBRONZEYou're The Reason
CHRISTUS Health PlanTXSpecial EventSILVERSteel BrandingTXTo Families, With Love: Magical Christmas Celebration
City of HopeCADigital VideoGOLDPhelpsCACentennial Video
Clear Vision Information SystemCANew MediaSILVERKevin/Ross Public RelationsCAInfographic: Chronic Conditions of Medicare Beneficiaries
Cleveland ClinicOHWebsiteGOLDCKR InteractiveCACleveland Clinic Career Site
Cleveland Clinic of FloridaFLNew MediaGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLeHealthlines eBlast
COLAMDLogoMERITThe Merz GroupPAPCLExellerator Logo
COLAMDNew MediaMERITThe Merz GroupPACMS Guidelines Eblast
Community First Health PlansTXTotal Integrated MarketingMERITesd and associatesTXYour Local Solution
Cone HealthNCOtherMERITProviding Breast Milk for Your Baby in the NICU
ConnectiCare, Inc. and AffiliatesCTTotal Integrated MarketingBRONZEDecker Creative MarketingCTConnectiCare "Value"
Conway Regional Health SystemARMagazine SingleSILVERSells AgencyARNot in Little Rock Baby
Conway Regional Health SystemARMagazine SeriesMERITSells AgencyARNot in Little Rock
Conway Regional Health SystemARTelevision SeriesSILVERSells AgencyARNot in Little Rock
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXMagazine SingleBRONZEBalcom AgencyTXHope is Never Premature-NICU
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXMagazine SeriesSILVERBalcom AgencyTXNICU Campaign
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXOutdoorMERITBalcom AgencyTXChildhood Should Be Simple-Thermometer
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXTelevision SingleBRONZEBalcom AgencyTXChildhood Should Be Simple-Bike
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXTotal Advertising with TVMERITBalcom AgencyTXChildhood Should Be Simple
Cook Children's Medical CenterTXTotal Integrated MarketingSILVERBalcom AgencyTXChildhood Should Be Simple
Cooley Dickinson HospitalMATotal Integrated MarketingGOLDPrairie Dog/TCGMOPatient Stories
Core Physicians/Exeter HospitalNJNewspaper SingleMERITBennett GroupMAApple
Core Physicians/Exeter HospitalNJOutdoorBRONZEBennett GroupMAFeel Better
Core Physicians/Exeter HospitalNJRadio SingleSILVERBennett GroupMANumbers
Core Physicians/Exeter HospitalNJOnline DispayGOLDBennett GroupMACORE online
Core Physicians/Exeter HospitalNJTotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZEBennett GroupMACORE Campaign
CovanceNJSpecial VideoBRONZECKR Interactive Recruitment Marketing AgencyCACovance Interns Make a Difference
CovanceNJSpecial EventMERITCKR Interactive Recruitment Marketing AgencyCACovance Campus Recruiting Event
Covenant HealthCareMITotal Advertising w/out TVMERITBrogan & PartnersMIDaVinci Robotic Surgery Campaign
Crittenton HospitalMISpecial EventMERITPUSH22MISouth Tower Event & Grand Opening
Crittenton HospitalMITotal Advertising w/out TVMERITPUSH22MIPatient Safety Campaign
Crystal Run HealthcareNYRadio SeriesSILVERPCIVARadio Campaign
Dana Farber/Brigham & Women's Cancer CenterMANewspaper SingleGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILYou Have Us
Dana Farber/Brigham & Women's Cancer CenterMATotal Integrated MarketingGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILYou Have Us
Dartmouth-HitchcockMAOnline DispayGOLDJenningsNCTAVR Online Banner Ads
Dartmouth-HitchcockMATotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZEJenningsNCBariatrics Campaign
Dayton Children's HospitalOHTelevision SeriesMERITDayton Children's Giving Commercials
Dayton Children's HospitalOHDigital VideoBRONZELondon's Lost for Life
DCH Health SystemALNewspaper SingleMERITTotalCom MarketingALMen's Health Fair
DCH Health SystemALSocial MediaBRONZETotalCom MarketingALFacebook and Twitter Overhaul
Dean Health PlanWIPublicationMERITKrames StayWellILPrevea360 Member News
Deborah Heart and Lung CenterNJOutdoorMERITIt's Your, It's Your Choice
Delaware Division of Public HealthDETelevision SingleGOLDab+c Creative IntelligenceDEI Am a Smoker
Delaware Division of Public HealthDERadio SingleSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceDEBucket List
Dell Children's HospitalTXNewspaper SeriesSILVERScreamer CompanyTXDell Children's Expansion Campaign
Delta Dental of WashingtonWAMagazine SingleSILVERGreenRubinoWAIN Network Double Page Print Spread
Delta Dental of WashingtonWATelevision SingleBRONZEGreenRubinoWAIN Network
Delta Dental of WashingtonWATelevision SeriesGOLDGreenRubinoWATaxi/Thorvikknorld
Delta Dental of WashingtonWATotal Advertising with TVMERITGreenRubinoWAIN Network Campaign
DermOne Dermatology CentersNJPosterBRONZEMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsCADermOne Lobby Posters
DermOne Dermatology CentersNJNew MediaSILVERMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsCADermOne Email Blasts
DermOne Dermatology CentersNJTotal Advertising w/out TVGOLDMaricich Healthcare CommunicationsCADermOne Advertising Campaign
Detroit Medical CenterMIMobile MediaSILVERSunny Media Group, Inc.MIMobile Maternity App
Detroit Medical CenterMIMobile MediaMERITSunny Media Group, Inc.MIDMC ER Now App
Dr. Baxter Perkinson & AssociatesVANewspaper SingleSILVERThe King AgencyVAOrtho Print Ad
Duke Regional HospitalNCTotal Integrated MarketingMERITSinclair & Co.NCBranding Campaign
Duke Regional HospitalNCAnnual ReportSILVERPromise
Duke Regional HospitalNCSpecial VideoMERITPepsi: A Patient Story
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMEPublicationMERITGLC Custom MediaILThe Eagle
Eastern Maine Medical CenterMERadio SingleMERITSPM Marketing & CommunicationsILEMMC Atrial Fibrilation Seminar
Einstein Healthcare NetworkPALogoGOLDRon Kalstein Media ServicesPANursing Professional Practice Model
ElsevierGADigital VideoSILVERAtomicdustMOExitCare Overview Video
e-MDsTXNewspaper SeriesBRONZEAtomicdustMOSimply Different
EMH HealthcareOHTelevision SeriesMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.OHYour Thing, Our Thing
Endo PharmaceuticalsPAWebsiteBRONZEPalio +
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYPublicationMERITENTA Magazine Volume 1, Issue 9
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYCalendarGOLDENTA 2014 Calendar
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYRadio SingleBRONZEENTA/Mt. Sinai Affilation
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLPNYSocial MediaMERITENTA Facebook Page
Ephraim McDowellKYOutdoorBRONZEKnox Marketing, Inc.OHDon't Stop Living
Erie County Medical CenterNYNewspaper SingleBRONZEThe Martin GroupNYECMC Billboard Ad
Erie County Medical CenterNYNewspaper SeriesMERITThe Martin GroupNYECMC Print Ad Series
Erie County Medical CenterNYMagazine SeriesSILVERThe Martin GroupNYECMC Print Ad Series
Erie County Medical CenterNYTelevision SingleBRONZEThe Martin GroupNYECMC TV Spot
Erlanger Health SystemTNMagazine SingleBRONZEThe Johnson GroupTNSwimmer/Scram
Erlanger Health SystemTNTelevision SingleGOLDThe Johnson GroupTNUpside Down
Essentia HealthMNAnnual ReportMERITHTK Marketing CommunicationsMN2013 Annual Report
Essilor of America, Inc.TXTotal Advertising with TVSILVERGrey Healthcare GroupNYCrizal All Around the World
Evangelical Community HospitalPAPublicationGOLDGLCILEveryday Magazine-Fall
Evangelical Community HospitalPANewsletterMERITGLC Custom MediaILEvery Day
Evangelical Community HospitalPAAnnual ReportGOLDAnnual Report 2013
Evangelical Community HospitalPAWebsiteBRONZESun Orthopaedics-I Still Want To
Exact Medical ManufacturingNYLogoMERITThe Martin GroupNYBrand Identity Logo
Exact Medical ManufacturingNYMobile MediaBRONZEThe Martin GroupNY
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYDigital Marketing ProgramMERITButler/TillNYDigital Media Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYNewspaper SeriesGOLDRoberts CommunicationsNYNot-for-Profit
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYRadio SingleGOLDRoberts CommunicationsNYER
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYNewspaper SingleMERITLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYEmployee CommunicationGOLDLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYDirect MailSILVERYour Blue Hair
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYPosterGOLDLife Has Class
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYPosterMERITLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYCalendarMERITLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYImprinted MaterialsBRONZELife Has a Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYTelevision SeriesMERITLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYWebsiteMERITLife Has A Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYNew MediaBRONZEFall Campaigns
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYDigital Marketing ProgramGOLDLife Has a Plan
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYHealth Promotion ProgramSILVERER
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYTotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZEReaching the New Consumer Market
Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldNYTotal Advertising with TVMERITLife Has A Plan
Exeter Health ResourcesNJRadio SingleMERITBennett GroupMACancer Care
Exeter HospitalNJNewspaper SingleMERITBennett GroupMASelf Exam
Exeter HospitalNJDirect MailGOLDBennett GroupMAbreast wellness
Exeter HospitalNJRadio SingleGOLDBennett GroupMAQuestions
Exeter HospitalNJTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITBennett GroupMABreast Wellness
Family ResourcesNEWebsiteMERITSCORR MarketingNEWebsite
Feather River HospitalCAMagazine SeriesMERITEngelbrecht AdvertisingThe Birth Day Place
Feather River HospitalCAMagazine SeriesMERITEngelbrecht AdvertisingThe Birth Day Place
Feather River HospitalCABrochureMERITHome Oxygen
Fidelis CareNYRadio SingleSILVERFidelisaurus + Friends (Dental Care)
Fidelis CareNYTotal Advertising with TVMERITI Want Fidelis Care
Fireland Regional Medical CenterOHAnnual ReportBRONZEMark AdvertisingOH
Fletcher Allen Health CareVTBrochureBRONZELewis CommunicationsALMother/Baby Project
Fletcher Allen Health CareVTWebsiteMERITLewis CommunicationsALVermont Children's Hospital Website
Fletcher Allen Health CareVTHealth Promotion ProgramGOLDLewis CommunicationsALMyHealth Online Campaign
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMANewspaper SeriesGOLDJenningsNCPediatric Specialty
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAMagazine SeriesBRONZEJenningsNCPediatric Specialty
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAOutdoorMERITJenningsNCPediatric Specialty
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAPosterGOLDJenningsNCWaiting Room Poster
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMAPhysician ReferralBRONZEJenningsNCPhysician Referral Campaign
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMABrochureMERITJenningsNCPatient Brochure
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMARadio SingleGOLDJenningsNCPediatric Specialty
Floating Hospital for Children-Tufts Medical CenteMATotal Advertising w/out TVBRONZEJenningsNCPediatric Specialty Center Campaign
Florida HospitalFLNewspaper SingleGOLDChappellRobertsFLYour Emergency is Our Expertise
Florida HospitalFLOutdoorMERITChappellRobertsFLYour Emergency is Our Expertise
Florida HospitalFLPosterSILVERDistinguished Lecture Series-Poster
Florida HospitalFLPhysician ReferralMERITCardiac Grand Rounds Poster & Flyer
Florida HospitalFLLogoGOLDH100 Employee Health & Performance Certified
Florida Hospital Medical GroupFLPosterSILVERPass the GERD Poster
Florida Hospital Medical GroupFLSpecial EventGOLDDoctors with Caricature and Personality Open House
Florida Hospital Medical GroupFLTotal Integrated MarketingSILVERNo Evidence of Surgery
Florida Hospital Medical GroupFLTotal Integrated MarketingMERITNo Problem Period Integrated Campaign
Florida Hospital Pepin Heart InstituteFLNewspaper SeriesBRONZEChappellRobertsFLOne of a Kind
Florida Hospital Pepin Heart InstituteFLDirect MailBRONZEChappellRobertsFLOne of a Kind
Florida Hospital Pepin Heart InstituteFLTelevision SingleMERITChappellRobertsFLOne of a Kind
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.Newspaper SingleGOLDCrayons Advertising Ltd.Diabetes Ad
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.Newspaper SeriesMERITCrayons Advertising Ltd.Short Stay Surgery Ads
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.Newspaper SeriesMERITCrayons Advertising Ltd.World Heart Day Ads
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.PosterBRONZECrayons Advertising Ltd.World Mental Health Day
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.CalendarBRONZECrayons Advertising Ltd.Calendar
Fox Chase Cancer Center-Temple HealthPATelevision SingleGOLDFox Chase Cancer Center-Experience
Franciscan AllianceINTotal Advertising with TVMERITFire and RainINRegional Oncology Campaign
Franciscan AllianceINImprinted MaterialsGOLDGreen Light CreativeINFranciscan WELLCARE Mouse Pads
Franciscan AllianceINNewspaper SingleMERITMoran Design CorporationINOmni Open House Advertisement
Franciscan AllianceINCalendarMERITMoran Design CorporationINFranciscan Alliance Regional Calendar
Franciscan AllianceINHealth Promotion ProgramBRONZESpirit Health GroupFLDay of Dance Women's Health Education Event
Franciscan AllianceINDirect MailMERITChesterton Health & Emergency Center Mailer
Franciscan AllianceINPosterMERITMovie Night Fundraiser Poster
Franciscan AllianceINSpecial EventMERITThe Light that Links Us-Annual Gala
Franciscan Health SystemNewspaper SingleMERITGA CreativeWARecognition
Franciscan Health SystemWAMagazine SingleMERITGA CreativeWAFamily Birth
Franciscan Health SystemWAMagazine SeriesMERITGA CreativeWAPrimary Care
Franciscan Health SystemWAOutdoorMERITGA CreativeWABridge Campaign
Freeman Health SystemMONewspaper SeriesMERITAd SystemsMOWhat You Value
Freeman Health SystemMOSocial MediaSILVERFreeman Tornado Infographic
Fremont Area Medical CenterNEHealth Promotion ProgramBRONZEPrairie Dog/TCGMOVarsity Club Promotion
French Hospital Medical CenterCANewspaper SingleSILVERVerdin MarketingCAFive-Year Anniversary Newspaper Insert
Fresno Snoring and Sleep TherapyCATelevision SingleMERITGolden Proportions MarketingPASnoring Partner Syndrome
Friends of Sacred Heart HospitalWIAnnual ReportSILVERHTK Marketing CommunicationsMNAnnual Report
Froedtert and the Medical College of WisconsinWINewspaper SeriesMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILPassion
Froedtert and the Medical College of WisconsinWISpecial VideoGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILBrand Workshop Video Production
Froedtert and the Medical College of WisconsinWIRadio SeriesMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILPassion Radio Series
Froedtert and the Medical College of WisconsinWITotal Advertising with TVBRONZESPM Marketing and CommunicationsILPassion Campaign
Frontier HealthTNAnnual ReportSILVERInterweaving the Golden Thread
Gates Vascular InstituteNYNewspaper SeriesMERITThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health-Print Ads
Gates Vascular InstituteNYTelevision SingleMERITThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health-GVI TV
Gates Vascular InstituteNYRadio SeriesSILVERThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health-GVI Radio
Gates Vascular InstituteNYTotal Integrated MarketingMERITThe Martin GroupNYKaleida Health-Total Integrated Campaign
Gaylord Specialty HealthcareCTHealth Promotion ProgramGOLDFlu Vaccination Promotion
Geisinger Health SystemPAEmployee CommunicationMERITEmployee Communication Program
Geisinger Health SystemPADirect MailBRONZEGeisinger Heart & Vascular Institute Referring Doctor
Geisinger Health SystemPAAnnual ReportSILVERCancer Institute
Geisinger Health SystemPACalendarBRONZE2014 Nurses Calendar
Geisinger Health SystemPAOtherMERITPhysician Trading Cards
Geisinger Health SystemPADigital Marketing ProgramGOLDPink Glove Competition
Geisinger Health SystemPAHealth Promotion ProgramMERITCommunity Health Needs Assessment
Genesis Health SystemIARadio SeriesSILVERBVKWIMinimally Invasive Surgery
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCPublicationSILVERCoffey Communications, Inc.WAHealthwaves
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCNewspaper SeriesSILVERHolmes and Company AdvertisingUTNew Physician Campaign
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCNewspaper SeriesMERITHolmes and Company AdvertisingUTSports Medicine Campaign
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCTotal Advertising with TVBRONZEHolmes and Company AdvertisingUTNextStep Campaign
Georgetown Hospital SystemSCNew MediaBRONZEHealth Matters E-Mail Blasts to Public
Georgia Regents HealthGATelevision SingleMERITGlyph InterfaceNCGamma Knife TV "Brain Surgery"
Georgia Regents HealthGATotal Advertising with TVMERITGlyph InterfaceNCCancer Campaign
Georgia RetinaGAPhysician ReferralSILVERLenz MarketingGAReferral Kit
Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical CenterMSLogoMERITAcrobat AntOKAmory Lung Logo
Good Neighbor PharmacyPANewspaper SingleBRONZEHanlon CreativePA
Good Neighbor PharmacyPANewspaper SeriesSILVERHanlon CreativePA
Good Neighbor PharmacyPATelevision SeriesSILVERHanlon CreativePA
Good Neighbor PharmacyPASpecial VideoSILVERHanlon CreativePAExtended Cut
Good Neighbor PharmacyPARadio SingleBRONZEHanlon CreativePA
Good Neighbor PharmacyPARadio SeriesSILVERHanlon CreativePA
Great Lakes Medical SalesNYLogoGOLDThe Martin GroupNYStationery Package
GreatBatch MedicalNYMobile MediaSILVERThe Martin GroupNYIpad Website
Greater Newport PhysiciansCANew MediaMERITBlueSpire Strategic MarketingMNHealth Styles
Greater Rochester Independent Practice AssociationNYAnnual ReportMERITCalm & Sense Communications, Ltd.NYGRIPA 2012 Value Report
Grifols, Inc.NCSpecial VideoMERITContrast CreativeNCDonor Thank You Video
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterIASpecial EventBRONZEBlue Jean Ball
Gundersen Health PlanWINewsletterMERITCoffey CommunicationsWAFor Your Health
Guthrie HealthPATotal Advertising with TVMERITPrairie Dog/TCGMOBrand Positioning
GW HospitalDCTelevision SeriesGOLDContrast CreativeNCDefining Medicine TV Series
Gwinnett Medical CenterGAOutdoorGOLDFinelightKYNeed/Want-2013 Brand Campaign
Gwinnett Medical CenterGATotal Advertising with TVMERITFinelightKYNeed/Want-2013 Brand Campaign
Hallmark Health Medical AssociatesMAWebsiteMERITBennett GroupMAHHMA Wesbite
Harvard Pilgrim Health CareMAPublicationBRONZEKrames StayWellILYour Health
HCA East-West Florida DivisionFLMagazine SingleGOLDCPM HealthgradesWIChild ER Campaign
HCA East-West Florida DivisionFLDirect MailGOLDCPM HealthgradesWIGastroenterology Campaign
HCR ManorCareOHMagazine SeriesMERITHart AssociatesOHMonumental
Health Choice NetworkAnnual ReportSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsFL
Health Choice NetworkPosterMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLPoster
Health Choice NetworkNew MediaGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLHoliday GIF eBlast
Health Choice NetworkNew MediaMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFL19th Annual Educational Landing Page
Health Choice NetworkDigital VideoGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLShared Medical Visits Training Video
Health IntegratedFLWebsiteSILVERRoberts Communications, Inc.NYHealth Integrated Website
Health Management AssociatesFLAnnual ReportMERITAcrobat AntOKAnnual Report
Health Net, Inc.CADirect MailGOLDMedia LogicNYHealth Net Dimensional Direct Mail
Health Partners PlansPAOutdoorBRONZEMangosPAHealth Partners Plans Re-Branding
Health Partners PlansPALogoBRONZEMangosPAHealth Partners Plans Re-Branding
Health Partners PlansPATotal Advertising w/out TVGOLDMangosPANot Just Medicare. Better Care
HealthAlliance of the Hudson ValleyNYPublicationGOLDKrames StayWellILHealthAlliance & You
Healthcare SolutionsGAMagazine SingleGOLDThe King AgencyVAPharmacy Print Ad
HealthFitnessMNEmployee CommunicationGOLDMindfulness Matters
HealthFitnessMNEmployee CommunicationMERITCardio Royale
HealthFitnessMNPosterGOLDAdmit One
HealthFitnessMNDigital VideoMERITWelcome to One
HealthwaysAZPhysician ReferralBRONZESilver Sneakers Fetures Flyer
HealthwaysAZLogoSILVERSilver Sneakers Logo
HealthwaysAZCalendarGOLDSilver Sneakers Promo Calendar
Healthy Smiles of Saint LouisMOBrochureBRONZEGolden Proportions MarketingPAHealthy Smiles of Saint Louis Practice Brochure
Heart of LancasterPATotal Advertising w/out TVSILVERAcrobat AntOKMinimally Invasive OB/GYN
Henry Ford Health SystemMINewsletterSILVERKrames StayWellILHenry Ford Macomb Hospital-Live Well
Henry Ford West Bloomfield HospitalMINewsletterMERITKrames StayWellILLive Well
Highlands Health SystemKYRadio SeriesBRONZEKnox Marketing, Inc.OHAmbulatory Care
Highmark DelawareDENewsletterBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsFLDelaware Blue (Winter 2013)
Hill PhysiciansCANewsletterGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLHill Health (Summer 2013)
Hill PhysiciansCANewsletterMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLHill Health (Fall 2013)
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAAnnual ReportGOLDRBG AdvertisingCA
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCATelevision SingleSILVERRBG AdvertisingCA
Hill Physicians Medical GroupCAPublicationSILVERTrue North CustomTNHill Health
Holy Cross HospitalMDDirect MailBRONZESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILJust In Case
Holy Cross HospitalMDPhysician ReferralBRONZESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILJust In Case
Holy Cross HospitalMDRadio SeriesBRONZESpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILThink Again
Holy Cross HospitalMDOnline DispayMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILThink Again
Holy Cross HospitalMDTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITSpringboard Brand & Creative StrategyILJust In Case
Holy Family MemorialWITelevision SeriesMERITLegato Healthcare Marketing, Inc.WILife Empowered-Cardiac
Holy Family MemorialWITelevision SeriesMERITLegato Healthcare Marketing, Inc.WILife Empowered-Ortho
Holy Name Medical CenterNJMagazine SingleSILVERab+c Creative IntelligenceDEBest Doctors
Holy Redeemer Hospital & Medical CenterPANewsletterSILVERKrames StayWellILLife Links
Holy Spirit Health SystemPANewsletterMERITTCG Advertising and DesignPAFor Your Life
Holy Spirit Health SystemPAAnnual ReportMERITTCG Advertising and DesignPA
Holy Spirit Health SystemPAOtherBRONZETCG Advertising and DesignPA50th Anniversary Mass & Dinner Programs
Holy Spirit Health SystemPASpecial VideoMERITTCG Advertising and DesignPA50th Anniversary Film
HopeHealthMARadio SeriesBRONZEBennett GroupMAMy Story
Hospice of the Western ReserveOHTelevision SeriesSILVERGoldfarb Weber Creative MedliaOHHospice of Choice
Houston HealthcareGACalendarSILVERBlueSpire Strategic MarketingMN2014 Wellness Calendar
Houston MethodistTXPublicationGOLDKrames StayWellILCommunity Benefit Report
Hudson Hospital & ClinicsWISpecial VideoGOLDChristiansen CreativeWIMovie Theater Ad
Hudson Hospital & ClinicsWISocial MediaGOLDChristiansen CreativeWIFacebook Promotions
Hudson Hospital & ClinicsWISpecial EventMERITChristiansen CreativeWIAnniversary Materials
Hudson Hospital & ClinicsWIHealth Promotion ProgramMERITChristiansen CreativeWIActive Communitites Campaign
Hudson Valley Hospital CenterNYPosterMERITjodyanddiane Creative Communications LLCNYWorld
Hudson Valley Hospital CenterNYBrochureGOLDjodyanddiane Creative Communications LLCNYWorld-Brochure
Hudson Valley Hospital CenterNYHealth Promotion ProgramGOLDjodyanddiane Creative Communications LLCNYFood as Medicine
Huggins HospitalNHSpecial VideoSILVERSean Tracey AssociatesNHPatient Orientation Video
Humana Active OutlookPublicationSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsFLHAO Magazine (Summer 2013)
Humana Active OutlookDirect MailMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLHAO Bulletin (Fall 2013)
Humana Active OutlookBrochureMERITWax Custom CommunicationsFLHAO Digest (Fall 2013)
Humana Active OutlookRich MediaGOLDWax Custom CommunicationsFLHAO Overview Video
Humana Active OutlookRich MediaBRONZEWax Custom CommunicationsFLHAO Overview Video
Humility of Mary Health PartnersOHTelevision SeriesMERITKnox Marketing, Inc.OHWorking In Concert
Huntington Memorial HospitalCANewspaper SeriesMERITAdvocate Fall 2013. Philanthropy Makes Us Stronger
Huntington Memorial HospitalCAAnnual ReportMERIT
IkariaOtherMERITArtcraft HealthNJHelping My Baby Breathe
Independence Blue CrossPACalendarMERITKrames StayWellILIndependence Blue Cross 2014 Medicare Calendar
Independence Blue Cross FoundationPAPublicationMERITKrames StayWellILIBCF Custom Foundation Journal of Change
Indiana Regional Medical CenterPAOtherMERIT1914-2014
Inova HealthVAPublicationBRONZEGLC Custom MediaILInova Magazine
Inspira Health NetworkNJTelevision SingleMERITSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILInspiring Medicine TV Ad
Inspira Health NetworkNJRich MediaGOLDSPM Marketing and CommunicationsILInspiring Medicine Rich Media
Intermountain HealthcareUTOutdoorMERITR&R Partners/FaktoryUTEmergency Department Campaign
Intermountain HealthcareUTTelevision SingleGOLDR&R Partners/FaktoryUTGermaphobe
Iredell Memorial Healthcare SystemsNCPublicationMERITKrames StayWellILhealth matters
IU Health Ball Memorial HospitalINEmployee CommunicationGOLDEmployee Engagement Survey 2013
Jackson Health SystemFLNewspaper SingleBRONZEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLBe A Miracle
Jackson Health SystemFLOutdoorMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLHoltz Ambulance Wrap
Jackson Health SystemFLPhysician ReferralMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLOperate in a Room With A View
Jackson Health SystemFLBrochureBRONZEThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLHoltz Children's Hospital Overview Brochure
Jackson Health SystemFLOtherGOLDThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLHoltz Elevator Wraps
Jackson Health SystemFLOnline DispayMERITThe Weinbach Group, Inc.FLMaking Big Smiles
Jackson HospitalALPublicationBRONZECoffey CommunicationsWAPartners
Jackson HospitalALNewspaper SingleMERITTotalCom MarketingALVein Ad
James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research InstituteOHPublicationSILVERimpact Cancer Magazine
James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research InstituteOHNewsletterMERITToward A Cancer-Free World Newsletter
James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research InstituteOHAnnual ReportMERITOSU James Accomplishments Report
James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research InstituteOHCalendarSILVEROSUCCC-James Calendar
Jersey City Medical CenterNJTotal Advertising w/out TVSILVERHTK Marketing CommunicationsMNTriumph Cardiac Campaign
Jersey City Medical CenterNJTotal Integrated MarketingSILVERHTK Marketing CommunicationsMNGeneral Triumph Campaign
JFK Medical CenterFLNew MediaSILVERWax Custom CommunicationsFLHealth eNews eBlast
Johns Hopkins HealthCareMDNewsletterMERITDiabetes Conditions Newsletter
Kadlec Clinics Urgent CareWARadio SingleGOLDFocal Point Marketing and MultimediaWAFootball Radio Ad
Kaiser Permanente ColoradoCOEmployee CommunicationSILVERIntelligent DemandCOKPCO Boardwalk
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXLogoBRONZEThe Lee GroupTXHealing Happens Here
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXTotal Advertising w/out TVMERITThe Lee GroupTXNation's First Accredited Accountable Care Organization
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXPublicationGOLDHealthy Living
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXPublicationBRONZEKaleidoscope
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXCalendarBRONZEKelsey-Seybold Connet2Wellness
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXOtherSILVERPregnancy to Pediatrics
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXRadio SeriesGOLDMedical Minutes
Kelsey-Seybold Home Page
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicTXSocial MediaBRONZEHey, Ladies
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDPublicationMERITPotential Magazine
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDCalendarMERITUnlocking Potential 2014 Calendar
Kennedy Krieger InstituteMDSpecial EventMERITFestival of Trees
Kettering Health NetworkOHMagazine Single